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炸金花牌两个人一样大【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "'Tut, tut!' said he. 'I am quite sure that a man of yourintelligence will see that there can be but one outcome to thisaffair. It is necessary that you should withdraw. You have workedthings in such a fashion that we have only one resource left. It hasbeen an intellectual treat to me to see the way in which you havegrappled with this affair, and I say, unaffectedly, that it would be agrief to me to be forced to take any extreme measure. You smile,sir, but I assure you that it really would.'   "But what is our hypothesis?"

    "I do."

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    "Well now, Watson, suppose for a moment that we visualize you in thecharacter of a woman who, in a cold, premeditated fashion, is about toget rid of a rival. You have planned it. A note has been written.The victim has come. You have your weapon. The crime is done. It hasbeen workmanlike and complete. Do you tell me that after carryingout so crafty a crime you would now ruin your reputation as a criminalby forgetting to fling your weapon into those adjacent reed-beds whichwould forever cover it, but you must needs carry it carefully home andput it in your own wardrobe, the very first place that would besearched? Your best friends would hardly call you a schemer, Watson,and yet I could not picture you doing anything so crude as that.""In the excitement of the moment-"

    "Pray tell us what has happened to you."

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   "I must put it plainly, Mr. Holmes. If only you two know of thisincident, there is no reason why it should go any farther. I thinktwelve thousand pounds is the sum that I owe you, is it not?"But Holmes smiled and shook his head.<  "Some years ago-to be definite, in May, 1884-there came to Lee agentleman, Neville St. Clair by name, who appeared to have plenty ofmoney. He took a large Villa, laid out the grounds very nicely, andlived generally in good style. By degrees he made friends in theneighbourhood, and in 1887 he married the daughter of a localbrewer, by whom he now has two children. He had no occupation, but wasinterested in several companies and went into town as a rule in themorning, returning by the 5:14 from Cannon Street every night. Mr. St.Clair is now thirty seven years of age, is a man of temperatehabits, a good husband, a very affectionate father, and a man who ispopular with all who know him. I may add that his whole debts at thepresent moment, as far as we have been able to ascertain, amount toL88 10s., while he has L220 standing to his credit in the Capitaland Counties Bank. There is no reason, therefore, to think thatmoney troubles have been weighing upon his mind.

    "Wait a bit Gregson," said Sherlock Holmes. "All you desire is aplain statement is it not?"

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    "She saw us."

<  "'Then I shall never see her. Athens.'   It was a large and bright dwelling, rather a villa than a cottage,with a considerable garden which was already, in that Cornish air,well filled with spring flowers. Towards this garden the window of thesitting-room fronted, and from it, according to Mortimer Tregennis,must have come that thing of evil which had by sheer horror in asingle instant blasted their minds. Holmes walked slowly andthoughtfully among the flower-plots and along the path before weentered the porch. So absorbed was he in his thoughts, I remember,that he stumbled over the watering-pot, upset its contents, anddeluged both our feet and the garden path. Inside the house we weremet by the elderly Cornish housekeeper, Mrs, Porter, who, with the aidof a young girl, looked after the wants of the family. She readilyanswered all Holmes's questions. She had heard nothing in the night.Her employers had all been in excellent spirits lately, and she hadnever known them more cheerful and prosperous. She had fainted withhorror upon entering the room in the morning and seeing thatdreadful company round the table. She had, when she recovered,thrown open the window to let the morning air in, and had run downto the lane, whence she sent a farm-lad for the doctor. The lady wason her bed upstairs if we cared to see her. It took four strong men toget the brothers into the asylum carriage. She would not herselfstay in the house another day and was starting that very afternoonto rejoin her family at St. Ives.



<  "No, no, my girl, the matter must be probed to the bottom.""But I am so sure that he is innocent. You know what woman'sinstincts are. I know that he has done no harm and that you will besorry for having acted so harshly."   "Never mind. There may be some door-keeper or attendant-""Ah, yes, they keep a permanent guard there on account of thevalue of the securities that they hold. I remember hearing it talkedof in the City."

    "There are one or two small points which I should desire to clear upbefore I go," said he. "Your absence, Mr. Phelps, will in some waysrather assist me. Watson, when you reach London you would oblige me bydriving at once to Baker Street with our friend here, and remainingwith him until I see you again. It is fortunate that you are oldschool-fellows, as you must have much to talk over. Mr. Phelps canhave the spare bedroom to-night, and I will be with you in time forbreakfast, for there is a train which will take me into Waterloo ateight."





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