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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Everything!" replied Athos.
2.  "Well, that's all very sensible, Athos," said D'Artagnan."In that case, let there be no more question of what's past, andlet Aramis resume the letter from his cousin where the cardinalinterrupted him."
3.  "'Beware!' said the voice, in a threatening accent that I hadnever yet heard. 'I have an extraordinary means which I will notemploy but in the last extremity to close your mouth, or at leastto prevent anyone from believing a word you may utter.'"I mustered all my strength to reply to him with a burst oflaughter.
4.  "Listen; I am already upon the scent," resumed D'Artagnan."About three months ago I was near having a duel with Aramisconcerning a handkerchief resembling the one you showed to thewoman in his house--for a handkerchief marked in the same manner,I am sure."
5.  Nevertheless, when the name of the king was now and then utteredunthinkingly amid all these cardinal jests, a sort of gag seemedto close for a moment on all these jeering mouths. They lookedhesitatingly around them, and appeared to doubt the thickness ofthe partition between them and the office of M. de Treville; buta fresh allusion soon brought back the conversation to hisEminence, and then the laughter recovered its loudness and thelight was not withheld from any of his actions.
6.  The Jesuit and the curate quite started from their chairs."This is the point of departure; it is a syllogism. The world isnot wanting in attractions. I quit the world; then I make asacrifice. Now, the Scripture says positively, 'Make a sacrificeunto the Lord.'"


1.  Porthos and Aramis were so engaged with their game, and Athos waswatching them with so much attention, that they did not evenperceive their young companion go out, who, as he had told theGuardsman of his Eminence, stopped outside the door. An instantafter, the Guardsman descended in his turn. As D'Artagnan had notime to lose, on account of the audience of the king, which wasfixed for midday, he cast his eyes around, and seeing that thestreet was empty, said to his adversary, "My faith! It isfortunate for you, although your name is Bernajoux, to have onlyto deal with an apprentice Musketeer. Never mind; be content, Iwill do my best. On guard!"
2.  "Indeed, sire, I wholly comprehend your disappointment. Themisfortune is great; but I think you have still a good number offalcons, sparrow hawks, and tiercets."
3.  D'Artagnan had so much confidence in the word of his friend that helowered his head, and entered the inn without reply.Porthos and Aramis regarded each other, not understanding this assuranceof Athos.
4.  Milady remained alone, with her eyes fixed upon the door. An instantlater, the jingling of spurs was heard upon the stairs, steps drew near,the door opened, and a man appeared.
5.  "I will enter a cloister; I will become a nun," said Milady."You were in a cloister," said the executioner, "and you left it to ruinmy brother."
6.  "Well, then, tell him this, Rochefort. Tell him that our conversationat the inn of the Red Dovecot was overheard by these four men; tell himthat after his departure one of them came up to me and took from me byviolence the safe-conduct which he had given me; tell him they warnedLord de Winter of my journey to England; that this time they nearlyfoiled my mission as they foiled the affair of the studs; tell him thatamong these four men two only are to be feared--D'Artagnan and Athos;tell him that the third, Aramis, is the lover of Madame de Chevreuse--hemay be left alone, we know his secret, and it may be useful; as to thefourth, Porthos, he is a fool, a simpleton, a blustering booby, notworth troubling himself about."


1.  "I beg you to understand, sir, I will go no farther unless youtell me whither you are taking me."
2.  "That is true; but this woman is a friend of Aramis--""I know nothing of that."
3.  She was struck, no doubt, with a superstitious idea; she conceived thatheaven denied its aid, and she remained in the attitude in which she hadfallen, her head drooping and her hands clasped.
4.  "A moment," said Athos; "with your permission, monsieur, I wishto speak a word with my friend."
5.   "You know very well--the wine from the hills of Anjou.""Yes, I know what brand you are talking about."
6.  Thinking of all this, and from time to time giving a touchof the spur to his horse, D'Artagnan completed his shortjourney, and arrived at St. Germain. He had just passed bythe pavilion in which ten years later Louis XIV was born.He rode up a very quiet street, looking to the right and theleft to see if he could catch any vestige of his beautifulEnglishwoman, when from the ground floor of a pretty house,which, according to the fashion of the time, had no windowtoward the street, he saw a face peep out with which hethought he was acquainted. This person walked along theterrace, which was ornamented with flowers. Planchetrecognized him first.


1.  "You were right, my Lord," said Felton, with a tone of profounddisgust which sounded to the very bottom of the heart of Milady,"you were right, my Lord, and I was wrong."
2.  To the lions the martyr be thrown!
3.  A sigh escaped from the mouth of Mme. Bonacieux, and dwelt for aninstant on the lips of D'Artagnan. That sigh was the soul, so chasteand so loving, which reascended to heaven.
4、  "And how do you know there is a young woman whom I love, andthat I believed that woman dead?" asked D'Artagnan."By that letter which my comrade has in his pocket.""You see, then," said D'Artagnan, "that I must have thatletter. So no more delay, no more hesitation; or elsewhatever may be my repugnance to soiling my sword a secondtime with the blood of a wretch like you, I swear by myfaith as an honest man--" and at these words D'Artagnan madeso fierce a gesture that the wounded man sprang up."Stop, stop!" cried he, regaining strength by force ofterror. "I will go--I will go!"
5、  "Yes; by a lackey named Lubin."




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      "That is true," said his antagonists.

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      "No; but since my arrest and the robbery that was committed in myhouse, I am alarmed every time I hear a door open, particularlyin the night. What the deuce can you expect? I am noswordsman."

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       "Well!" cried he, throwing his sword upon the bed, "this man mustbe the devil in person; he has disappeared like a phantom, like a shade, like a specter.""Do you believe in apparitions?" asked Athos of Porthos."I never believe in anything I have not seen, and as I never haveseen apparitions, I don't believe in them."

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    {  "I was not deceived," said he; "here is Monsieur D'Artagnan; and you arehis friends, Messieurs Athos, Porthos, and Aramis."The persons whose names were thus pronounced looked at the stranger withastonishment. It seemed to all three that they knew him."Gentlemen," resumed the newcomer, "you are, as I am, in search of awoman who," added he, with a terrible smile, "must have passed this way,for I see a corpse."

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      "Yes; a certain D'Artagnan, a Bearnese gentleman who left Parisin company with three of his friends, with the intention of goingto London."}

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      "She is capable of anything or everything. Did you ever seeher furious?"

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      "To be sure he does. He causes a disturbance in your hostelry,which respectable people cannot put up with. Go; make out mybill and notify my servant."

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       "We are then reconciled, dear Monsieur Porthos?" said she,simpering.

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    {  D'Artagnan descended by the staircase at which he hadentered, and found Athos and the four Musketeers waiting hisappearance, and beginning to grow uneasy. With a word,D'Artagnan reassured them; and Planchet ran to inform theother sentinels that it was useless to keep guard longer, ashis master had come out safe from the Palais-Cardinal.Returned home with Athos, Aramis and Porthos inquiredeagerly the cause of the strange interview; but D'Artagnanconfined himself to telling them that M. de Richelieu hadsent for him to propose to him to enter into his guards withthe rank of ensign, and that he had refused.

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      "And it is well I can, Chevalier," said Milady, "for do you know what isgoing on here?"