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  "I want to find some flaw in all this perfection," I told her flatly. "It simply isn't possible that three million people have no faults. We are trying our best to understand and learn--would you mind helping us by saying what, to your minds, are the worst qualities of this unique civilization of yours?"

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 "Of course. It is ours; it is among and between us, and it changes with the succeeding and improving generations. We are at work, slowly and carefully, developing our whole people along these lines. It is glorious work--splendid! To see the thousands of babies improving, showing stronger clearer minds, sweeter dispositions, higher capacities-- don't you find it so in your country?"

  "Now I'll climb up on you two again and go over first," said Terry. "That'll hold the rope firm till you both get up on top. Then I'll go down to the end. If I can get off safely, you can see me and follow--or, say, I'll twitch it three times. If I find there's absolutely no footing--why I'll climb up again, that's all. I don't think they'll kill us."

  "Look out for a poisoned arrow in your eye," I suggested, but Terry pressed forward, sprang up on the seat-back, and grasped the trunk. "In my heart, more likely," he answered. "Gee! Look, boys!"

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 "It's both," said Somel. "We have pride enough in our work."

  We stopped a moment and looked back. The street behind was closed by another band, marching steadily, shoulder to shoulder. We went on--there seemed no other way to go--and presently found ourselves quite surrounded by this close-massed multitude, women, all of them, but--

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 "More like a lot of women!" I thought to myself disgustedly, and then remembered how little like "women," in our derogatory sense, they were. She was smiling at me, reading my thought.

  "Oh, if you go back to insects--and want to live in an anthill--! I tell you the higher grades of life are reached only through struggle--combat. There's no Drama here. Look at their plays! They make me sick."

<"Girls!" whispered Jeff, under his breath, as if they might fly if he spoke aloud. "We'd better import some of these ladies and set 'em to parking the United States," I suggested. "Mighty nice place they've got here." We rested a few moments by one of the fountains, tested the fruit that looked ripe, and went on, impressed, for all our gay bravado by the sense of quiet potency which lay about us.

  It was not hard to speak, smooth and pleasant to the ear, and so easy to read and write that I marveled at it. They had an absolutely phonetic system, the whole thing was as scientific as Esparanto yet bore all the marks of an old and rich civilization.


<"Oh, well, I don't know. What's that old republic up in the Pyrenees somewhere--Andorra? Precious few people know anything about that, and it's been minding its own business for a thousand years. Then there's Montenegro--splendid little state--you could lose a dozen Montenegroes up and down these great ranges." I wish I could represent the kind, quiet, steady, ingenious way they questioned us. It was not just curiosity--they weren't a bit more curious about us than we were about them, if as much. But they were bent on understanding our kind of civilization, and their lines of interrogation would gradually surround us and drive us in till we found ourselves up against some admissions we did not want to make.

  I doubt if she ever accepted her strange lover as fully as did Celis and Ellador theirs. He had hurt and offended her too often; there were reservations.





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ag亚洲国际平台官方邱湘玲单身太久会有什么表现 The country was about the size of Holland, some ten or twelve thousand square miles. One could lose a good many Hollands along the forest-smothered flanks of those mighty mountains. They had a population of about three million--not a large one, but quality is something. Three million is quite enough to allow for considerable variation, and these people varied more widely than we could at first account for. 【详细】

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