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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Manager
2.  Faust
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  'Tis I. Pray what have you to say to me?
5.  Faust
6.  "Though she, God knows, was more to blame than I."Martha


1.  Some present for my love procure!
2.  Beneath Heaven's sunshine, everywhere, This is the utterance of the humanheart; Each in his language doth the like impart; Then why not I in mine?Margaret
3.  Then we the witch must summon after all.
4.  Faust
5.  Nay, such discourse, be it confessed, Is just the thing that pleases me thebest.
6.  Promise me, Henry!


1.  Ay, verily! a corpse's eyes are those, Which there was no fond loving hand toclose. That is the bosom I so fondly press'd, That my sweet Gretchen's form,so oft caress'd!
2.  Faust
3.  At thine inaugural feast I will this day Attend, my duties to commence. Butone thing! - Accidents may happen, hence A line or two in writing grant, Ipray.
4.  Visionary scenes appear! Words delusive cheat the ear! Be ye there, and beye here!
5.   Faust
6.  Martha


1.  Madam, with one like you it rests alone, To tutor me a better course to lead.Martha
2.  Mephistopheles
3.  Mephistopheles
4、  The wind is hushed, the stars grow pale, The pensive moon her light doth veil;And whirling on, the magic choir Sputters forth sparks of drizzling fire.Voice (from below)
5、  (Sings)




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      The sweet young innocent!

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    {  A Fifth

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      How! goes the fellow on a halting foot?}

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      Faust (gazing round)

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      Such tricks a second time he'd better show!

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       We will go hence with speed, A place of torment this indeed! A precious life,thyself to bore, And some few youngster evermore! Leave that to neighbourPaunch! - withdraw, Why wilt thou plague thyself with thrashing straw? Thevery best that thou dost know Thou dar'st not to the striplings show. One inthe passage now doth wait!

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    {  Yes!

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      Margaret (walking towards home)