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̬ըַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Here was one of my fixed points secured."You think there has been a quarrel?"

"'There is a drive, then?'


"My dear madam," said I, "I am an old campaigner, and if I werenot I can very well see that no apology is needed. If I can be ofany assistance, either to you or to my friend here, I shall beindeed happy."

"Yes, sir."

"You are mad, Mr. Holmes- you are mad!" she cried, at last.He drew a small piece of cardboard from his pocket. It was theface of a woman cut out of a portrait.

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"You must see that this is so, madam. If your husband thinks fitto keep you in the dark over this matter, is it for me, who has onlylearned the true facts under the pledge of professional secrecy, totell what he has withheld? It is not fair to ask it. It is him whomyou must ask."<"Oh, if you find your own cases more interesting than mine-" saidHolmes with some asperity.

"It was in vain to argue with him, for he was a very obstinateman. I went about, however, with a heart which was full offorebodings.

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"If you have no answer, it may go badly with you at the trial."The young man winced.

"'Yes, thief!' I roared, shaking him by the shoulder.

"Exactly. These three glasses upon the sideboard have beenuntouched, I suppose?"


<"Voyage of the Gloria Scott," he read. "That was a bad business. Ihave some recollection that you made a record of it, Watson, thoughI was unable to congratulate you upon the result. Victor Lynch, theforger. Venomous lizard or gila. Remarkable case, that! Vittoria,the circus belle. Vanderbilt and the Yeggman. Vipers. Vigor, theHammersmith wonder. Hullo! Hullo! Good old index. You can't beat it.Listen to this, Watson. Vampirism in Hungary. And again, Vampires inTransylvania." He turned over the pages with eagerness, but after ashort intent perusal he threw down the great book with a snarl ofdisappointment."What do you say, dear?" said my wife, looking across at me. "Willyou go?"

"Mr. Sutro is most capable."





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