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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, then," said Monte Cristo "you have all the documentswith you?"
2.  "To repeat these signs." Monte Cristo took a paper from hispocket, upon which were drawn three signs, with numbers toindicate the order in which they were to be worked.
3.  "Sir," continued Villefort, "there is something to fearbesides death, old age, and madness. For instance, there isapoplexy -- that lightning-stroke which strikes but does notdestroy you, and yet which brings everything to an end. Youare still yourself as now, and yet you are yourself nolonger; you who, like Ariel, verge on the angelic, are butan inert mass, which, like Caliban, verges on the brutal;and this is called in human tongues, as I tell you, neithermore nor less than apoplexy. Come, if so you will, count,and continue this conversation at my house, any day you maybe willing to see an adversary capable of understanding andanxious to refute you, and I will show you my father, M.Noirtier de Villefort, one of the most fiery Jacobins of theFrench Revolution; that is to say, he had the mostremarkable audacity, seconded by a most powerfulorganization -- a man who has not, perhaps, like yourselfseen all the kingdoms of the earth, but who has helped tooverturn one of the greatest; in fact, a man who believedhimself, like you, one of the envoys, not of God, but of asupreme being; not of providence, but of fate. Well, sir,the rupture of a blood-vessel on the lobe of the brain hasdestroyed all this, not in a day, not in an hour, but in asecond. M. Noirtier, who, on the previous night, was the oldJacobin, the old senator, the old Carbonaro, laughing at theguillotine, the cannon, and the dagger -- M. Noirtier,playing with revolutions -- M. Noirtier, for whom France wasa vast chess-board, from which pawns, rooks, knights, andqueens were to disappear, so that the king was checkmated --M. Noirtier, the redoubtable, was the next morning `poor M.Noirtier,' the helpless old man, at the tender mercies ofthe weakest creature in the household, that is, hisgrandchild, Valentine; a dumb and frozen carcass, in fact,living painlessly on, that time may be given for his frameto decompose without his consciousness of its decay."
4.  "But you tell me, also, that the house of Thomson & Frenchhave constantly denied having rendered you this service?"
5.  "But let it be done explicitly and positively. If he demandsmy daughter let him fix the day -- declare his conditions;in short, let us either understand each other, or quarrel.You understand -- no more delay."
6.  "O doctor!"


1.  "Is there any particular priest you wish to pray withValentine?" asked d'Avrigny.
2.  "What? the daughter of Ali Pasha?"
3.  * "Money and sanctity,Each in a moiety.
4.  "Ah, my dear sir! What? -- after the varied relations I havehad the happiness to sustain towards you, can it be that youknow me so little as to ask such a thing? Ask me to lend youhalf a million and, although such a loan is somewhat rare,on my honor, you would annoy me less! Know, then, what Ithought I had already told you, that in participation inthis world's affairs, more especially in their moralaspects, the Count of Monte Cristo has never ceased toentertain the scruples and even the superstitions of theEast. I, who have a seraglio at Cairo, one at Smyrna, andone at Constantinople, preside at a wedding? -- never!"
5.  "How so?"
6.  "No; but he has a very comfortable one all the same, so theysay."


1.  "Yes; but your father died in your arms, happy, respected,rich, and full of years; his father died poor, despairing,almost doubtful of providence; and when his son sought hisgrave ten years afterwards, his tomb had disappeared, and noone could say, `There sleeps the father you so well loved.'"
2.  "Enough," said Mercedes; "enough, Edmond! Believe me, thatshe who alone recognized you has been the only one tocomprehend you; and had she crossed your path, and you hadcrushed her like glass, still, Edmond, still she must haveadmired you! Like the gulf between me and the past, there isan abyss between you, Edmond, and the rest of mankind; and Itell you freely that the comparison I draw between you andother men will ever be one of my greatest tortures. No,there is nothing in the world to resemble you in worth andgoodness! But we must say farewell, Edmond, and let uspart."
3.  "On Saturday, if you will -- Yes. -- Let me see -- Saturday-- I am to dine at my country house, at Auteuil, on thatday, Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28. Several persons areinvited, and among others, M. Danglars, your banker. I willintroduce you to him, for it will be necessary he shouldknow you, as he is to pay your money."
4.  "Dantes? Did I know poor dear Edmond? Why, Edmond Dantes andmyself were intimate friends!" exclaimed Caderousse, whosecountenance flushed darkly as he caught the penetrating gazeof the abbe fixed on him, while the clear, calm eye of thequestioner seemed to dilate with feverish scrutiny.
5.   "Sire, I have every reason to believe that a storm isbrewing in the south."
6.  At this name a murmur of astonishment passed around thegroup of spectators of this scene. They had talked of no onebut Morcerf the whole day. Albert understood the allusion ina moment, and was about to throw his glove at the count,when Morrel seized his hand, while Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud, fearing the scene would surpass the limitsof a challenge, held him back. But Monte Cristo, withoutrising, and leaning forward in his chair, merely stretchedout his arm and, taking the damp, crushed glove from theclinched hand of the young man, "Sir," said he in a solemntone, "I consider your glove thrown, and will return it toyou wrapped around a bullet. Now leave me or I will summonmy servants to throw you out at the door."


1.  "It is a poor lame post-horse."
2.  "Here," said he, leaning heavily on the arm of Monte Cristo,-- "here is the spot where my father stopped, when thePharaon entered the port; it was here that the good old man,whom you saved from death and dishonor, threw himself intomy arms. I yet feel his warm tears on my face, and his werenot the only tears shed, for many who witnessed our meetingwept also." Monte Cristo gently smiled and said, -- "I wasthere;" at the same time pointing to the corner of a street.As he spoke, and in the very direction he indicated, agroan, expressive of bitter grief, was heard, and a womanwas seen waving her hand to a passenger on board the vesselabout to sail. Monte Cristo looked at her with an emotionthat must have been remarked by Morrel had not his eyes beenfixed on the vessel.
3.  "Perfectly."
4、  "Who is he?"
5、  "Come -- you understand me; but that with" --




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      "We have no time to lose; I will question, and do you answerme." Noirtier made a sign that he was ready to answer. "Didyou anticipate the accident which has happened to yourgranddaughter?"

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      "Oh, no," replied Caderousse, "that I can answer for, youdid not. I only wish I could see it now as plainly as I sawit lying all crushed and crumpled in a corner of the arbor."

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       "Yes, madame," replied Villefort, "it is not only projectedbut arranged."

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      A new source of noise and movement was added to the crowd.The sellers of moccoletti entered on the scene. The moccoli,or moccoletti, are candles which vary in size from thepascal taper to the rushlight, and which give to each actorin the great final scene of the Carnival two very seriousproblems to grapple with, -- first, how to keep his ownmoccoletto alight; and secondly, how to extinguish themoccoletti of others. The moccoletto is like life: man hasfound but one means of transmitting it, and that one comesfrom God. But he has discovered a thousand means of takingit away, and the devil has somewhat aided him. Themoccoletto is kindled by approaching it to a light. But whocan describe the thousand means of extinguishing themoccoletto? -- the gigantic bellows, the monstrousextinguishers, the superhuman fans. Every one hastened topurchase moccoletti -- Franz and Albert among the rest.

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    {  "Ask her," said Morrel, translating Noirtier's thought thistime by his look. The servant went out, but returned almostimmediately. "Mademoiselle Valentine passed through the roomto go to Madame de Villefort's," said he; "and in passing,as she was thirsty, she drank what remained in the glass; asfor the decanter, Master Edward had emptied that to make apond for his ducks." Noirtier raised his eyes to heaven, asa gambler does who stakes his all on one stroke. From thatmoment the old man's eyes were fixed on the door, and didnot quit it.

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      "Why, if my information prove correct, a sort of Bonaparteconspiracy has just been discovered."}

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      "Paid the last debt of nature?"

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      This world was not then so good as Doctor Pangloss believedit, neither was it so wicked as Dantes thought it, sincethis man, who had nothing to expect from his comrade but theinheritance of his share of the prize-money, manifested somuch sorrow when he saw him fall. Fortunately, as we havesaid, Edmond was only wounded, and with certain herbsgathered at certain seasons, and sold to the smugglers bythe old Sardinian women, the wound soon closed. Edmond thenresolved to try Jacopo, and offered him in return for hisattention a share of his prize-money, but Jacopo refused itindignantly.

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    {  "Here are two hundred," said Andrea; and he placed ten goldlouis in the hand of Caderousse.

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      but, like a phosphoric light, they rise but to mislead. Thestory has been told by the Corsican to some priest, who inhis turn has repeated it. M. de Monte Cristo may have heardit, and to enlighten himself -- but why should he wish toenlighten himself upon the subject?" asked Villefort, aftera moment's reflection, "what interest can this M. de MonteCristo or M. Zaccone, -- son of a shipowner of Malta,discoverer of a mine in Thessaly, now visiting Paris for thefirst time, -- what interest, I say, can he take indiscovering a gloomy, mysterious, and useless fact likethis? However, among all the incoherent details given to meby the Abbe Busoni and by Lord Wilmore, by that friend andthat enemy, one thing appears certain and clear in myopinion -- that in no period, in no case, in nocircumstance, could there have been any contact between himand me."