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asia亚洲官方网站【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Monsieur d'Artagnan has cruelly insulted me," said Milady,in a hollow tone; "Monsieur d'Artagnan shall die!""Indeed! Is it possible to insult you, madame?" said Athos,laughing; "he has insulted you, and he shall die!""He shall die!" replied Milady; "she first, and heafterward."   "And so, Aramis, you are decidedly going into the Church? Whatwill our two friends say? What will Monsieur de Treville say?They will treat you as a deserter, I warn you."

    D'Artagnan looked much disconcerted.

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   The officer superintended all these details with the samecalmness Milady had constantly seen in him, never pronouncing aword himself, and making himself obeyed by a gesture of his handor a sound of his whistle.

    Milady was wrong in fearing that Mme. Bonacieux would have anysuspicion. The poor young woman was too pure to suppose that any femalecould be guilty of such perfidy; besides, the name of the Comtesse deWinter, which she had heard the abbess pronounce, was wholly unknown toher, and she was even ignorant that a woman had had so great and sofatal a share in the misfortune of her life.

    "And I have none, either," said the queen. Those who have readthe MEMOIRS of Mme. de Motteville will not be astonished at thisreply. "But wait a minute."

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   The political plans of the cardinal when he undertook thissiege were extensive. Let us unfold them first, and thenpass on to the private plans which perhaps had not lessinfluence upon his Eminence than the others.<  "Very well, my worthy gentleman," replied D'Artagnan, "pickout the longest, and come and show it to me this evening.""Where, if you please?"

    "Monsieur Chevalier, far off or near," said Kitty, "I shallalways love you."

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   The three friends uttered a cry of surprise.

    Felton, in his rapid walk, reviewed in his mind all the accusationsagainst the favorite of James I and Charles I, furnished by two years ofpremature meditation and a long sojourn among the Puritans.When he compared the public crimes of this minister--startling crimes,European crimes, if so we may say--with the private and unknown crimeswith which Milady had charged him, Felton found that the more culpableof the two men which formed the character of Buckingham was the one ofwhom the public knew not the life. This was because his love, sostrange, so new, and so ardent, made him view the infamous and imaginaryaccusations of Milady de Winter as, through a magnifying glass, oneviews as frightful monsters atoms in reality imperceptible by the sideof an ant.

<  "The devil! Why, people jest with death."   "Oh, plenty! That would carry you to the end of the world.Begone, then!"

    "Gentlemen, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "do not let us lose ourtime in jesting. Let us separate, and let us seek the mercer'swife--that is the key of the intrigue."


<  "Athos, she is your wife, I tell you," repeated D'Artagnan;"only reflect how much the two descriptions resemble eachother."   "Willingly," said D'Artagnan.

    "You must nevertheless make up your mind to go and get it,or I swear you shall die by my hand."





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