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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  They deposited the supposed corpse on the bier. Edmondstiffened himself in order to play the part of a dead man,and then the party, lighted by the man with the torch, whowent first, ascended the stairs. Suddenly he felt the freshand sharp night air, and Dantes knew that the mistral wasblowing. It was a sensation in which pleasure and pain werestrangely mingled. The bearers went on for twenty paces,then stopped, putting the bier down on the ground. One ofthem went away, and Dantes heard his shoes striking on thepavement.
2.  "Ah, no, no. But do not let us lose time; you are thesubject on which I wish to speak."
3.  "That is just what I find fault with. That gentleman appearsto be well dressed for the first time in his life."
4.  The assizes, also, were about to begin, and Villefort, shutup in his room, exerted himself with feverish anxiety indrawing up the case against the murderer of Caderousse. Thisaffair, like all those in which the Count of Monte Cristohad interfered, caused a great sensation in Paris. Theproofs were certainly not convincing, since they rested upona few words written by an escaped galley-slave on hisdeath-bed, and who might have been actuated by hatred orrevenge in accusing his companion. But the mind of theprocureur was made up; he felt assured that Benedetto wasguilty, and he hoped by his skill in conducting thisaggravated case to flatter his self-love, which was aboutthe only vulnerable point left in his frozen heart.
5.  "And had you been captain, should you have retained him inhis employment?"
6.  "Oh, yes; but only as No. 34."


1.  "Well, I will go and take a turn in the Champs Elysees, andat ten o'clock I will return here; meanwhile, if the countshould come in, will you beg him not to go out again withoutseeing me?"
2.  "And God has poured balm into your wounds, as he does intothose of all who are in affliction?" said Monte Cristoinquiringly.
3.  This was another little piece of Italian the baron hadlearned from hearing his daughter sing Italian duets withCavalcanti. But mio caro did not reply. Danglars then openedthe window.
4.  He did not move at the sound of the door, and continued hiscalculations until the flash of the torches lighted up withan unwonted glare the sombre walls of his cell; then,raising his head, he perceived with astonishment the numberof persons present. He hastily seized the coverlet of hisbed, and wrapped it round him.
5.  "He will very probably come of his own accord," saidMorcerf. "There; do you see, madame, he recognizes you, andbows." The baroness returned the salute in the most smilingand graceful manner.
6.  "But," said Morrel, "is there no way of expediting all theseformalities -- of releasing him from arrest?"


1.  "Four thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight louis," saidPeppino; "You have paid two louis in advance."
2.  "I was at the house of Monte Cristo an hour since," saidMorrel; "we were speaking, he of the sorrow your family hadexperienced, and I of your grief, when a carriage rolledinto the court-yard. Never, till then, had I placed anyconfidence in presentiments, but now I cannot help believingthem, Valentine. At the sound of that carriage I shuddered;soon I heard steps on the staircase, which terrified me asmuch as the footsteps of the commander did Don Juan. Thedoor at last opened; Albert de Morcerf entered first, and Ibegan to hope my fears were vain, when, after him, anotheryoung man advanced, and the count exclaimed -- `Ah, here isthe Baron Franz d'Epinay!' I summoned all my strength andcourage to my support. Perhaps I turned pale and trembled,but certainly I smiled; and five minutes after I left,without having heard one word that had passed."
3.  "See, I have not slept," said Villefort, showing hisundisturbed bed; "grief does not stun me. I have not been inbed for two nights; but then look at my desk; see what Ihave written during these two days and nights. I have filledthose papers, and have made out the accusation against theassassin Benedetto. Oh, work, work, -- my passion, my joy,my delight, -- it is for thee to alleviate my sorrows!" andhe convulsively grasped the hand of d'Avrigny.
4.  "I?" said Caderousse, rising with all the offended dignityof a drunken man, "I can't keep on my legs? Why, I'll wagerI can go up into the belfry of the Accoules, and withoutstaggering, too!"
5.   "With the Count of Morcerf," answered Monte Cristo. "Hetells me he served your illustrious father, and that he oweshis fortune to him."
6.  "Has he any friends?"


1.  M. de Villefort replied by ordering the strictest inquiriesto be made respecting these two persons; his orders wereexecuted, and the following evening he received thesedetails: --
2.  "What a question -- so truly French! Do you not know that weItalians have eyes only for the man we love?"
3.  Noirtier answered only by a look which made Villefort'sblood run cold. He motioned to Valentine to approach. In amoment, thanks to her habit of conversing with hergrandfather, she understood that he asked for a key. Thenhis eye was fixed on the drawer of a small chest between thewindows. She opened the drawer, and found a key; and,understanding that was what he wanted, again watched hiseyes, which turned toward an old secretary which had beenneglected for many years and was supposed to contain nothingbut useless documents. "Shall I open the secretary?" askedValentine.
4、  This room was occupied by Dantes' father. The news of thearrival of the Pharaon had not yet reached the old man, who,mounted on a chair, was amusing himself by training withtrembling hand the nasturtiums and sprays of clematis thatclambered over the trellis at his window. Suddenly, he feltan arm thrown around his body, and a well-known voice behindhim exclaimed, "Father -- dear father!"
5、  "That the symptoms of tetanus and poisoning by vegetablesubstances are the same." M. de Villefort started from hisseat, then in a moment fell down again, silent andmotionless. Morrel knew not if he were dreaming or awake."Listen, said the doctor; "I know the full importance of thestatement I have just made, and the disposition of the manto whom I have made it."




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      "Shall you go, then, Albert?" asked Franz.

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      "Leave us, Germain," said Villefort. The servant quitted theapartment with evident signs of astonishment.

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       When Franz recovered his senses, he saw Albert drinking aglass of water, of which, to judge from his pallor, he stoodin great need; and the count, who was assuming hismasquerade costume. He glanced mechanically towards thesquare -- the scene was wholly changed; scaffold,executioners, victims, all had disappeared; only the peopleremained, full of noise and excitement. The bell of MonteCitorio, which only sounds on the pope's decease and theopening of the Carnival, was ringing a joyous peal. "Well,"asked he of the count, "what has, then, happened?"

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      "Well, then, I should say, for instance," resumed Danglars,"that if after a voyage such as Dantes has just made, inwhich he touched at the Island of Elba, some one were todenounce him to the king's procureur as a Bonapartist agent"--

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    {  "You must see that to be an utter impossibility," saidVillefort. Valentine and the old man heard thisconversation, and Noirtier fixed his eye so earnestly onValentine that she felt bound to answer to the look.

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      "What did he say?"}

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      "Oh, the admirable police have found that out, have they?And what may be that description?"

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      "The same."

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       Owing to this change, the worthy shipowner became at thatmoment -- we will not say all powerful, because Morrel was aprudent and rather a timid man, so much so, that many of themost zealous partisans of Bonaparte accused him of"moderation" -- but sufficiently influential to make ademand in favor of Dantes.

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    {  "To my grandfather's room."

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      "What is it?"