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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Dear me, Hopkins! That is certainly rather against your theory thatthey committed a murder in Kent last night."
2.  "Do you know anything about her history?"
3.  "The clerk Gorot has been shadowed all these nine weeks, but withoutresult. We can show nothing against him."
4.  "Oh, Susan! Language!"
5.  "But it must be late."
6.  "The place is disorganized. The chief dead, Cadogan West dead, ourpapers stolen. And yet, when we closed our door on Monday evening,we were as efficient an office as any in the government service.Good God, it's dreadful to think off That West, of all men, shouldhave done such a thing!"


1.  "I'll chance it," he cried. "I believe you are a man of your word,and a white man, and I'll tell you the whole story. But one thing Iwill say first. So far as I am concerned, I regret nothing and Ifear nothing, and I would do it all again and be proud of the job.Damn the beast, if he had as many lives as a cat, he would owe themall to me! But it's the lady, Mary- Mary Fraser- for never will I callher by that accursed name. When I think of getting her into trouble, Iwho would give my life just to bring one smile to her dear face,it's that that turns my soul into water. And yet- and yet- what lesscould I do? I'll tell you my story, gentlemen, and then I'll ask you, asman to man, what less could I do?
2.  "You have acted with great discretion. Who sent for you?""The housemaid, Saunders."
3.  "'Who shall have
4.  Sir Robert glared for a moment, but Holmes's quiet voice and cool,assured manner had their effect.
5.  Dr. Sterndale drew from his pocket a paper packet and laid it uponthe table. On the outside was written "Radix pedis diaboli" with a redpoison label beneath it. He pushed it towards me. "I understand thatyou are a doctor, sir. Have you ever heard of this preparation?""Devil's-foot root! No, I have never heard of it."


1.  "Then I will." Holmes suddenly bent his strength upon it, butwithout result. "I feel it give a little," said he; "but, though Iam exceptionally strong in the fingers, it would take me all my timeto break it. An ordinary man could not do it. Now, what do you thinkwould happen if I did break it, Mr. Holder? There would be a noiselike a pistol shot. Do you tell me that all this happened within a fewyards of your bed and that you heard nothing of it?"
2.  "What do you want me to do?"
3.  "Well, it might be worth trying. But he has told her most of hissins and had pardon from her, and I understand she will not reopen thequestion."
4.  "I've seen nothing later than the fifteenth century to-day.""Well, it was only a paragraph, and all wrong at that, so you havenot missed anything. I haven't let the grass grow under my feet.It's down in Kent, seven miles from Chatham and three from the railwayline. I was wired for at 3:15, reached Yoxley Old Place at 5,conducted my investigation, was back at Charing Cross by the lasttrain, and straight to you by cab."
5.   The fierce old man said nothing, but still glared at my companion.With his savage eyes and bristling moustache he was wonderfully like atiger himself.
6.  "I can hardly think that you would find many decent citizens toagree with you," I answered.


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "Could it be done on five thousand pounds?"
3.  Our involuntary host rang the bell.
4、  "`Some preposterous practical joke,' said he. `What have I todo with sundials and papers? I shall take no notice of suchnonsense.'
5、  "My bankers would answer that."




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      "A good deal, Mr. Holmes. I have several fresh dancing-menpictures for you to examine, and, what is more important, I haveseen the fellow."

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      sitting-room in his dressing-gown, reading the agony column of TheTimes and smoking his before-breakfast pipe, which was composed of allthe plugs and dottles left from his smokes of the day before, allcarefully dried and collected on the corner of the mantelpiece. Hereceived us in his quietly genial fashion, ordered fresh rashers andeggs, and joined us in a hearty meal. When it was concluded he settledour new acquaintance upon the sofa, placed a pillow beneath hishead, and laid a glass of brandy and water within his reach."It is easy to see that your experience has been no common one,Mr. Hatherley," said he. "Pray, lie down there and make yourselfabsolutely at home. Tell us what you can, but stop when you aretired and keep up your strength with a little stimulant.""Thank you," said my patient, "but I have felt another man since thedoctor bandaged me, and I think that your breakfast has completedthe cure. I shall take up as little of your valuable time as possible,so I shall start at once upon my peculiar experiences."Holmes sat in his big armchair with the weary, heavy-liddedexpression which veiled his keen and eager nature, while I satopposite to him, and we listened in silence to the strange story whichour visitor detailed to us.

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       "Apart from what you have told me, can you give me any furtherinformation about the man?"

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      "What did you think of him?"

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    {  "Tell us about Cadogan West."

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      "I wrote it, to bring you here."}

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      "You mean to Norwood," said Lestrade.

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      "He could have got several thousands for them very easily.""Can you suggest any possible motive for taking the papers to Londonexcept to sell them?"

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       "You may well look surprised, Dr. Watson, but it is this way," saidhe: "When I was speaking to the other chap in London, at the time thathe laughed at my not going to Mawson's. I happened to notice thathis tooth was stuffed in this very identical fashion. The glint of thegold in each case caught my eye, you see. When I put that with thevoice and figure being the same, and only those things altered whichmight be changed by a razor or a wig, I could not doubt that it wasthe same man. Of course you expect two brothers to be alike, but notthat they should have the same tooth staffed in the same way. He bowedme out, and I found myself in the street, hardly knowing whether I wason my head or my heels. Back I went to my hotel, put my head in abasin of cold water, and tried to think it out. Why had he sent mefrom London to Birmingham? Why had he got there before me? And why hadhe written a letter from himself to himself? It was altogether toomuch for me, and I could make no sense of it. And then suddenly itstruck me that what was dark to me might be very light to Mr. SherlockHolmes. I had just time to get up to town by the night train to seehim this morning, and to bring you both back with me to Birmingham."There was a pause after the stock-broker's clerk had concluded hissurprising experience. Then Sherlock Holmes cocked his eye at me,leaning back on the cushions with a pleased and yet critical face,like a connoisseur who has just taken his first sip of a cometvintage.

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    {  "Having gathered these facts, Watson, I smoked several pipes overthem, trying to separate those which were crucial from others whichwere merely incidental. There could be no question that the mostdistinctive and suggestive point in the case was the singulardisappearance of the door-key. A most careful search had failed todiscover it in the room. Therefore it must have been taken from it.But neither the colonel nor the colonel's wife could have taken it.That was perfectly clear. Therefore a third person must have enteredthe room. And that third person could only have come in through thewindow. It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and thelawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysteriousindividual. You know my methods, Watson. There was not one of themwhich I did not apply to the inquiry. And it ended by my discoveringtraces, but very different ones from those which I had expected. Therehad been a man in the room, and he had crossed the lawn coming fromthe road. I was able to obtain five very clear impressions of hisfootmarks: one in the roadway itself, at the point where he hadclimbed the low wall, two on the lawn, and two very faint ones uponthe stained boards near the window where he had entered. He hadapparently rushed across the lawn, for his toe-marks were muchdeeper than his heels. But it was not the man who surprised me. It washis companion."

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      "Thank you!" said Holmes. "Thank you!" and as he turned away, itseemed to me that he was more nearly moved by the softer humanemotions than I had ever seen him. A moment later he was the coldand practical thinker once more. "Put the pearl in the safe,Watson," said he, "and get out the papers of the Conk-Singletonforgery case. Good-bye, Lestrade. If any little problem comes yourway, I shall be happy, if I can, to give you a hint or two as to itssolution."