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õijַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Would you mind putting it off a few days?"She shook her head, though for all her distress and his trickeryshe was beginning to notice what she had always felt--histhoughtfulness.

"No--yes; that is, we always have. Our social barometers alwaysstand at 'cloudy' and 'overcast.'"


"What's the matter, George?" asked Taintor. "You look a littleglum. Haven't lost at the track, have you?"

With Mrs. Vance, he saw the new play, and expressed himselfaccordingly.

He felt a little diffident about asking concerning her success.The paper she began to scan attracted his attention.

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"I've got her," said Drouet.<"I'm clear out," he said to Carrie one afternoon. "I paid forsome coal this morning, and that took all but ten or fifteencents."

The troubled state of the man's mind may be judged by the veryconstruction of this letter. For the nonce he forgot what apainful thing it would be to resume his old place, even if itwere given him. He forgot that he had severed himself from thepast as by a sword, and that if he did manage to in some wayreunite himself with it, the jagged line of separation andreunion would always show. He was always forgetting something--his wife, Carrie, his need of money, present situation, orsomething--and so did not reason clearly. Nevertheless, he sentthe letter, waiting a reply before sending the money.

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"Is Mrs. Drouet in?"

He tried to show Carrie that there was no cause for financialalarm, but only congratulation over the chance he would have atthe end of the year by taking her rather more frequently to thetheatre and by providing a liberal table. This was for the timeonly. He was getting in the frame of mind where he wantedprincipally to be alone and to be allowed to think. The diseaseof brooding was beginning to claim him as a victim. Only thenewspapers and his own thoughts were worth while. The delight oflove had again slipped away. It was a case of live, now, makingthe best you can out of a very commonplace station in life.

"It seems to be such a large company," she said, at one place.


"Well, Mrs. Vance," said Carrie.





õijֶٿȫBoostԴױֵߣ𶼴 "I thought you were going to be busy," she remarked, verycarefully. ϸ

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õijְѻбѵǿ ٶȵ5 He looked down at his paper and shook his head negatively. ϸ

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