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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "So I am. Very much so."
2.  "Where did you get it?" he groaned. "I did not know. I thought I hadlost it at the hotel."
3.  "Well, that is what we are here to find out. It has nothing whateverto do with our client, so far as I can read the situation. It issomething connected with the man he murdered- the man who may havebeen his confederate in crime. There is some guilty secret in theroom. That is how I read it. At first I thought our friend mighthave something in his collection more valuable than he knew- somethingworth the attention of a big criminal. But the fact that RodgerPrescott of evil memory inhabited these rooms points to some deeperreason. Well, Watson, we can but possess our souls in patience and seewhat the hour may bring."
4.  To my surprise the Cold King took the reproof with equanimity."That's how I feel myself about it now. I thank God that my plainsdid not work out as I intended. She would have none of it, and shewanted to leave the house instantly."
5.  "I have some hopes."
6.  "Thats no good."


1.  "We have set one of our women on to her. Mrs. Tangey drinks, and ourwoman has been with her twice when she was well on, but she couldget nothing out of her."
3.  clean-shaven, hatchet face, flushed up at the words of commendation."I am on the trail of my life now, Mr. Holmes," said he. "If I can getGorgiano-"
4.  "Let us presume, for argument's sake, that the document was taken bythe maid or by the valet-"
5.  "I think that I may go so far as to say, Watson, that I have notlived wholly in vain," he remarked. "If my record were closed to-nightI could still survey it with equanimity. The air of London is thesweeter for my presence. In over a thousand cases I am not awarethat I have ever used my powers upon the wrong side. Of late I havebeen tempted to look into the problems furnished by nature rather thanthose more superficial ones for which our artificial state ofsociety is responsible. Your memoirs will draw to an end, Watson, uponthe day that I crown my career by the capture or extinction of themost dangerous and capable criminal in Europe."
6.  Something in his tone caught my ear, and I turned to look at him. Anextraordinary change had come over his face. It was writhing withinward merriment. His two eyes were shining like stars. It seemed tome that he was making desperate efforts to restrain a convulsiveattack of laughter.


1.  "I wrote two more articles, and then, feeling more drowsy than ever,I rose and walked up and down the room to stretch my legs. My coffeehad not yet come, and I wondered what the cause of the delay could be.Opening the door, I started down the corridor to find out. There was astraight passage, dimly lighted, which led from the room in which Ihad been working, and was the only exit from it. It ended in a curvingstaircase, with the commissionaire's lodge in the passage at thebottom. Halfway down this staircase is a small landing, with anotherpassage running into it at right angles. This second one leads bymeans of a second small stair to a side door, used by servants, andalso as a short cut by clerks when coming from Charles Street. Here isa rough chart of the place." (See illustration.)
2.  "Did you ever witness physical violence towards her?"
3.  "Why did you come to me," he cried, "and, above all, why didyou not come at once?"
4.  "Well, you can hear what I say, anyhow. Listen now! Can you rememberany unusual incident in your life just about the time your symptomsbegan?"
5.   "Yes, my dear Watson, I have solved the mystery."
6.  "But why should such an idea cross your mind?"


1.  "Exactly!"
2.  "Yes, I will while away the morning at Godolphin Street with ourfriends of the regular establishment. With Eduardo Lucas lies thesolution of our problem, though I must admit that I have not aninkling as to what form it may take. It is a capital mistake totheorize in advance of the facts. Do you stay on guard, my goodWatson, and receive any fresh visitors. I'll join you at lunch if I amable."
3.  "Admirable!" he said. "A most illuminating remark. It isimpossible as I state it, and therefore I must in some respect havestated it wrong. Yet you saw for yourself. Can you suggest anyfallacy?"
4、  "Are they not fresh and beautiful?" I cried with all theenthusiasm of a man fresh from the fogs of Baker Street.But Holmes shook his head gravely.
5、  "Eh? What was that?"




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      "'Very likely. And yet if it were on the lawn, I wonder that you didnot hear it also.'

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      On the bed a woman was lying who was clearly in a high fever. Shewas only half conscious, But as I entered she raised a pair offrightened but beautiful eyes and glared at me in apprehension. Seeinga stranger, she appeared to be relieved and sank back with a sigh uponthe pillow. I stepped up to her with a few reassuring words, and shelay still while I took her pulse and temperature. Both were high,and yet my impression was that the condition was rather that of mentaland nervous excitement than of any actual seizure.

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       In the morning I obeyed Holmes's injunctions to the letter. A hansomwas procured with such precautions as would prevent its being onewhich was placed ready for us, and I drove immediately after breakfastto the Lowther Arcade, through which I hurried at the top of my speed.A brougham was waiting with a very massive driver wrapped in a darkcloak, who, the instant that I had stepped in, whipped up the horseand rattled off to Victoria Station. On my alighting there he turnedthe carriage, and dashed away again without so much as a look in mydirection.

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      "Fancy his having the insolence to confound me with the officialdetective force! This incident gives zest to our investigation,however, and I only trust that our little friend will not sufferfrom her imprudence in allowing this brute to trace her. And now,Watson, we shall order breakfast, and afterwards I shall walk downto Doctors' Commons, where I hope to get some data which may help usin this matter."

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    {  already,' said I.

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      "On what charge?"}

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      "Admirable, Watson! Admirable! You are the best of messengers.""He wished to return with me."

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      "I wasn't satisfied, Mr. Holmes. The whole thing seemed to me sodamned unnatural. He was a good lad, and he would not drop a pallike that. It was not like him. Then, again, I happened to know thathe was heir to a lot of money, and also that his father and he did notalways hit it off too well. The old man was sometimes a bully, andyoung Godfrey had too much spirit to stand it. No, I wasn't satisfied,and I determined that I would get to the root of the matter. Ithappened, however, that my own affairs needed a lot of straighteningout, after two years' absence, and so it is only this week that I havebeen able to take up Godfrey's case again. But since I have taken itup I mean to drop everything in order to see it through."Mr. James M. Dodd appeared to be the sort of person whom it would bebetter to have as a friend than as an enemy. His blue eyes werestern and his square jaw had set hard as he spoke.

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       "'I am sure if I had known-'

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    {  "Yes, my correspondence has certainly the charm of variety," heanswered, smiling, "and the humbler are usually the moreinteresting. This looks like one of those unwelcome social summonseswhich call upon a man either to be bored or to lie."

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      The strong, masterful personality of Holmes dominated the tragicscene, and all were equally puppets in his hands. Williamson andCarruthers found themselves carrying the wounded Woodley into thehouse, and I gave my arm to the frightened girl. The injured man waslaid on his bed, and at Holmes's request I examined him. I carriedmy report to where he sat in the old tapestry-hung dining-room withhis two prisoners before him.