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betway必威登陆网址【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "No; but he has a very comfortable one all the same, so theysay."   "Have you? Is he still amusing himself in Italy?"

    "Then they must put horses to mine. It is a little worse forthe journey, but that's no matter."

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   "The abbe, the abbe!" murmured he, clinching his fists, andhis teeth chattering.

    "But you forget," replied Debray, laughing, "that we areFranks by name and franks by nature, as King Charles said,and that the moment she puts her foot in France your slavebecomes free."

    "Look there," said Maximilian, laughing; "there is herhusband changing his jacket for a coat. I assure you, youare well known in the Rue Meslay."

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   "Well, then, did he ask you, `Who is M. Albert de Morcerf?how does he come by his name -- his fortune? what are hismeans of existence? what is his birthplace! of what countryis he a native?' Tell me, did he put all these questions toyou?"<  "You see some one pays me a visit. Ah, my dear sir, you willsee whether a Cavalcanti is to be treated like a commonperson!" And Andrea, gliding through the court like a blackshadow, rushed out through the wicket, leaving his comrades,and even the keeper, lost in wonder. Certainly a call to thevisitors' room had scarcely astonished Andrea less thanthemselves, for the wily youth, instead of making use of hisprivilege of waiting to be claimed on his entry into LaForce, had maintained a rigid silence. "Everything," hesaid, "proves me to be under the protection of some powerfulperson, -- this sudden fortune, the facility with which Ihave overcome all obstacles, an unexpected family and anillustrious name awarded to me, gold showered down upon me,and the most splendid alliances about to be entered into. Anunhappy lapse of fortune and the absence of my protectorhave cast me down, certainly, but not forever. The handwhich has retreated for a while will be again stretchedforth to save me at the very moment when I shall thinkmyself sinking into the abyss. Why should I risk animprudent step? It might alienate my protector. He has twomeans of extricating me from this dilemma, -- the one by amysterious escape, managed through bribery; the other bybuying off my judges with gold. I will say and do nothinguntil I am convinced that he has quite abandoned me, andthen" --

    "How so? The fortune is not her gift, but is inherited frommy relations."

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   "In that case your son would be very unpleasantly situated."

    The evening passed on; Madame de Villefort expressed adesire to return to Paris, which Madame Danglars had notdared to do, notwithstanding the uneasiness she experienced.On his wife's request, M. de Villefort was the first to givethe signal of departure. He offered a seat in his landau toMadame Danglars, that she might be under the care of hiswife. As for M. Danglars, absorbed in an interestingconversation with M. Cavalcanti, he paid no attention toanything that was passing. While Monte Cristo had begged thesmelling-bottle of Madame de Villefort, he had noticed theapproach of Villefort to Madame Danglars, and he soonguessed all that had passed between them, though the wordshad been uttered in so low a voice as hardly to be heard byMadame Danglars. Without opposing their arrangements, heallowed Morrel, Chateau-Renaud, and Debray to leave onhorseback, and the ladies in M. de Villefort's carriage.Danglars, more and more delighted with Major Cavalcanti, hadoffered him a seat in his carriage. Andrea Cavalcanti foundhis tilbury waiting at the door; the groom, in every respecta caricature of the English fashion, was standing on tiptoeto hold a large iron-gray horse.

<  "Yes, I understand that; and how would you habituateyourself, for instance, or rather, how did you habituateyourself to it?"   "Are you not Mademoiselle Julie Morrel?" inquired the man,with a strong Italian accent.

    "Yes," said Monte Cristo; "but, unfortunately, a recipeexcellent for a man like myself would be very dangerousapplied to an army, which might not awake when it wasneeded."


<  Napoleon would, doubtless, have deprived Villefort of hisoffice had it not been for Noirtier, who was all powerful atcourt, and thus the Girondin of '93 and the Senator of 1806protected him who so lately had been his protector. AllVillefort's influence barely enabled him to stifle thesecret Dantes had so nearly divulged. The king's procureuralone was deprived of his office, being suspected ofroyalism.   "What is it?"

    The library was divided into two parts on either side of thewall, and contained upwards of two thousand volumes; onedivision was entirely devoted to novels, and even the volumewhich had been published but the day before was to be seenin its place in all the dignity of its red and gold binding.On the other side of the house, to match with the library,was the conservatory, ornamented with rare flowers, thatbloomed in china jars; and in the midst of the greenhouse,marvellous alike to sight and smell, was a billiard-tablewhich looked as if it had been abandoned during the pasthour by players who had left the balls on the cloth. Onechamber alone had been respected by the magnificentBertuccio. Before this room, to which you could ascend bythe grand, and go out by the back staircase, the servantspassed with curiosity, and Bertuccio with terror. At fiveo'clock precisely, the count arrived before the house atAuteuil, followed by Ali. Bertuccio was awaiting thisarrival with impatience, mingled with uneasiness; he hopedfor some compliments, while, at the same time, he feared tohave frowns. Monte Cristo descended into the courtyard,walked all over the house, without giving any sign ofapprobation or pleasure, until he entered his bedroom,situated on the opposite side to the closed room; then heapproached a little piece of furniture, made of rosewood,which he had noticed at a previous visit. "That can only beto hold gloves," he said.





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