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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not just now," said Carrie.
2.  "Looks like there will be quite a crowd here to-day, doesn't it?"the acquaintance observed, drifting off upon another topic.
3.  Hurstwood arose.
4.  "Oh, me," said Carrie, pensively. "I wish I could live in such aplace."
5.  "The foreman 'll fix that if you ask him, I guess. He did me."
6.  In her indifferent wandering she turned into Jackson Street, notfar from the river, and was keeping her way along the south sideof that imposing thoroughfare, when a piece of wrapping paper,written on with marking ink and tacked up on the door, attractedher attention. It read, "Girls wanted--wrappers & stitchers."She hesitated a moment, then entered.


1.  "Eh?" he said, looking out. "Dramatic agents? I don't know.You'll find them in the 'Clipper,' though. They all advertise inthat."
2.  The next day there was even a larger notice of it. "BrooklynitesWalk," said the "World." "Knights of Labour Tie up the TrolleyLines Across the Bridge." "About Seven Thousand Men Out."
3.  "Dinner's ready," she said, passing him for something.
4.  "And yet, she can be very happy with him," went on the littleactress. "Her sunny temper, her joyous face will brighten anyhome."
5.  "Well, a man ought to be more attentive than that to his wife ifhe wants to keep her."
6.  "You find time to go with other people, though," she replied,with considerable irritation.


1.  Not only did Carrie feel the drag of desire for all which was newand pleasing in apparel for women, but she noticed too, with atouch at the heart, the fine ladies who elbowed and ignored her,brushing past in utter disregard of her presence, themselveseagerly enlisted in the materials which the store contained.Carrie was not familiar with the appearance of her more fortunatesisters of the city. Neither had she before known the nature andappearance of the shop girls with whom she now compared poorly.They were pretty in the main, some even handsome, with an air ofindependence and indifference which added, in the case of themore favoured, a certain piquancy. Their clothes were neat, inmany instances fine, and wherever she encountered the eye of oneit was only to recognise in it a keen analysis of her ownposition--her individual shortcomings of dress and that shadow ofmanner which she thought must hang about her and make clear toall who and what she was. A flame of envy lighted in her heart.She realised in a dim way how much the city held--wealth,fashion, ease--every adornment for women, and she longed fordress and beauty with a whole heart.
2.  Now the crier called the train ready and they got on. Hurstwoodbreathed a sigh of relief as it started. There was a short runto the river, and there they were ferried over. They had barelypulled the train off the ferry-boat when he settled back with asigh.
3.  Carrie noticed his agitation, but said nothing. She had no ideawhat it meant or that it was important.
4.  Chapter XLIV
5.   She listened until her misgivings vanished. He would show herabout a little and then help her get something. He reallyimagined that he would. He would be out on the road and shecould be working.
6.  She did not do the part as she had at rehearsal, but she wasbetter. The audience was at least not irritated. Theimprovement of the work of the entire company took away directobservation from her. They were making very fair progress, andnow it looked as if the play would be passable, in the lesstrying parts at least.


1.  Chapter XXXII
2.  "Well, I did," he said, angered almost to harsh words. "Youneedn't throw up your success to me. All I asked was a littlehelp until I could get something. I'm not down yet. I'll comeup all right."
3.  Drouet knew a place in Wabash Avenue where there were rooms. Heshowed Carrie the outside of these, and said: "Now, you're mysister." He carried the arrangement off with an easy hand when itcame to the selection, looking around, criticising, opining."Her trunk will be here in a day or so," he observed to thelandlady, who was very pleased.
4、  "No," she answered, rising. "Besides, it's time I was gettingready for the theatre. I'll have to leave you. Come, now.""Oh, stay a minute," pleaded Drouet. "You've got plenty oftime."
5、  The lack of feeling in the thing was ridiculous. Carrie did notget it at all. She seemed to be talking in her sleep. It lookedas if she were certain to be a wretched failure. She was morehopeless than Mrs. Morgan, who had recovered somewhat, and wasnow saying her lines clearly at least. Drouet looked away fromthe stage at the audience. The latter held out silently, hopingfor a general change, of course. Hurstwood fixed his eye onCarrie, as if to hypnotise her into doing better. He was pouringdetermination of his own in her direction. He felt sorry forher.




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      "I'll ask her. She won't refuse me a few dollars."

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      "I will take anything," he said, relieved, and wincing underreproof. "I'd just as leave dig on the streets. Nobody knows mehere."

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       After it was over she dressed quickly, and as the manager hadscolded some others and passed her, she imagined she must haveproved satisfactory. She wanted to get out quickly, because sheknew but few, and the stars were gossiping. Outside werecarriages and some correct youths in attractive clothing,waiting. Carrie saw that she was scanned closely. The flutterof an eyelash would have brought her a companion. That she didnot give.

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      "I know why you should be a success," he said, another time, "ifyou had a more dramatic part. I've studied it out----"

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    {  Hurstwood smiled grimly, and the boy laughed.

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      "Well, where are you taking me, then?" she asked, her voiceshowing the quality of fright.}

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      Carrie noted the elegantly carpeted and decorated hall, themarbled lobby, and showy waiting-room. It was such a place asshe had often dreamed of occupying.

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      "Of course, I wouldn't mind trying," said Carrie, archly.

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       He led the way through dark, box-lined aisles which had the smellof new shoes, until they came to an iron door which opened intothe factory proper. There was a large, low-ceiled room, withclacking, rattling machines at which men in white shirt sleevesand blue gingham aprons were working. She followed himdiffidently through the clattering automatons, keeping her eyesstraight before her, and flushing slightly. They crossed to a farcorner and took an elevator to the sixth floor. Out of the arrayof machines and benches, Mr. Brown signalled a foreman.

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    {  Carrie looked out through the window into the busy street. Thereit was, the admirable, great city, so fine when you are not poor.An elegant coach, with a prancing pair of bays, passed by,carrying in its upholstered depths a young lady.

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      "Here," she said, taking them out of the bureau drawer.