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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ha! you find it so?"
2.  He had hardly shut the door behind him when Holmes rose to put onhis overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says aboutoutdoor work," he remarked, "so I think, Watson, that I must leave youto your papers for a little."
3.  But the words were taken from his mouth by the appearance of thelady herself. There was no gainsaying that she would have graced anyassembly in the world. Who could have imagined that so rare a flowerwould grow from such a root and in such an atmosphere? Women haveseldom been an attraction to me, for my brain has always governed myheart, but I could not look upon her perfect clear-cut face, withall the soft freshness of the downlands in her delicate colouring,without realizing that no young man would cross her path unscathed.Such was the girl who had pushed open the door and stood now,wide-eyed and intense, in front of Harold Stackhurst.
4.  "But his lameness?"
5.  "Well, I am an honest man, though not a very rich one. I only gavefifteen shillings for the bust, and I think you ought to know thatbefore I take ten pounds from you.
6.  "Still, jealousy is a strange transformer of characters. Pray whatis your own theory as to what took place?"


1.  "`From Dundee,' I answered, glancing at the postmark.
2.  "I do not think so," he said, at last.
3.  "Just one hint to you, Lastrade," drawled Holmes before his rivalvanished; "I will tell you the true solution of the matter. Lady St.Simon is a myth. There is not, and there never has been, any suchperson."
4.  "It goes to the housekeeper's room."
5.  "There is one other thing you owe, Mr. Holder," said Sherlock Holmesrather sternly.
6.  From the years 1894 to 1901 inclusive, Mr. Sherlock Holmes was avery busy man. It is safe to say that there was no public case ofany difficulty in which he was not consulted during those eight years,and there were hundreds of private cases, some of them of the mostintricate and extraordinary character, in which he played aprominent part. Many startling successes and a few unavoidablefailures were the outcome of this long period of continuous work. As Ihave preserved very full notes of all these cases, and was myselfpersonally engaged in many of them, it may be imagined that it is noeasy task to know which I should select to lay before the public. Ishall, however, preserve my former rule, and give the preference tothose cases which derive their interest not so much from the brutalityof the crime as from the ingenuity and dramatic quality of thesolution. For this reason I will now lay before the reader the factsconnected with Miss Violet Smith, the solitary cyclist of Charlington,and the curious sequel of our investigation, which culminated inunexpected tragedy. It is true that the circumstance did not admitof any striking illustration of those powers for which my friend wasfamous, but there were some points about the case which made itstand out in those long records of crime from which I gather thematerial for these little narratives.


1.  We all turned round at the words. There, framed in the doorway,was a tall and beautiful woman- the mysterious lodger of Bloomsbury.Slowly she advanced, her face pale and drawn with a frightfulapprehension, her eyes fixed and staring, her terrified gaze rivetedupon the dark figure on the floor.
2.  "Precisely. It is a piece of tarred twine. You have also, nodoubt, remarked that Miss Cushing has cut the cord with a scissors, ascan be seen by the double fray on each side. This is of importance.""I cannot see the importance," said Lestrade.
3.  "Will you see him?"
4.  "'Or to cut your hair quite short before you come to us?'"I could hardly believe my ears. As you may observe, Mr. Holmes,my hair is somewhat luxuriant, and of a rather peculiar tint ofchestnut. It has been considered artistic. I could not dream ofsacrificing it in this offhand fashion.
5.   cross-examination, Professor Coram, since I gather that you were inbed at the time of the crime, and could know nothing about it. I wouldonly ask this: What do you imagine that this poor fellow meant byhis last words: 'The professor- it was she'?"
6.  "I knew that we should find a ventilator before ever we came toStoke Moran."


1.  About nine o'clock the light among the trees was extinguished, andall was dark in the direction of the Manor House. Two hours passedslowly away, and then, suddenly, just at the stroke of eleven, asingle bright light shone out right in front of us.
2.  "When Dr. Roylott was in India he married my mother, Mrs. Stoner,the young widow of Major General Stoner, of the Bengal Artillery. Mysister Julia and I were twins, and we were only two years old at thetime of my mother's re-marriage. She had a considerable sum ofmoney-not less than L1000 a year-and this she bequeathed to Dr.Roylott entirely while we resided with him, with a provision that acertain annual sum should be allowed to each of us in the event of ourmarriage. Shortly after our return to England my mother died-she waskilled eight years ago in a railway accident near Crewe. Dr. Roylottthen abandoned his attempts to establish himself in practice in Londonand took us to live with him in the old ancestral house at StokeMoran. The money which my mother had left was enough for all ourwants, and there seemed to be no obstacle to our happiness."But a terrible change came over our stepfather about this time.Instead of making friends and exchanging visits with our neighbours,who had at first been overjoyed to see a Roylott of Stoke Moran backin the old family seat, he shut himself up in his house and seldomcame out save to indulge in ferocious quarrels with whoever mightcross his path. Violence of temper approaching to mania has beenhereditary in the men of the family, and in my stepfather's case ithad, I believe, been intensified by his long residence in the tropics.A series of disgraceful brawls took place, two of which ended in thepolice-court, until at last he became the terror of the village, andthe folks would fly at his approach, for he is a man of immensestrength, and absolutely uncontrollable in his anger.
3.  "All is in order and this is your man," said Holmes.
4、  "'You must drop it, Mr. Holmes,' said he, swaying his face about.'You really must, you know.'
5、  "Have you a clue?" I asked, at last.




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      "Mrs. Hilton Cubitt was seriously injured, and is at death's door."The man gave a hoarse cry of grief, which rang through the house."You're crazy!" he cried, fiercely. "It was he that was hurt, notshe. Who would have hurt little Elsie? I may have threatened her-God forgive me!- but I would not have touched a hair of her prettyhead. Take it back- you! Say that she is not hurt!"

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      "Very naturally not. Did you see Miss Doran on the day before thewedding?"

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       I left him full of the image of this magnificent intellectbabbling like a foolish child. He had handed me the key, and with ahappy thought I took it with me lest he should lock himself in. Mrs.Hudson was waiting, trembling and weeping, in the passage. Behind meas I passed from the flat I heard Holmes's high, thin voice in somedelirious chant. Below, as I stood whistling for a cab, a man cameon me through the fog.

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    {  "Jacobs, bring down my despatch-box. This is a farcical waste oftime, but still, if nothing else will satisfy you, it shall be done.Thank you, Jacobs, put it here. I have always had the key on mywatch-chain. Here are the papers, you see. Letter from Lord Merrow,report from Sir Charles Hardy, memorandum from Belgrade, note on theRusso-German grain taxes, letter from Madrid, note from LordFlowers- Good heavens! what is this? Lord Bellinger! Lord Bellinger!"The Premier snatched the blue envelope from his hand.

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      "Hum! So much for the police-court," said Holmes}

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      "See if you can read it, Watson," said he, with a smile.It contained no word, but this little line of dancing men:(See illustration.)

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      I had a catching of the breath, and my skin went cold at thewords, which were slowly uttered in a tone of concentrated resolution.As a flash of lightning in the night shows up in an instant everydetail of a wild landscape, so at one glance I seemed to see everypossible result of such an action- the detection, the capture, thehonoured career ending in irreparable failure and disgrace, myfriend himself lying at the mercy of the odious Milverton."For heaven's sake, Holmes, think what you are doing," I cried."My dear fellow, I have given it every consideration. I am neverprecipitate in my actions, nor would I adopt so energetic and, indeed,so dangerous a course, if any other were possible. Let us look atthe matter clearly and fairly. I suppose that you will admit thatthe action is morally justifiable, though technically criminal. Toburgle his house is no more than to forcibly take his pocketbook- anaction in which you were prepared to aid me."

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       "But now came the real difficulty of the inquiry. The order of theEnglish letters after E is by no means well marked, and anypreponderance which may be shown in an average of a printed sheetmay be reversed in a single short sentence. Speaking roughly, T, A, O,I, N, S, H, R, D, and L are the numerical order in which lettersoccur, but T, A, O, and I are very nearly abreast of each other, andit would be an endless task to try each combination until a meaningwas arrived at I therefore waited for fresh material. In my secondinterview with Mr. Hilton Cubitt he was able to give me two othershort sentences and one message, which appeared- since there was noflag- to be a single word. Here are the symbols. Now, in the singleword I have already got the two E's coming second and fourth in a wordof five letters. It might be `sever,' or `lever,' or `never.' Therecan be no question that the latter as a reply to an appeal is farthe most probable, and the circumstances pointed to its being areply written by the lady. Accepting it as correct, we are now able tosay that the symbols [of the stickman with right hand on his hip, leftarm raised and knees bent, stickman with leg extended to the left, andstickman with both arms raised in the air and left leg extended.]stand respectively for N, V, and R.

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    {  "Ha! You put me off, do you?" said our new visitor, taking a stepforward and shaking his hunting-crop. "I know you, you scoundrel! Ihave heard of you before. You are Holmes, the meddler."My friend smiled.

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      "Try Canadian Pacific Railway," said Holmes.