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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Only one thing," said the Italian.
2.  It was noon, and Monte Cristo had set apart one hour to bepassed in the apartments of Haidee, as though his oppressedspirit could not all at once admit the feeling of pure andunmixed joy, but required a gradual succession of calm andgentle emotions to prepare his mind to receive full andperfect happiness, in the same manner as ordinary naturesdemand to be inured by degrees to the reception of strong orviolent sensations. The young Greek, as we have alreadysaid, occupied apartments wholly unconnected with those ofthe count. The rooms had been fitted up in strict accordancewith Oriental ideas; the floors were covered with therichest carpets Turkey could produce; the walls hung withbrocaded silk of the most magnificent designs and texture;while around each chamber luxurious divans were placed, withpiles of soft and yielding cushions, that needed only to bearranged at the pleasure or convenience of such as soughtrepose. Haidee and three French maids, and one who was aGreek. The first three remained constantly in a smallwaiting-room, ready to obey the summons of a small goldenbell, or to receive the orders of the Romaic slave, who knewjust enough French to be able to transmit her mistress'swishes to the three other waiting-women; the latter hadreceived most peremptory instructions from Monte Cristo totreat Haidee with all the deference they would observe to aqueen.
3.  "Here is a glass with one already prepared," said Villefort,entering the room.
4.  "You know the Marquis of Saint-Meran died a few days afterhe had set out on his journey to Paris, and the marchionessa few days after her arrival?"
5.  "I accuse no one, sir," said Danglars; "I relate, and I willrepeat before the count what I have said to you."
6.  "My friend," said Maximilian, "the voice of my heart is verysorrowful, and promises me nothing but misfortune."


1.  "My good friend, as in all probability I own my presentsafety to that influence, it would ill become me to searchtoo closely into its source; therefore, instead ofcondemning him for his intimacy with outlaws, you must giveme leave to excuse any little irregularity there may be insuch a connection; not altogether for preserving my life,for my own idea was that it never was in much danger, butcertainly for saving me 4,000 piastres, which, beingtranslated, means neither more nor less than 24,000 livresof our money -- a sum at which, most assuredly, I shouldnever have been estimated in France, proving mostindisputably," added Albert with a laugh, "that no prophetis honored in his own country."
2.  "To-morrow!" replied the steward.
3.  "Madame?"
4.  "What is your errand, then, with me, sir?"
5.  "Then what would happen?"
6.  "By me? Not at all, prince," said Monte Cristo laying amarked stress on the title, "what have I done for you? Arenot your name, your social position, and your meritsufficient?"


1.  "Why not?"
2.  "Saved, my child!" said Morrel; "what do you mean?"
3.  The journey was performed with that marvellous rapiditywhich the unlimited power of the count ever commanded. Townsfled from them like shadows on their path, and trees shakenby the first winds of autumn seemed like giants madlyrushing on to meet them, and retreating as rapidly when oncereached. The following morning they arrived at Chalons,where the count's steamboat waited for them. Without theloss of an instant, the carriage was placed on board and thetwo travellers embarked without delay. The boat was builtfor speed; her two paddle-wheels were like two wings withwhich she skimmed the water like a bird. Morrel was notinsensible to that sensation of delight which is generallyexperienced in passing rapidly through the air, and the windwhich occasionally raised the hair from his forehead seemedon the point of dispelling momentarily the clouds collectedthere.
4.  "On you? Valentine! Oh, heaven forbid! Woman is sacred; thewoman one loves is holy."
5.   "I do not want books, I am satisfied with my food, and donot care to walk about; but I wish to see the governor."
6.  "M. d'Avrigny," cried Villefort, "I cannot tell you all Ifeel at this moment, -- terror, grief, madness."


1.  "What is your errand, then, with me, sir?"
2.  "I do not know him, viscount."
3.  "The name of the owner of the winning horse?"
4、  "It is a great honor to me," returned Monte Cristo, "to bethus, on the first day of my arrival in Paris, brought incontact with a man whose merit equals his reputation, and towhom fortune has for once been equitable, but has she notstill on the plains of Metidja, or in the mountains ofAtlas, a marshal's staff to offer you?"
5、  Fortunately, the mariners were used to these latitudes, andknew every rock in the Tuscan Archipelago; for in the midstof this obscurity Franz was not without uneasiness --Corsica had long since disappeared, and Monte Cristo itselfwas invisible; but the sailors seemed, like the lynx, to seein the dark, and the pilot who steered did not evince theslightest hesitation. An hour had passed since the sun hadset, when Franz fancied he saw, at a quarter of a mile tothe left, a dark mass, but he could not precisely make outwhat it was, and fearing to excite the mirth of the sailorsby mistaking a floating cloud for land, he remained silent;suddenly a great light appeared on the strand; land mightresemble a cloud, but the fire was not a meteor. "What isthis light?" asked he.




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      "Nay, I flatter myself that there can be no doubt of it,"replied the cavalier in the cloak.

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      "I have been told," said the count, "that you do not alwaysyourselves understand the signals you repeat."

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       "This 25th day of April, 1498, be...Alexander VI., and fearing that not...he may desire to become my heir, and re...and Bentivoglio, who were poisoned,...my sole heir, that I have bu...and has visited with me, that is, in...Island of Monte Cristo, all I poss...jewels, diamonds, gems; that I alone...may amount to nearly two mil...will find on raising the twentieth ro...creek to the east in a right line. Two open...in these caves; the treasure is in the furthest a...which treasure I bequeath and leave en...as my sole heir."25th April, 1498."Caes...

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      "The mission with which I am charged, sir," replied thevisitor, speaking with hesitation, "is a confidential one onthe part of him who fulfils it, and him by whom he isemployed." The abbe bowed. "Your probity," replied thestranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes asa magistrate to ascertain from you some particularsconnected with the public safety, to ascertain which I amdeputed to see you. It is hoped that no ties of friendshipor humane consideration will induce you to conceal thetruth."

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    {  "Well, I understand what I now have to do," repliedVillefort. "In less than one week from this time I willascertain who this M. de Monte Cristo is, whence he comes,where he goes, and why he speaks in our presence of childrenthat have been disinterred in a garden." Villefortpronounced these words with an accent which would have madethe count shudder had he heard him. Then he pressed the handthe baroness reluctantly gave him, and led her respectfullyback to the door. Madame Danglars returned in another cab tothe passage, on the other side of which she found hercarriage, and her coachman sleeping peacefully on his boxwhile waiting for her.

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      One light alone was visible; and Dantes saw that it camefrom Mercedes' chamber. Mercedes was the only one awake inthe whole settlement. A loud cry could be heard by her. Butpride restrained him and he did not utter it. What would hisguards think if they heard him shout like a madman?}

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      The abbe sank upon Edmond's bed. while Edmond himselfremained standing. Escape had never once occurred to him.There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossiblethat the mind does not dwell on them for an instant. Toundermine the ground for fifty feet -- to devote three yearsto a labor which, if successful, would conduct you to aprecipice overhanging the sea -- to plunge into the wavesfrom the height of fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred feet, atthe risk of being dashed to pieces against the rocks, shouldyou have been fortunate enough to have escaped the fire ofthe sentinels; and even, supposing all these perils past,then to have to swim for your life a distance of at leastthree miles ere you could reach the shore -- weredifficulties so startling and formidable that Dantes hadnever even dreamed of such a scheme, resigning himselfrather to death. But the sight of an old man clinging tolife with so desperate a courage, gave a fresh turn to hisideas, and inspired him with new courage. Another, older andless strong than he, had attempted what he had not hadsufficient resolution to undertake, and had failed onlybecause of an error in calculation. This same person, withalmost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrivedto provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleledan attempt. Another had done all this; why, then, was itimpossible to Dantes? Faria had dug his way through fiftyfeet, Dantes would dig a hundred; Faria, at the age offifty, had devoted three years to the task; he, who was buthalf as old, would sacrifice six; Faria, a priest andsavant, had not shrunk from the idea of risking his life bytrying to swim a distance of three miles to one of theislands -- Daume, Rattonneau, or Lemaire; should a hardysailer, an experienced diver, like himself, shrink from asimilar task; should he, who had so often for mereamusement's sake plunged to the bottom of the sea to fetchup the bright coral branch, hesitate to entertain the sameproject? He could do it in an hour, and how many times hadhe, for pure pastime, continued in the water for more thantwice as long! At once Dantes resolved to follow the braveexample of his energetic companion, and to remember thatwhat has once been done may be done again.

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      "No, his name is the Count of Monte Cristo."

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       As soon as Barrois had left the room, Noirtier looked atValentine with a malicious expression that said many things.The young girl perfectly understood the look, and so didVillefort, for his countenance became clouded, and heknitted his eyebrows angrily. He took a seat, and quietlyawaited the arrival of the notary. Noirtier saw him seathimself with an appearance of perfect indifference, at thesame time giving a side look at Valentine, which made herunderstand that she also was to remain in the room.Three-quarters of an hour after, Barrois returned, bringingthe notary with him. "Sir," said Villefort, after the firstsalutations were over, "you were sent for by M. Noirtier,whom you see here. All his limbs have become completelyparalysed, he has lost his voice also, and we ourselves findmuch trouble in endeavoring to catch some fragments of hismeaning." Noirtier cast an appealing look on Valentine,which look was at once so earnest and imperative, that sheanswered immediately. "Sir," said she, "I perfectlyunderstand my grandfather's meaning at all times."

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    {  "Ah, indeed? Then that explains everything that isextraordinary," said Andrea. "He is, then, the sameEnglishman whom I met -- at -- ah -- yes, indeed. Well,monsieur, I am at your service."

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      "As I am only a humble foreigner, you must pardon me if I donot understand all the subtle refinements of your language."