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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What are you--a motorman?"
2.  "I will," said Hurstwood, standing back, and feeling intenserelief at her going. He was so ashamed that he folded his handsweakly, as he sat in the chair afterwards, and thought.
3.  "Oh, he's a slow, greedy 'mick'! He won't agree to anything toimprove the place, and it won't ever pay without it."
4.  "Can you tell me how to go about getting on the stage?"
5.  "No, sir."
6.  She did not run away, as she might have done. She did notterminate the interview, but he drifted off into a pleasant fieldof thought with the readiest grace. Not long after he rose togo, and she felt that he was in power."You mustn't feel bad," he said, kindly; "things will straightenout in the course of time."


1.  "Never studied for the stage?" he said, putting on an airintended as much to impress his friends with his discretion asCarrie.
2.  "Oh, I can't," she said.
3.  "I don't know," said Carrie, taken back by the question.
4.  "Now, this handle here regulates your speed. To here," he said,pointing with his finger, "gives you about four miles an hour.This is eight. When it's full on, you make about fourteen milesan hour."
5.  This was new reasoning for Hurstwood. In the old days the worldhad seemed to be getting along well enough. He had been wont tosee similar things in the "Daily News," in Chicago, but they didnot hold his attention. Now, these things were like grey cloudshovering along the horizon of a clear day. They threatened tocover and obscure his life with chilly greyness. He tried toshake them off, to forget and brace up. Sometimes he said tohimself, mentally:
6.  "Well, you never can tell," said Hurstwood. "There may besomething to it. I wouldn't bother about it myself, though. Bythe way," he added, "are you going anywhere to-night?"


1.  "So he did," answered Carrie, who was wholly unaware of whatconversation her lovers might have held. She was all at seamentally, and fearful of some entanglement which might ensue fromwhat she would answer.
2.  "One hundred and thirty-seven," he announced. "Now, boys, lineup. Right dress there. We won't be much longer about this.Steady, now."
3.  "Isn't your home in New York?" she asked of Lola one day.
4.  "I think I've done a good deal," said the drummer, lookingaround. "I've given you all the clothes you wanted, haven't I?I've taken you everywhere you wanted to go. You've had as muchas I've had, and more too."
5.   "That's steep, isn't it?" he answered.
6.  "You don't say so?" said Hurstwood.


1.  "No."
2.  Carrie got up and sought her lunch box. She was stiff, a littledizzy, and very thirsty. On the way to the small space portionedoff by wood, where all the wraps and lunches were kept, sheencountered the foreman, who stared at her hard.
3.  There was something in the tone in which he said this which madeher feel as if she must record her feelings against any localhabitation.
4、  "So long," said the other, smiling affably and going on.
5、  "I have looked," he said. "You can t make people give you aplace."




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      "To make it good, of course," she answered.

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      "Oh, anything, only don't take that."

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       Carrie shook her head.

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      "I know how you feel about it," exclaimed Mr. Withers, halting."But just let me explain. I said those are our regular rates.Like every other hotel we make special ones however. Possiblyyou have not thought about it, but your name is worth somethingto us.""Oh!" ejaculated Carrie, seeing at a glance.

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    {  A long silence.

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      Carrie looked at him in amazement, and then summoned sufficientthought to reply: "Why, I don't know you," backing away as shedid so.}

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      She scarcely gave a thought to the complication which wouldtrouble her when he was gone. In his presence, she was of hisown hopeful, easy-way-out mood.

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      There was, however, at this time, one theatre, the Chicago OperaHouse, which was considerably in the public eye, and its manager,David A. Henderson, had a fair local reputation. Carrie had seenone or two elaborate performances there and had heard of severalothers. She knew nothing of Henderson nor of the methods ofapplying, but she instinctively felt that this would be a likelyplace, and accordingly strolled about in that neighbourhood. Shecame bravely enough to the showy entrance way, with the polishedand begilded lobby, set with framed pictures out of the currentattraction, leading up to the quiet box-office, but she could getno further. A noted comic opera comedian was holding forth thatweek, and the air of distinction and prosperity overawed her.She could not imagine that there would be anything in such alofty sphere for her. She almost trembled at the audacity whichmight have carried her on to a terrible rebuff. She could findheart only to look at the pictures which were showy and then walkout. It seemed to her as if she had made a splendid escape andthat it would be foolhardy to think of applying in that quarteragain.

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       He took her hand, feeling in his good-natured egotism that it wasprobably lack of his presence which had made her lonely.

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    {  "What's your number?" said Mrs. Vance.

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      "Won't you love me?" he said. "Won't you be mine from now on?"