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"Is Mrs. Drouet in?" he asked.


"Is that so?" said Carrie.

"Sure. Out o' sight. I bet you make a hit. Now you want to go,I know you do. I knew it when I came home. That's why I askedyou."

He looked at the paper a few moments, and then rose up and put onhis coat.

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Fulfilling her part capably brought another notice in the papersthat she was doing her work acceptably. This pleased herimmensely. She began to think the world was taking note of her.

"Oh, he did, eh!" and then, "See that you keep things going."

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"I guess we'd better move right away, don't you think so?" sheobserved to Lola, thinking of the commonplace chamber inSeventeenth Street.

But now see wherein the parallel changes. A fortune, like a man,is an organism which draws to itself other minds and otherstrength than that inherent in the founder. Beside the youngminds drawn to it by salaries, it becomes allied with youngforces, which make for its existence even when the strength andwisdom of the founder are fading. It may be conserved by thegrowth of a community or of a state. It may be involved inproviding something for which there is a growing demand. Thisremoves it at once beyond the special care of the founder. Itneeds not so much foresight now as direction. The man wanes, theneed continues or grows, and the fortune, fallen into whose handsit may, continues. Hence, some men never recognise the turningin the tide of their abilities. It is only in chance cases,where a fortune or a state of success is wrested from them, thatthe lack of ability to do as they did formerly becomes apparent.Hurstwood, set down under new conditions, was in a position tosee that he was no longer young. If he did not, it was duewholly to the fact that his state was so well balanced that anabsolute change for the worse did not show.



"This is my first experience."





԰app_ѧȽӨӱɹ̥ˣ "That's your field," he added. ϸ

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԰app_ΤL15Bս9ҵսֵ "See here," he said, "there's no use my talking about this atall. I respect your power all right, but I'll have to deal withthe people who know." ϸ

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