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3000Ʊƽַ̨:a g 9 559 v i p<"She believes that someone has written to the Duke of Buckinghamin her name.""Yes."

"Madame Bonacieux!" murmured D'Artagnan. "Can I be so lucky asto find what everybody is seeking for?"


As nine o'clock sounded, D'Artagnan was at the Place Royale.It was evident that the servants who waited in theantechamber were warned, for as soon as D'Artagnan appeared,before even he had asked if Milady were visible, one of themran to announce him.

"Bah!" said the king, who began to be shaken, "was it somanaged?"

"This is serious," answered the three friends; "it is a familyaffair. It is with valets as with wives, they must be placed atonce upon the footing in which you wish them to remain. Reflectupon it."

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The gentlemen had drawn their swords, but they found themselvestake between two fires. They still hesitated an instant; but, asbefore, pride prevailed, and a second kick split the door frombottom to top.<"We shall see, Monsieur Cardinal, we shall see," said the king,who, in his joy at finding the queen guilty of a crime which hecared little about, and innocent of a fault of which he had greatdread, was ready to make up all differences with her, "we shallsee, but upon my honor, you are too indulgent toward her.""Sire," said the cardinal, "leave severity to your ministers.Clemency is a royal virtue; employ it, and you will find that youderive advantage therein."

"All you have in gold."

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On the first Monday of the month of April, 1625, the market townof Meung, in which the author of ROMANCE OF THE ROSE was born,appeared to be in as perfect a state of revolution as if theHuguenots had just made a second La Rochelle of it. Manycitizens, seeing the women flying toward the High Street, leavingtheir children crying at the open doors, hastened to don thecuirass, and supporting their somewhat uncertain courage with amusket or a partisan, directed their steps toward the hostelry ofthe Jolly Miller, before which was gathered, increasing everyminute, a compact group, vociferous and full of curiosity.In those times panics were common, and few days passed withoutsome city or other registering in its archives an event of thiskind. There were nobles, who made war against each other; therewas the king, who made war against the cardinal; there was Spain,which made war against the king. Then, in addition to theseconcealed or public, secret or open wars, there were robbers,mendicants, Huguenots, wolves, and scoundrels, who made war uponeverybody. The citizens always took up arms readily againstthieves, wolves or scoundrels, often against nobles or Huguenots,sometimes against the king, but never against cardinal or Spain.It resulted, then, from this habit that on the said first Mondayof April, 1625, the citizens, on hearing the clamor, and seeingneither the red-and-yellow standard nor the livery of the Duc deRichelieu, rushed toward the hostel of the Jolly Miller. Whenarrived there, the cause of the hubbub was apparent to all.A young man--we can sketch his portrait at a dash. Imagine toyourself a Don Quixote of eighteen; a Don Quixote without hiscorselet, without his coat of mail, without his cuisses; a DonQuixote clothed in a wooden doublet, the blue color of which hadfaded into a nameless shade between lees of wine and a heavenlyazure; face long and brown; high cheek bones, a sign of sagacity;the maxillary muscles enormously developed, an infallible sign bywhich a Gascon may always be detected, even without his cap--andour young man wore a cap set off with a sort of feather; the eyeopen and intelligent; the nose hooked, but finely chiseled. Toobig for a youth, too small for a grown man, an experienced eyemight have taken him for a farmer's son upon a journey had it notbeen for the long sword which, dangling from a leather baldric,hit against the calves of its owner as he walked, and against therough side of his steed when he was on horseback.For our young man had a steed which was the observed of allobservers. It was a Bearn pony, from twelve to fourteen yearsold, yellow in his hide, without a hair in his tail, but notwithout windgalls on his legs, which, though going with his headlower than his knees, rendering a martingale quite unnecessary,contrived nevertheless to perform his eight leagues a day.Unfortunately, the qualities of this horse were so well concealedunder his strange-colored hide and his unaccountable gait, thatat a time when everybody was a connoisseur in horseflesh, theappearance of the aforesaid pony at Meung--which place he hadentered about a quarter of an hour before, by the gate ofBeaugency--produced an unfavorable feeling, which extended to hisrider.

The handkerchief was indeed richly embroidered, and had a coronetand arms at one of its corners. Aramis blushed excessively, andsnatched rather than took the handkerchief from the hand of theGascon.

<"How unfortunate I am!" said she; "I have been here six months withoutthe shadow of recreation. You arrive, and your presence was likely toafford me delightful company; yet I expect, in all probability, to quitthe convent at any moment."We must confess these three strange names struck us; and itimmediately occurred to us that they were but pseudonyms, underwhich D'Artagnan had disguised names perhaps illustrious, or elsethat the bearers of these borrowed names had themselves chosenthem on the day in which, from caprice, discontent, or want offortune, they had donned the simple Musketeer's uniform.>From the moment we had no rest till we could find some trace incontemporary works of these extraordinary names which had sostrongly awakened our curiosity.

"And that is the reason why I have the honor to inform yourEminence of what has happened; for you might learn it fromothers, and upon a false account believe us to be in fault.""What have been the results of your quarrel?" said thecardinal, knitting his brow.


<"Gentlemen, gentlemen," said D'Artagnan, "do not let us lose ourtime in jesting. Let us separate, and let us seek the mercer'swife--that is the key of the intrigue."M. de Treville entertained good company, wholly anticardinalst,though. It may easily be understood, therefore, that theconversation during the whole of dinner turned upon the twochecks that his Eminence's Guardsmen had received. Now, asD'Artagnan had been the hero of these two fights, it was upon himthat all the felicitations fell, which Athos, Porthos, and Aramisabandoned to him, not only as good comrades, but as men who hadso often had their turn that could very well afford him his.Toward six o'clock M. de Treville announced that it was time togo to the Louvre; but as the hour of audience granted by hisMajesty was past, instead of claiming the ENTREE by the backstairs, he placed himself with the four young men in theantechamber. The king had not yet returned from hunting. Ouryoung men had been waiting about half an hour, amid a crowd ofcourtiers, when all the doors were thrown open, and his Majestywas announced.






3000Ʊƽ̨̨֣ʧ¡ӥֱϻҵ "And what do you believe?' His voice was stifled by sobs."I believe everything," said Athos biting his lips till the blood sprangto avoid sighing. ϸ

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