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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How long has he left it?"
2.  Chapter 38The Compact.
3.  Villefort would probably have rather stood opposite themuzzle of a pistol at five-and-twenty paces than have heardthis name spoken; but he did not blanch.
4.  "No; I am safe for a few days at least. I am only annoyedabout a bankrupt of Trieste."
5.  "What I mean to say is, that my mother is not quick to giveher confidence, but when she does she never changes."
6.  "No," said Caderousse, "no; I will not repent. There is noGod; there is no providence -- all comes by chance." --


1.  "Monsieur," returned Villefort, "I was then a royalist,because I believed the Bourbons not only the heirs to thethrone, but the chosen of the nation. The miraculous returnof Napoleon has conquered me, the legitimate monarch is hewho is loved by his people."
2.  "It seems to me," returned the count, smiling, "that youplayed a sufficiently important part to know as well asmyself what happened."
3.  "Certainly -- certainly," cried Franz. "Come in, mine host."
4.  "I do not quite understand you," replied Franz; "prayexplain your meaning, for you excite my curiosity to thehighest pitch."
5.  "Maximilian!" said Valentine, "Maximilian, come back, Ientreat you!" He drew near with his sweet smile, and but forhis paleness one might have thought him in his usual happymood. "Listen, my dear, my adored Valentine," said he in hismelodious and grave tone; "those who, like us, have neverhad a thought for which we need blush before the world, suchmay read each other's hearts. I never was romantic, and amno melancholy hero. I imitate neither Manfred nor Anthony;but without words, protestations, or vows, my life hasentwined itself with yours; you leave me, and you are rightin doing so, -- I repeat it, you are right; but in losingyou, I lose my life.
6.  "Haidee," replied Monte Cristo.


1.  "Do you think the same hand which unintentionally struckBarrois has now attacked Valentine?"
2.  "If I could die," he said, "I should go where he goes, andshould assuredly find him again. But how to die? It is veryeasy," he went on with a smile; "I will remain here, rush onthe first person that opens the door, strangle him, and thenthey will guillotine me." But excessive grief is like astorm at sea, where the frail bark is tossed from the depthsto the top of the wave. Dantes recoiled from the idea of soinfamous a death, and passed suddenly from despair to anardent desire for life and liberty.
3.  "Oh, father, some misfortune has happened!"
4.  "Now, I beg of you, don't go off your head. It's a month nowthat you have been thinking of this marriage, and you mustsee that it throws some responsibility on me, for it was atmy house you met this young Cavalcanti, whom I do not reallyknow at all."
5.   "And who is Beppo?"
6.  "In your service, excellency, where everything is learned."


1.  "I will respect his age as he has respected the honor of myfamily; if my father had offended him, why did he not attackhim personally? Oh, no, he was afraid to encounter him faceto face."
2.  "I congratulate you." Morcerf smiled. "We will discuss thatsubject at length some future time," said he. "But what doyou think of the music?"
3.  "Alas, it is unhappily but too true. The day after theevent, she decided on leaving Paris with a nun of heracquaintance; they are gone to seek a very strict convent inItaly or Spain."
4、  "With this needle," said the abbe, as, opening his raggedvestments, he showed Dantes a long, sharp fish-bone, with asmall perforated eye for the thread, a small portion ofwhich still remained in it. "I once thought," continuedFaria, "of removing these iron bars, and letting myself downfrom the window, which, as you see, is somewhat wider thanyours, although I should have enlarged it still morepreparatory to my flight; however, I discovered that Ishould merely have dropped into a sort of inner court, and Itherefore renounced the project altogether as too full ofrisk and danger. Nevertheless, I carefully preserved myladder against one of those unforeseen opportunities ofwhich I spoke just now, and which sudden chance frequentlybrings about." While affecting to be deeply engaged inexamining the ladder, the mind of Dantes was, in fact,busily occupied by the idea that a person so intelligent,ingenious, and clear-sighted as the abbe might probably beable to solve the dark mystery of his own misfortunes, wherehe himself could see nothing.
5、  Immediately, and according to custom, the ramparts of FortSaint-Jean were covered with spectators; it is always anevent at Marseilles for a ship to come into port, especiallywhen this ship, like the Pharaon, has been built, rigged,and laden at the old Phocee docks, and belongs to an ownerof the city.




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      "All quite correct."

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      "Luigi Vampa himself searched."

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       "Major Cavalcanti is already one, perhaps; but then,hereditary rank is abolished."

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      "It was through Haidee that the Chamber was informed of hisfather's treason."

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    {  "It is magnificent," continued Beauchamp, "to be able toexercise so much self-control!"

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      "But I want to know in what way M. d'Epinay can havedispleased your father more than any other person?"}

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      Villefort, drawn by an irresistible attraction, like that ofthe bird to the serpent, walked towards the house. As heapproached it, Noirtier's gaze followed him, and his eyesappeared of such a fiery brightness that Villefort felt thempierce to the depths of his heart. In that earnest lookmight be read a deep reproach, as well as a terrible menace.Then Noirtier raised his eyes to heaven, as though to remindhis son of a forgotten oath. "It is well, sir," repliedVillefort from below, -- "it is well; have patience but oneday longer; what I have said I will do." Noirtier seemed tobe calmed by these words, and turned his eyes withindifference to the other side. Villefort violentlyunbuttoned his great-coat, which seemed to strangle him, andpassing his livid hand across his forehead, entered hisstudy.

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      "`I will do it, captain; but perhaps I shall not be admittedto the grand marshal's presence as easily as you expect?'

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       It was in the warmest days of July, when in due course oftime the Saturday arrived upon which the ball was to takeplace at M. de Morcerf's. It was ten o'clock at night; thebranches of the great trees in the garden of the count'shouse stood out boldly against the azure canopy of heaven,which was studded with golden stars, but where the lastfleeting clouds of a vanishing storm yet lingered. From theapartments on the ground-floor might be heard the sound ofmusic, with the whirl of the waltz and galop, whilebrilliant streams of light shone through the openings of theVenetian blinds. At this moment the garden was only occupiedby about ten servants, who had just received orders fromtheir mistress to prepare the supper, the serenity of theweather continuing to increase. Until now, it had beenundecided whether the supper should take place in thedining-room, or under a long tent erected on the lawn, butthe beautiful blue sky, studded with stars, had settled thequestion in favor of the lawn. The gardens were illuminatedwith colored lanterns, according to the Italian custom, and,as is usual in countries where the luxuries of the table --the rarest of all luxuries in their complete form -- arewell understood, the supper-table was loaded with wax-lightsand flowers.

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    {  "Upon your honor?"

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      "Indeed?" said Albert.