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纵游齐市棋牌官网【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Why," said Danglers, "in the letter -- I believe I have itabout me" -- here he felt in his breast-pocket -- "yes, hereit is. Well, this letter gives the Count of Monte Cristounlimited credit on our house."   Chateau-Renaud was at his post; apprised by Beauchamp of thecircumstances, he required no explanation from Albert. Theconduct of the son in seeking to avenge his father was sonatural that Chateau-Renaud did not seek to dissuade him,and was content with renewing his assurances of devotion.Debray was not yet come, but Albert knew that he seldom losta scene at the opera. Albert wandered about the theatreuntil the curtain was drawn up. He hoped to meet with M. deMonte Cristo either in the lobby or on the stairs. The bellsummoned him to his seat, and he entered the orchestra withChateau-Renaud and Beauchamp. But his eyes scarcely quittedthe box between the columns, which remained obstinatelyclosed during the whole of the first act. At last, as Albertwas looking at his watch for about the hundredth time, atthe beginning of the second act the door opened, and MonteCristo entered, dressed in black, and, leaning over thefront of the box, looked around the pit. Morrel followedhim, and looked also for his sister and brother in-law; hesoon discovered them in another box, and kissed his hand tothem.

    Dantes was at length roused from his revery by the voice ofFaria, who, having also been visited by his jailer, had cometo invite his fellow-sufferer to share his supper. Thereputation of being out of his mind, though harmlessly andeven amusingly so, had procured for the abbe unusualprivileges. He was supplied with bread of a finer, whiterquality than the usual prison fare, and even regaled eachSunday with a small quantity of wine. Now this was a Sunday,and the abbe had come to ask his young companion to sharethe luxuries with him. Dantes followed; his features were nolonger contracted, and now wore their usual expression, butthere was that in his whole appearance that bespoke one whohad come to a fixed and desperate resolve. Faria bent on himhis penetrating eye: "I regret now," said he, "having helpedyou in your late inquiries, or having given you theinformation I did."

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   "What happened during the night?" asked Beauchamp ofChateau-Renaud; "we appear to make a very sorry figurehere."

    Danglars did not answer. "Have you so soon changed yourmind," added Morcerf, "or have you only provoked my requestthat you may have the pleasure of seeing me humbled?"Danglars, seeing that if he continued the conversation inthe same tone in which he had begun it, the whole thingmight turn out to his own disadvantage, turned to Morcerf,and said: "Count, you must doubtless be surprised at myreserve, and I assure you it costs me much to act in such amanner towards you; but, believe me when I say thatimperative necessity has imposed the painful task upon me."

    "You shall have a notary, as you absolutely wish for one,sir," said Villefort; "but I shall explain to him your stateof health, and make excuses for you, for the scene cannotfail of being a most ridiculous one."

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   "Doubtless he is capricious, but that is all; one thingalone struck me, -- of all the exquisite things he placedbefore us, he touched nothing. I might have suspected he waspoisoning us."<  "I know it is very bitter," said Valentine; "so bitter, thatall I drink afterwards appears to have the same taste."Noirtier looked inquiringly at his granddaughter. "Yes,grandpapa," said Valentine; "it is so. Just now, before Icame down to you, I drank a glass of sugared water; I lefthalf, because it seemed so bitter." Noirtier turned pale,and made a sign that he wished to speak. Valentine rose tofetch the dictionary. Noirtier watched her with evidentanguish. In fact, the blood was rushing to the young girl'shead already, her cheeks were becoming red. "Oh," cried she,without losing any of her cheerfulness, "this is singular! Ican't see! Did the sun shine in my eyes?" And she leanedagainst the window.

    "So that you will remit to me these 48,000 francs?"

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   The eyes of Noirtier glistened, and d'Avrigny approached.

    "Daughter of one of your majesty's most faithful servants."

<  "My dear sir, the government is rich and does not want yourtreasures," replied the inspector; "keep them until you areliberated." The abbe's eyes glistened; he seized theinspector's hand.   Madame Danglars was rooted to the spot; she made a violenteffort to reply to this last attack, but she fell upon achair thinking of Villefort, of the dinner scene, of thestrange series of misfortunes which had taken place in herhouse during the last few days, and changed the usual calmof her establishment to a scene of scandalous debate.Danglars did not even look at her, though she did her bestto faint. He shut the bedroom door after him, without addinganother word, and returned to his apartments; and whenMadame Danglars recovered from her half-fainting condition,she could almost believe that she had had a disagreeabledream.

    "And who," said Albert with a forced smile, "is to marryMademoiselle Danglars instead of me, which grieves mecruelly."


<  "But what are you up to?"   "No he will not, for he will tell you, what is very true,that perhaps there were fifty officers in the Greek armybearing the same name."

    Danglars shrugged his shoulders. "Foolish creature," heexclaimed. "Women fancy they have talent because they havemanaged two or three intrigues without being the talk ofParis! But know that if you had even hidden yourirregularities from your husband, who has but thecommencement of the art -- for generally husbands will notsee -- you would then have been but a faint imitation ofmost of your friends among the women of the world. But ithas not been so with me, -- I see, and always have seen,during the last sixteen years. You may, perhaps, have hiddena thought; but not a step, not an action, not a fault, hasescaped me, while you flattered yourself upon your address,and firmly believed you had deceived me. What has been theresult? -- that, thanks to my pretended ignorance, there isnone of your friends, from M. de Villefort to M. Debray, whohas not trembled before me. There is not one who has nottreated me as the master of the house, -- the only title Idesire with respect to you; there is not one, in fact, whowould have dared to speak of me as I have spoken of themthis day. I will allow you to make me hateful, but I willprevent your rendering me ridiculous, and, above all, Iforbid you to ruin me."





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