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Faust And Mephistopheles - A Student



Trees on trees, a stalwart legion, Swiftly past us are retreating, And the cliffswith lowly greeting; Rocks long - snouted, row on row, How they snort, andhow they blow!

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Ay! and full many a riddle tied anew. But let the great world rave and riot!Here will we house ourselves in quiet. A custom 'tis of ancient date, Ourlesser worlds within the great world to create! Young witches there I see,naked and bare, And old ones, veil'd more prudently. For my sake onlycourteous be! The trouble's small, the sport is rare. Of instruments I hear thecursed din One must get used to it. Come in! come in! There's now no helpfor it. I'll step before And introducing you as my good friend, Confer on youone obligation more. How say you now? 'Tis no such paltry room; Why onlylook, you scarce can see the end. A hundred fires in rows disperse the gloom;They dance, they talk, they cook, make love, and drink: Where could we findaught better, do you think?

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(To Frosch)

Alone old Baubo's coming now; She rides upon a farrow sow.Chorus


Attend, of brutishness ere long You'll see a glorious revelation.Siebel





ⱸַϷǽ׹¹ Լ1800󹤱 Look now at yonder eager crew, How naively they're jesting! That they havetender hearts and true, They stoutly keep protesting!Musaget ϸ

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ⱸַʵ13 They're in their glory, mark their elevation! ϸ

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