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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, monsieur, quite the contrary; but after his illness gracetouched him, and he determined to take orders."
2.  No time was to be lost. D'Artagnan sprang up with a bound,and at the same instant the ball from the other musket toreup the gravel on the very spot on the road where he hadthrown himself with his face to the ground.
3.  "He is right," said Porthos; "battle. Besides, we must tryour now arms."
4.  "For two reasons."
5.  D'Artagnan remained fixed to the spot, astounded and notknowing what to think. If it was Mme. Bonacieux and if shewas returning to Paris, why this fugitive rendezvous, whythis simple exchange of a glance, why this lost kiss? If,on the other side, it was not she--which was still quitepossible--for the little light that remained rendered amistake easy--might it not be the commencement of some plotagainst him through the allurement of this woman, for whomhis love was known?
6.  "Here, Laporte," said Buckingham, "these are the only tokens I everreceived from her--this silver casket and these two letters. You willrestore them to her Majesty; and as a last memorial"--he looked roundfor some valuable object--"you will add--"


1.  "Sign, my Lord; sign the liberation of Milady de Winter," said Felton,holding out paper to the duke.
2.  "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."
3.  "Seven thousand livres, in louis of twelve francs.""Seven thousand livres!" cried Porthos. "That poor littlediamond was worth seven thousand livres?"
4.  "Do you happen to entertain the haughty idea that I have notyet made you an offer equal to your value?" asked thecardinal, with a smile of disdain.
5.  Aramis stopped on seeing Athos smile.
6.  "No, I can trust nobody."


1.  "Listen to me! I want to be enlightened on a subject; then,when I shall have learned what I desire to know, I willwithdraw."
2.  "That's it. About what time?"
3.  "Yes; and that reminds me that I have a revenge to take. Wewill see, my dear monsieur, if you can handle a sword asskillfully as you can a dice box."
4.  "That is well; but where and how shall I see you again?""Do you wish to see me again?"
5.   "Yesterday I was at the house of a doctor of theology, whom Isometimes consult about my studies."
6.  "Yes, that is true as the Gospel," said Porthos; "I heardher with my own ears."


1.  "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "that is what you meant to say!""Yes, dear Monsieur Porthos. Thus, for instance, don't youin the first place want a horse?"
2.  "In that case I am lost," said D'Artagnan.
3.  D'Artagnan tapped the bag he had in his pocket.
4、  "Yes, it was pronounced in my hearing once. Stop--but--it is verystrange--oh, my God, my head swims! I cannot see!""Help, help, my friends! her hands are icy cold," cried D'Artagnan."She is ill! Great God, she is losing her senses!"While Porthos was calling for help with all the power of his strongvoice, Aramis ran to the table to get a glass of water; but he stoppedat seeing the horrible alteration that had taken place in thecountenance of Athos, who, standing before the table, his hair risingfrom his head, his eyes fixed in stupor, was looking at one of theglasses, and appeared a prey to the most horrible doubt."Oh1' said Athos, "oh, no, it is impossible! God would not permit sucha crime!"
5、  "'Yesterday evening.'"




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      "You know what I have done?"

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       And the four friends flew at a gallop along the road to Bethune.

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      "To London."

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    {  "Because you do not love me, madame! If you loved me, you wouldview all this otherwise. If you loved me, oh, if you loved me,that would be too great happiness, and I should run mad. Ah,Madame de Chevreuse was less cruel than you. Holland loved her,and she responded to his love."

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      "Ah, yes," said a light-horseman, with a glass of brandy inhis hand, which he sipped slowly. "I hear you gentlemen ofthe Guards have been in the trenches tonight, and that youdid not get much the best of the Rochellais."

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      "I? I am completely ignorant; nor does it much disquiet me.""You're in the wrong there; for if you knew my name, perhaps youwould not be so pressing."

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       At the end of an instant they heard a furious fusillade."What's that?" asked Porthos, "what are they firing at now?I hear no balls whistle, and I see nobody!"

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    {  "I? In what can I have offended her--I who ever since I haveknown her have lived at her feet like a slave? Speak, I begyou!"

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      "Well, if you are really afraid, Monsieur Planchet," resumedD'Artagnan, "I will go without you. I prefer traveling alone tohaving a companion who entertains the least fear.""Monsieur does me wrong," said Planchet; "I thought he had seenme at work."