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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】11. Hokkaido, Japan-Though known primarily to the outside world for its ski resorts and powdery snow, Hokkaido's year-round beauty might soon become a more familiar sight to foreign visitors. The new bullet-train service from Tokyo should help.
2.With assets under management of 0bn, according to Nomura Securities, Japan’s ETF market is about bn larger than all other Asia-Pacific ETF markets put together. At the end of August, the market value of the BOJ’s ETF holdings was 5bn.
3.Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge jumps five places to fifth. Not only is it the first time it has broken into the top five, but it is also the first occasion that LBS is not the top-placed UK school in the MBA ranking.
4.这款智能产品的使用可以追溯到1800年,但在2016年它才变得“智能”。 Meet Peggy,这种洗衣挂钩能够“帮助你减轻负担”,它会在洗衣机洗好衣服的时候提醒你,并告诉你天气是否适宜晾晒衣服。该装置连接到您的手机,它会在天气变化或是需要转移晾衣服的地方时发消息提醒你。


1.The Meyerowitz Stories
2.1. World Health Organisation declares a public emergency of international concern over Zika
3.No. Wall Street strategists’ predicting that the US government’s 10-year borrowing costs will climb above the 3 per cent mark in the coming year is as much a staple of the Christmas period as awkward office parties. This year the forecasts look more likely to be fulfilled, given a withdrawal of quantitative easing and the US tax cut. However, the seismic, secular forces pinning down both inflation and long-term bond yields remain in place and are still underestimated. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates at least three times in 2018, but the 10-year yield will not breach 3 per cent.
6.Given a choice, Chinese university graduates prefer to find employment rather than start a company.


1.As a national exam with more than 1 million test takers every year, the National Postgraduates Entrance Examination is very important for students' academic life, and cheating incidents have been exposed from time to time.
3.and the regime's first move—cashing in Lou Williams to the Rockets for a first-round pick—is a clear sign they realize that they must do everything to retain their own top-three protected pick in June's draft.
4.China does not want to resort to yuan depreciation to boost exports as that would dampen the restructuring and upgrading of the corporate sector.
5. The Post
6.I was waiting for you to bring up the Nets’ situation, so fine, I'll do it here. Jeremy Lin's been out for weeks with a hamstring injury. They're the only team tanking correctly and they're not actually tanking!






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     The report found that third-tier cities are most livable places.

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    "Students are not suited for starting businesses on their own," said Zhang, adding that vocational students are more eager to start businesses than university undergraduates.

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    Frankly, this is unlikely to be ready in time for next year, but we'll include it just in case. The second film from Laszlo Nemes, who won the foreign language Oscar earlier this year for Son of Saul, is a coming-of-age drama set in Budapest just before the first world war.

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     Asli Erdogan

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    {If you want a refrigerator with a screen, might as well just stick an iPad on it. Samsung unveiled a smart refrigerator this summer that connects to wi-fi to help manage groceries and leave notes behind for family members.

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    No Bad Manners Awards could be complete without a mention of a Kardashian, could it?