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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was an old acquaintance, Inspector Morton, of Scotland Yard,dressed in unofficial tweeds.
2.  "Good Lord!" The boxer's sallow face turned a shade whiter."Ikey Sanders has split on us."
3.  "It was just as if they had been given into my hands. There was abit of a haze, and you could not see more than a few hundred yards.I hired a boat for myself, and I pulled after them. I could see theblur of their craft, but they were going nearly as fast as I, and theymust have been a long mile from the shore before I caught them up. Thehaze was like a curtain all round us, and there were we three in themiddle of it. My God, shall I ever forget their faces when they sawwho was in the boat that was closing in upon them? She screamed out.He swore like a madman and jabbed at me with an oar, for he musthave seen death in my eyes. I got past it and got one in with my stickthat crushed his head like an egg. I would have spared her, perhaps,for all my madness, but she threw her arms round him, crying out tohim, and calling him "Alec." I struck again, and she lay stretchedbeside him. I was like a wild beast then that had tasted blood. IfSarah had been there, by the Lord, she should have joined them. Ipulled out my knife, and- well, there! I've said enough. It gave mea kind of savage joy when I thought how Sarah would feel when shehad such sign of what her meddling had brought about. Then I tiedthe bodies into the boat, stove a plank, and stood by until they hadsunk. I knew very well that the owner would think that they had losttheir bearings and had drifted off out to sea. I cleaned myself up,got back to land, and joined my ship without a soul having a suspicionof what had passed. That night I made up the packet for Sarah Cushing,and next day I sent it from Belfast.
4.  "What explanation did she give of having answered the bell whenMr. Phelps rang for the coffee?"
5.  "Thank you!" said Holmes, folding up the paper and returningit to our visitor. "And now you must on no account lose anotherinstant. We cannot spare time even to discuss what you have toldme. You must get home instantly and act."
6.  The interview left Sherlock Holmes very thoughtful, and severaltimes in the next few days I saw him take his slip of paper from hisnotebook and look long and earnestly at the curious figuresinscribed upon it. He made no allusion to the affair, however, untilone afternoon a fortnight or so later. I was going out when hecalled me back.


1.  "I am afraid that I rather give myself away when I explain," saidhe. "Results without causes are much more impressive. You are ready tocome to Birmingham, then?"
2.  "To my surprise, it was a woman who answered the summons, a large,coarse faced, elderly woman, in an apron. She explained that she wasthe commissionaire's wife, who did the charing, and I gave her theorder for the coffee.
3.  "It's all here, Count. The real facts as to the death of old Mrs.Harold, who left you the Blymer estate, which you so rapidly gambledaway."
4.  "That is what you may expect to see when I follow you. You spent arestless night at your cottage, and you formed certain plans, which inthe early morning you proceeded to put into execution. Leaving yourdoor just as day was breaking, you filled your pocket with somereddish gravel that was lying heaped beside your gate."Sterndale gave a violent start and looked at Holmes in amazement."You then walked swiftly for the mile which separated you from thevicarage. You were wearing, I may remark, the same pair of ribbedtennis shoes which are at the present moment upon your feet. At thevicarage you passed through the orchard and the side hedge, coming outunder the window of the lodger Tregennis. It was now daylight, but thehousehold was not yet stirring. You drew some of the gravel fromyour pocket, and you threw it up at the window above you."Sterndale sprang to his feet.
5.  Such was the problem which my visitor laid before me. Itpresented, as the astute reader will have already perceived, fewdifficulties in its solution, for a very limited choice ofalternatives must get to the root of the matter. Still, elementaryas it was, there were points of interest and novelty about it whichmay excuse my placing it upon record. I now proceeded, using myfamiliar method of logical analysis, to narrow down the possiblesolutions.
6.  "How very absurd! I never noticed that before."


1.  "So I should say. It will be our fault if we are not there toreceive him. Meanwhile, let me see the inside of the cabin."The traces of the tragedy had been removed, but the furniture withinthe little room still stood as it had been on the night of thecrime. For two hours, with most intense concentration, Holmes examinedevery object in turn, but his face showed that his quest was not asuccessful one. Once only he paused in his patient investigation."Have you taken anything off this shelf, Hopkins?"
2.  "This, I fancy, is the time for our exit, Watson," said Holmes ina whisper. "If you will take one elbow of the too faithful Dolores,I will take the other. There, now," he added as he closed the doorbehind him, "I think we may leave them to settle the rest amongthemselves."
3.  "In reaching the door he would have to pass seven bedrooms. On theother hand, he could get out on to the lawn with case. Anything else?""You do not think," asked Phelps, "that he had any murderousintention? The knife was only meant as a tool."
4.  "Then, Watson, we will postpone our breakfast. Mr. Roundhay, weare entirely at your disposal. Hurry- hurry, before things getdisarranged."
5.   "There was this tobacco-pouch upon the table."
6.  "These theories take no account of the telegram."


1.  "What, you're on his track?"
2.  "That is unusual in a young girl."
3.  With a grave face he lit the lamp and led the way down the corridor.Twice he struck at the chamber door without any reply from within.Then he turned the handle and entered, I at his heels, with the cockedpistol in my hand.
4、  "You may place considerable confidence in Mr. Holmes, sir,"said the police agent loftily. "He has his own little methods,which are, if he won't mind my saying so, just a little tootheoretical and fantastic, but he has the makings of a detectivein him. It is not too much to say that once or twice, as in thatbusiness of the Sholto murder and the Agra treasure, he has beenmore nearly correct than the official force."
5、  "I will conceal nothing from you. I agree with you that completefrankness, however painful it may be to me, is the best policy in thisdesperate situation to which James's folly and jealousy have reducedus. When I was a very young man, Mr. Holmes, I loved with such alove as comes only once in a lifetime. I offered the lady marriage,but she refused it on the grounds that such a match might mar mycareer. Had she lived, I would certainly never have married anyoneelse. She died, and left this one child, whom for her sake I havecherished and cared for. I could not acknowledge the paternity tothe world, but I gave him the best of educations, and since he came tomanhood I have kept him near my person. He surprised my secret, andhas presumed ever since upon the claim which he has upon me, andupon his power of provoking a scandal which would be abhorrent tome. His presence had something to do with the unhappy issue of mymarriage. Above all, he hated my young legitimate heir from thefirst with a persistent hatred. You may well ask me why, under thesecircumstances, I still kept James under my roof. I answer that itwas because I could see his mother's face in his, and that for herdear sake there was no end to my long-suffering. All her pretty waystoo- there was not one of them which he could not suggest and bringback to my memory. I could not send him away. But I feared so muchlest he should do Arthur- that is, Lord Saltire- a mischief, that Idispatched him for safety to Dr. Huxtable's school.




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      "I think," said he, "that we shall be of more use in London thanin Norbury."

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      Count Sylvius lay back in his chair with an evil smile."Upon my word!" said he.

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       "Have you had something to eat? Then join me in a coffee andcuracao. Try one of the proprietor's cigars. They are less poisonousthan one would expect. Have you the tools?"

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      "You will be in such a false position."

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    {  "At the point where the path passes through the gate, you couldsurely pick up the tracks?"

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      Ferguson gave a gesture of relief.}

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      "'Jack,' said she, 'when you took my money you said that if ever Iwanted any I was to ask you for it.'

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      He had hardly shut the door behind him when Holmes rose to put onhis overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says aboutoutdoor work," he remarked, "so I think, Watson, that I must leave youto your papers for a little."

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       "How long I remained unconscious I cannot tell. It must have beena very long time, for the moon had sunk, and a bright morning wasbreaking when I came to myself. My clothes were all sodden with dew,and my coat-sleeve was drenched with blood from my wounded thumb.The smarting of it recalled in an instant all the particulars of mynight's adventure, and I sprang to my feet with the feeling that Imight hardly yet be safe from my pursuers. But to my astonishment,when I came to look round me, neither house nor garden were to beseen. I had been lying in an angle of the hedge close by the highroad,and just a little lower down was a long building, which proved, uponmy approaching it, to be the very station at which I had arrivedupon the previous night. Were it not for the ugly wound upon myhand, all that had passed during those dreadful hours might havebeen an evil dream.

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    {  "No, sir; I had a telegram."

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      "Come at once without fail. Can give you information as to yourrecent loss.