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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And do you comprehend, Grimaud?" said Aramis.
2.  The Comte de Toiras retired into the citadel St. Martin withhis garrison, and threw a hundred men into a little fortcalled the fort of La Pree.
3.  "Aramis!"
4.  "Yes."
5.  "I had been at the seminary from nine years old; in three days Ishould have been twenty. I was about to become an abbe, and allwas arranged. One evening I went, according to custom, to ahouse which I frequented with much pleasure: when one is young,what can be expected?--one is weak. An officer who saw me, witha jealous eye, reading the LIVES OF THE SAINTS to the mistress ofthe house, entered suddenly and without being announced. Thatevening I had translated an episode of Judith, and had justcommunicated my verses to the lady, who gave me all sorts ofcompliments, and leaning on my shoulder, was reading them asecond time with me. Her pose, which I must admit was ratherfree, wounded this officer. He said nothing; but when I went outhe followed, and quickly came up with me. 'Monsieur the Abbe,'said he, 'do you like blows with a cane?' 'I cannot say,monsieur,' answered I; 'no one has ever dared to give me any.''Well, listen to me, then, Monsieur the Abbe! If you ventureagain into the house in which I have met you this evening, I willdare it myself.' I really think I must have been frightened. Ibecame very pale; I felt my legs fail me; I sought for a reply,but could find none-I was silent. The officer waited for hisreply, and seeing it so long coming, he burst into a laugh,turned upon his heel, and re-entered the house. I returned tothe seminary.


1.  "Evening came; the ordinary events took place. During thedarkness, as before, my supper was brought. Then the lamp waslighted, and I sat down to table. I only ate some fruit. Ipretended to pour out water from the jug, but I only drank thatwhich I had saved in my glass. The substitution was made socarefully that my spies, if I had any, could have no suspicion ofit.
2.  "I am the son of him who served in the Religious Wars underthe great King Henry, the father of his gracious Majesty.""That is well. It is you who set out seven or eight monthsago from your country to seek your fortune in the capital?""Yes, monseigneur."
3.  As was his custom, D'Artagnan presented himself at Milady'sat about nine o'clock. He found her in a charming humor.Never had he been so well received. Our Gascon knew, by thefirst glance of his eye, that his billet had been delivered,and that this billet had had its effect.
4.  "No," cried Felton, "no; you shall live and you shall beavenged."
5.  "We shall know, be assured. Nothing is concealed from thecardinal; the cardinal knows everything."
6.  "But not until two o'clock," said D'Artagnan, with the samecalmness.


1.  "Is yours."
2.  "Oh, you do quite right, monsieur."
3.  "That would be to charge Monsieur de Seguier, the keeper of theseals, with this mission. The matter enters completely into theduties of the post."
4.  for Athos, they believed him to be dead, and left him very quieton the field of battle, not thinking it worth the trouble tocarry him away. That's the whole story. What the devil,Captain, one cannot win all one's battles! The great Pompey lostthat of Pharsalia; and Francis the First, who was, as I haveheard say, as good as other folks, nevertheless lost the Battleof Pavia."
5.   Determined to put the advice of M. de Treville in practiceinstantly, D'Artagnan directed his course toward the Rue desFossoyeurs, in order to superintend the packing of his valise.On approaching the house, he perceived M. Bonacieux in morningcostume, standing at his threshold. All that the prudentPlanchet had said to him the preceding evening about the sinistercharacter of the old man recurred to the mind of D'Artagnan, wholooked at him with more attention than he had done before. Infact, in addition to that yellow, sickly paleness which indicatesthe insinuation of the bile in the blood, and which might,besides, be accidental, D'Artagnan remarked somethingperfidiously significant in the play of the wrinkled features ofhis countenance. A rogue does not laugh in the same way that anhonest man does; a hypocrite does not shed the tears of a man ofgood faith. All falsehood is a mask; and however well made themask may be, with a little attention we may always succeed indistinguishing it from the true face.
6.  "What do you want?"


1.  "Now," said Aramis, "you will please to understand,gentlemen, that Bazin alone can carry this letter to Tours.My cousin knows nobody but Bazin, and places confidence innobody but him; any other person would fail. Besides, Bazinis ambitious and learned; Bazin has read history, gentlemen,he knows that Sixtus the Fifth became Pope after having keptpigs. Well, as he means to enter the Church at the sametime as myself, he does not despair of becoming Pope in histurn, or at least a cardinal. You can understand that a manwho has such views will never allow himself to be taken, orif taken, will undergo martyrdom rather than speak.""Very well," said D'Artagnan, "I consent to Bazin with allmy heart, but grant me Planchet. Milady had him one dayturned out of doors, with sundry blows of a good stick toaccelerate his motions. Now, Planchet has an excellentmemory; and I will be bound that sooner than relinquish anypossible means of vengeance, he will allow himself to bebeaten to death. If your arrangements at Tours are yourarrangements, Aramis, those of London are mine. I request,then, that Planchet may be chosen, more particularly as hehas already been to London with me, and knows how to speakcorrectly: London, sir, if you please, and my master, Lordd'Artagnan. With that you may be satisfied he can make hisway, both going and returning."
3.  Buckingham reflected that the young man, coming from Lord de Winter,undoubtedly spoke in his name, and softened.
4、  "You love my mistress, then, very dearly, MonsieurChevalier?" said she.
5、  It was a stormy and dark night; vast clouds covered the heavens,concealing the stars; the moon would not rise till midnight.Occasionally, by the light of a flash of lightening which gleamed alongthe horizon, the road stretched itself before them, white and solitary;the flash extinct, all remained in darkness.




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      "Buckingham in Paris!" cried he, "and why does he come?""To conspire, no doubt, with your enemies, the Huguenots and theSpaniards."

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      The opinion of Athos was that D'Artagnan had lost his letter inthe skirmish. A gentleman, in his opinion--and according toD'Artagnan's portrait of him, the stranger must be a gentleman--would be incapable of the baseness of stealing a letter.Porthos saw nothing in all this but a love meeting, given by alady to a cavalier, or by a cavalier to a lady, which had beendisturbed by the presence of D'Artagnan and his yellow horse.Aramis said that as these sorts of affairs were mysterious, itwas better not to fathom them.

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       Felton remained standing, motionless and undecided."He still doubts," thought Milady; "I have not been earnestenough."

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      "'To Troyes, in Champagne,' I answered.

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    {  "So far from it, madame, he was too proud of your prudence, andabove all, of your love."

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      "Yes, a base coward," murmured D'Artagnan; "but she--she was verybeautiful."}

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      "The name of that port?"

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      "Impossible, monsieur."

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       The despair of Athos had given place to a concentrated grief which onlyrendered more lucid the brilliant mental faculties of that extraordinaryman.

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    {  "In the first place, there is a little intrigante namedBonacieux."

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      Patrick brought the object desired, which Laporte recognized as havingbelonged to the queen.