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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes, sir. Twenty-six voyages."
2.  "Well, it must be the creature who lives in the only comfortableroom in the place and has her photograph above his fireplace. Uponmy word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that lividface at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds.""You have a theory?"
3.  "I'm too ill to think."
4.  "I have a few dates here which will give you the career of thedead man, Captain Peter Carey. He was born in '45- fifty years of age.He was a most daring and successful seal and whale fisher. In 1883he commanded the steam sealer Sea Unicorn, of Dundee. He had thenhad several successful voyages in succession, and in the followingyear, 1884, he retired. After that he travelled for some years, andfinally he bought a small place called Woodman's Lee, near Forest Row,in Sussex. There he has lived for six years, and there he died justa week ago to-day.
5.  "I thought no more of the matter until the vicar's telegramreached me at Plymouth. This villain had thought that I would be atsea before the news could reach me, and that I should be lost foryears in Africa. But I returned at once. Of course, I could not listento the details without feeling assured that my poison had been used. Icame round to see you on the chance that some other explanation hadsuggested itself to you. But there could be none. I was convinced thatMortimer Tregennis was the murderer; that for the sake of money, andwith the idea, perhaps, that if the other members of his family wereall insane he would be the sole guardian of their joint property, hehad used the devil's-foot powder upon them, driven two of them outof their senses, and killed his sister Brenda, the one human beingwhom I have ever loved or who has ever loved me. There was hiscrime; what was to be his punishment?
6.  "I understood that it did not open."


1.  "No bad?"
2.  "You're very kind, Mr. Holmes."
3.  "What wages?"
4.  1925
5.  "Yes, it would be as well."
6.  "There is one correspondent who is a sure draw, Watson. That isthe bank. Single ladies must live, and their passbooks arecompressed diaries. She banks at Silvester's. I have glanced overher account. The last check but one paid her bill at Lausanne, butit was a large one and probably left her with cash in hand. Only onecheck has been drawn since."


1.  Holmes grinned at the last item. "Well," he said, "I say now,as I said then, that a man should keep his little brain-atticstocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and therest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where hecan get it if he wants it. Now, for such a case as the one whichhas been submitted to us to-night, we need certainly to muster allour resources. Kindly hand me down the letter K of the AmericanEncyclopaedia which stands upon the shelf beside you. Thank you.Now let us consider the situation and see what may be deduced fromit. In the first place, we may start with a strong presumptionthat Colonel Openshaw had some very strong reason for leavingAmerica. Men at his time of life do not change all their habitsand exchange willingly the charming climate of Florida for thelonely life of an English provincial town. His extreme love ofsolitude in England suggests the idea that he was in fear ofsomeone or something, so we may assume as a working hypothesisthat it was fear of someone or something which drove him fromAmerica. As to what it was he feared, we can only deduce that byconsidering the formidable letters which were received by himselfand his successors. Did you remark the postmarks of thoseletters?"
2.  "It has not excited much attention yet, except locally. The factsare only two days old. Briefly they are these:
3.  Holmes chuckled and rubbed his hands. "This case certainlypresents some features of its own," said he. "How much time elapsedbetween your turning the corner and your discovery that the road wasclear?"
4.  "Well, I'm afraid I can't help you, Lestrade," said Holmes. "Thefact is that I knew this fellow Milverton, that I considered him oneof the most dangerous men in London, and that I think there arecertain crimes which the law cannot touch, and which therefore, tosome extent, justify private revenge. No, it's no use arguing. Ihave made up my mind. My sympathies are with the criminals rather thanwith the victim, and I will not handle this case."
5.   "Then put on your hat and come. I am going through the Cityfirst, and we can have some lunch on the way. I observe thatthere is a good deal of German music on the programme, which israther more to my taste than Italian or French. It is
6.  It was a tremendously virile and yet sinister face which wasturned towards us. With the brow of a philosopher above and the jaw ofa sensualist below, the man must have started with great capacitiesfor good or for evil. But one could not look upon his cruel blue eyes,with their drooping, cynical lids, or upon the fierce, aggressive noseand the threatening, deep-lined brow, without reading Nature'splainest danger-signals. He took no heed of any of us, but his eyeswere fixed upon Holmes's face with an expression in which hatred andamazement were equally blended. "You fiend!" he kept on muttering."You clever, clever fiend!"


1.  "Go on, Miss Westbury. Even if it seems to tell against him, goon. We cannot say what it may lead to,"
2.  "How long ago?"
3.  -THE END-
4、  I was able at last to persuade my companion to take my advice,though I knew from his excited manner that there was not much hopeof sleep for him. Indeed, his mood was infectious, for I lay tossinghalf the night myself, brooding over this strange problem andinventing a hundred theories, each of which was more impossible thanthe last. Why had Holmes remained at Woking? Why had he asked MissHarrison to remain in the sick-room all day? Why had he been socareful not to inform the people at Briarbrae that he intended toremain near them? I cudgelled my brains until I fell asleep in theendeavour to find some explanation which would cover all these facts.It was seven o'clock when I awoke, and I set off at once forPhelps's room to find him haggard and spent after a sleepless night.His first question was whether Holmes had arrived yet.
5、  "Well, was there?"




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      "I believe, Mr. Holmes, that you have already made up your mind,"said Miss Stoner, laying her hand upon my companion's sleeve."Perhaps I have."

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      "Very possibly, Watson. Sir Robert is a man of an honourablestock. But you do occasionally find a carrion crow among the eagles.Let us for a moment argue upon this supposition. He could not flythe country until he had realized his fortune, and that fortunecould only be realized by bringing off this coup with ShoscombePrince. Therefore, he has still to stand his ground. To do this hewould have to dispose of the body of his victim, and he would alsohave to find a substitute who would impersonate her. With the maidas his confidante that would not be impossible. The woman's body mightbe conveyed to the crypt, which is a place so seldom visited, and itmight be secretly destroyed at night in the furnace, leaving behind itsuch evidence as we have already seen. What say you to that, Watson?""Well, it is all possible if you grant the original monstroussupposition."

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       "Oh! he impressed you in that way, did he? There are the horses,there is the smithy. Yes, it is an interesting place, this FightingCock. I think we shall have another look at it in an unobtrusive way."A long, sloping hillside, dotted with gray limestone boulders,stretched behind us. We had turned off the road, and were making ourway up the hill, when, looking in the direction of Holdernesse Hall, Isaw a cyclist coming swiftly along.

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      "It would be to ruin the work of three months. We should get the bigfish, but the smaller would dart right and left out of the net. OnMonday we should have them all. No, an arrest is inadmissible.""What then?"

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    {  "Could it be done on five thousand pounds?"

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      It was past eleven o'clock when we formed our little ambuscade.Hopkins was for leaving the door of the hut open, but Holmes was ofthe opinion that this would rouse the suspicions of the stranger.The lock was a perfectly simple one, and only a strong blade wasneeded to push it back. Holmes also suggested that we should wait, notinside the hut, but outside it, among the bushes which grew roundthe farther window. In this way we should be able to watch our manif he struck a light, and see what his object was in this stealthynocturnal visit.}

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      "I have to be emphatic, Mr. Holmes, for the time is so limited. Iwould not have him find me here for the world. He is almost due now.But I was so situated that I could not come earlier. His secretary,Mr. Ferguson, only told me this morning of his appointment with you.""And you are his manager?"

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      Holmes strolled round the house with his hands in his pockets anda negligent air which was unusual with him.

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       "Are you, though!" cried Peters as a woman's voice and heavy stepssounded in the passage. "We'll soon see about that. This way,officers, if you please. These men have forced their way into myhouse, and I cannot get rid of them. Help me to put them out."A sergeant and a constable stood in the doorway. Holmes drew hiscard from his case.

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    {  Holmes had lit a cigarette and was shooting little darting glancesall over the room.

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      It was, then, with considerable surprise that I received atelegram from Holmes last Tuesday- he has never been known to writewhere a telegram would serve- in the following terms: