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yabobet apk【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Why, of course I shall go if you look at it in that way," saidhe. "On the face of it, it seems absurd to suppose that this parsonknows anything, but if you think-"   "Well, why did they want him to do it? Not as a business matter, forthese arrangements are usually verbal, and there was no earthlybusiness reason why this should be an exception. Don't you see, myyoung friend, that they were very anxious to obtain a specimen of yourhandwriting, and had no other way of doing it?'

    by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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   "Here are paper and pen. Sit at this desk and write to my dictation.Direct the envelope to the address given. That is right. Now theletter:

    "What explanation did she give of having answered the bell whenMr. Phelps rang for the coffee?"

    There was something that touched me as I read this letter, somethingpitiable in the reiterated appeals to bring Holmes. So moved was Ithat even had it been a difficult matter I should have tried it, butof course I knew well that Holmes loved his art, so that he was everas ready to bring his aid as his client could be to receive it. Mywife agreed with me that not a moment should be lost in laying thematter before him, and so within an hour of breakfast-time I foundmyself back once more in the old rooms in Baker Street.Holmes was seated at his side-table clad in his dressing-gown andworking hard over a chemical investigation. A large curved retortwas boiling furiously in the bluish flame of a Bunsen burner, andthe distilled drops were condensing into a two-litre measure. Myfriend hardly glanced up as I entered, and I, seeing that hisinvestigation must be of importance, seated myself in an armchairand waited. He dipped into this bottle or that, drawing out a fewdrops of each with his glass pipette, and finally brought thetest-tube containing a solution over to the table. In his right handhe held a slip of litmus-paper.

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   "I'll show you first how it was done, and then I will give theexplanation which is due to you, and even more to my long-sufferingfriend here, who has been invaluable throughout. But, first, I wouldgive you an insight into this man's mentality. It is a very unusualone- so much so that I think his destination is more likely to beBroadmoor than the scaffold. He has, to a high degree, the sort ofmind which one associates with the mediaeval Italian nature ratherthan with the modern Briton. He was a miserable miser who made hiswife so wretched by his niggardly ways that she was a ready prey forany adventurer. Such a one came upon the scene in the person of thischess-playing doctor. Amberley excelled at chess- one mark, Watson, ofa scheming mind. Like all misers, he was a jealous man, and hisjealousy became a frantic mania. Rightly or wrongly, he suspected anintrigue. He determined to have his revenge, and he planned it withdiabolical cleverness. Come here!"<  Yours with high esteem,

    It was a very long street of two-story brick houses, neat andprim, with whitened stone steps, and little groups of aproned womengossiping at the doors. Halfway down, Lestrade stopped and tapped at adoor, which was opened by a small servant girl. Miss Cushing wassitting in the front room, into which we were ushered. She was aplacid-faced woman, with large, gentle eyes, and grizzled hair curvingdown over her temples on each side. A worked antimacassar lay upon herlap and a basket of coloured silks stood upon a stool beside her."They are in the outhouse, those dreadful things," said she asLestrade entered. I wish that you would take them away altogether.""So I shall, Miss Cushing. I only kept them here until my friend,Mr. Holmes, should have seen them in your presence."

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   Holmes's cross-examination was interrupted by an imperative knockingat the door. No sooner had our client unlatched it than the Americanlawyer burst excitedly into the room.

    "And who set him on to it?"

<  What Sherlock Holmes was about to suggest will never be known, forat this moment the door opened and a young lady was shown into theroom. As she appeared Mr. Bennett sprang up with a cry and ran forwardwith his hands out to meet those which she had herself outstretched."Edith, dear! Nothing the matter, I hope?"   "'Yes, sir.'

    "The Royal Munsters is, as you know, one of the most famous Irishregiments in the British Army. It did wonders both in the Crimea andthe Mutiny, and has since that time distinguished itself upon everypossible occasion. It was commanded up to Monday night by JamesBarclay, a gallant veteran, who started as a full private, wasraised to commissioned rank for his bravery at the time of the Mutiny,and so lived to command the regiment in which he had once carried amusket.

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<  A smart maid, the only modern thing which we had seen in thehouse, had brought in some tea. As she was serving it the dooropened and a youth entered the room. He was a remarkable lad,pale-faced and fair-haired, with excitable light blue eyes whichblazed into a sudden flame of emotion and joy as they rested uponhis father. He rushed forward and threw his arms round his neck withthe abandon of a loving girl.   "Look at this map. This dark square is the Priory School. I'll put apin in it. Now, this line is the main road. You see that it runseast and west past the school, and you see also that there is noside road for a mile either way. If these two folk passed away byroad, it was this road." (See illustration.)

    "You have not been here before last night?"

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