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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very well," said Carrie.
2.  "All right," he said to himself, with an irrepressible frown,"let her sleep alone."
3.  Carrie revived a little under the drummer's electrical, nervouscondition.
4.  Chapter XXXV
5.  He began to wish that he had compromised in some way or other--that he had sent the money. Perhaps he could do it up here. Hewould go in and see, anyhow. He would have no row. By the timehe reached his own street he was keenly alive to the difficultiesof his situation and wished over and over that some solutionwould offer itself, that he could see his way out. He alightedand went up the steps to the front door, but it was with anervous palpitation of the heart. He pulled out his key andtried to insert it, but another key was on the inside. He shookat the knob, but the door was locked. Then he rang the bell. Noanswer. He rang again--this time harder. Still no answer. Hejangled it fiercely several times in succession, but withoutavail. Then he went below.
6.  "Aw, let me go," she exclaimed angrily. "Duffer."


1.  This little pilgrimage threw quite a wet blanket upon his risingspirits. He was soon down again to his old worry, and reachedthe resort anxious to find relief. Quite a company of gentlemenwere making the place lively with their conversation. A group ofCook County politicians were conferring about a round cherry-woodtable in the rear portion of the room. Several young merrymakerswere chattering at the bar before making a belated visit to thetheatre. A shabbily-genteel individual, with a red nose and anold high hat, was sipping a quiet glass of ale alone at one endof the bar. Hurstwood nodded to the politicians and went intohis office.
2.  "Oh, come off! Here."
3.  Nevertheless, his rousing availed him nothing.
4.  "Oh, no; I've only been here for two years."
5.  "Yes," he said, as she moved toward the door, "you try thedepartment stores," and off he went.
6.  Carrie's eyes flamed with the light of achievement.


1.  Hurstwood glanced over his paper rather gayly. He seemed to havelost a load.
2.  "You never asked me," he returned.
3.  The man scarcely looked at him, fished in his vest pocket andtook out a dime.
4.  In Carrie--as in how many of our worldlings do they not?--instinct and reason, desire and understanding, were at war forthe mastery. She followed whither her craving led. She was asyet more drawn than she drew.
5.   "Have you made up your mind, George, when you will take yourvacation?"
6.  His senses became cleared now and he looked around. He wasstanding in a little store, where they left him for the moment.Outside, he could see, as he stood wiping his chin, the car andthe excited crowd. A patrol wagon was there, and another.


1.  "Do you know," he said, turning back to Carrie, after hisreflection, "I sometimes think it is a shame for people to spendso much money this way."
2.  "Well," said the man, "it'll cost you something to do that.""How much?" said Carrie, who, ridiculous as it may seem, had notthought of this before.
3.  He took her hand, feeling in his good-natured egotism that it wasprobably lack of his presence which had made her lonely.
5、  So she went away.




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      Oh, Carrie, Carrie! Oh, blind strivings of the human heart!Onward onward, it saith, and where beauty leads, there itfollows. Whether it be the tinkle of a lone sheep bell o'er somequiet landscape, or the glimmer of beauty in sylvan places, orthe show of soul in some passing eye, the heart knows and makesanswer, following. It is when the feet weary and hope seems vainthat the heartaches and the longings arise. Know, then, that foryou is neither surfeit nor content. In your rocking-chair, byyour window dreaming, shall you long, alone. In your rocking-chair, by your window, shall you dream such happiness as you maynever feel.

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      "Where do you suppose she's gone to?" said Minnie, thoroughlyaroused.

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       Suddenly he thought of his experience in Montreal. At the moreimportant hotels he would be certain to meet Chicagoans whom heknew. He stood up and spoke to the driver.

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      The man imagined he saw a feverish gleam in the applicant's eye.

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    {  The gentleman looked him over and fished for a dime. Nothing butquarters were in his pocket.

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      They began talking of the people they knew and things that hadhappened.}

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      "I'll have to leave you behind this time."

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      At Broadway and Thirty-ninth Street was blazing, in incandescentfire, Carrie's name. "Carrie Madenda," it read, "and the CasinoCompany." All the wet, snowy sidewalk was bright with thisradiated fire. It was so bright that it attracted Hurstwood'sgaze. He looked up, and then at a large, gilt-framedposterboard, on which was a fine lithograph of Carrie, lifesize.

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       "No, she don't," returned the former, soothingly. "It's only alittle fun on the side."

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    {  "He didn't say anything to me," Hurstwood concluded, finding itdifficult to refrain from a bitter tone.

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      The metropolis is a cold place socially, and Carrie soon foundthat a little money brought her nothing. The world of wealth anddistinction was quite as far away as ever. She could feel thatthere was no warm, sympathetic friendship back of the easymerriment with which many approached her. All seemed to beseeking their own amusement, regardless of the possible sadconsequence to others. So much for the lessons of Hurstwood andDrouet.