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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Thus, after a few more preliminaries, this visiting acquaintancewas well launched, and in the young Mrs. Vance Carrie found anagreeable companion.
2.  "What hotel did you manage?" he inquired.
3.  Hurstwood pretended not to see him. He kept his eyes straight onbefore and opened the lever wide. The voice had somethingappealing in it.
4.  The latter made progress along Thirteenth and across FourteenthStreet to Union Square.
5.  "How do you know?" questioned Drouet reflectively.
6.  Miss Osborne took it for granted that, like herself, Carrie'stime was her own. She invariably asked her to stay, proposinglittle outings and other things of that sort until Carrie beganneglecting her dinner hours. Hurstwood noticed it, but felt inno position to quarrel with her. Several times she came so lateas scarcely to have an hour in which to patch up a meal and startfor the theatre.


1.  Suddenly he looked up.
2.  "Well, you know, I saw your picture in the Sunday paper, but yourname threw me off. I thought it must be you or somebody thatlooked just like you, and I said: 'Well, now, I will go rightdown there and see.' I was never more surprised in my life. Howare you, anyway?"
3.  "I don't know," said Carrie vaguely--a flash vision of thepossibility of her not securing employment rising in her mind.
4.  The barkeeper was setting out the glasses and bottle before them,and they now poured out the draught as they talked, Drouetfilling his to within a third of full, as was considered proper,and Hurstwood taking the barest suggestion of whiskey andmodifying it with seltzer.
5.  Chapter VIII
6.  Carrie felt this question to be an infringement on her liberty.She did not take into account how much liberty she was securing.Only the latest step, the newest freedom, must not be questioned.


1.  Carrie looked at her gratefully. "I guess I will," she said.
2.  "Oh," she was about to exclaim, but checked herself and allowedher thoughts to die without expression.
3.  "I think I could break away from this fellow inside of a year,"said Hurstwood. "Nothing will ever come of this arrangement asit's going on now."
4.  "Of course," she said, smiling; "did you think I wouldn't?"
5.   "What are your rates?" she inquired.
6.  "If we didn't you'd get your money back."


1.  "Supposing, then, you just sign this."
2.  Hurstwood thought he saw a shade of compliance in this. Heredoubled his ardour.
3.  The figure of Hurstwood was rather surprising in contrast to thefact.
4、  On this particular occasion Hurstwood wished to leave early.
5、  "How about this ad of yours?" asked Hurstwood, who ratherobjected to the looks of the place.




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      "Are you?" said her mother.

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      One of the galling incidents of this visit was that he came backon a Randolph Street car, and without noticing arrived almostopposite the building of the concern with which his son wasconnected. This sent a pang through his heart. He had called onhis boy there several times. Now the lad had not sent him aword. His absence did not seem to be noticed by either of hischildren. Well, well, fortune plays a man queer tricks. He gotback to his office and joined in a conversation with friends. Itwas as if idle chatter deadened the sense of misery.

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       "Well, it seems strange to see you way up here," said Mr. Kennygenially. "Stopping here?"

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      "I don't know what I'm going to do about clothes," she said oneevening when they were together. "I need a hat."

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    {  In all of Carrie's actions there was a touch of misgiving. Thedeeper she sank into the entanglement, the more she imagined thatthe thing hung upon the few remaining things she had not done.Since she had not done these, there was a way out.

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      At last, the chief comedian, singing in the centre of the stage,noticed a giggle where it was not expected. Then another andanother. When the place came for loud applause it was onlymoderate. What could be the trouble? He realised that somethingwas up.}

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      "Have you been in others?" asked Carrie, surprised at herexperience.

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      Hurstwood heard it, but tried to make no comment, even tohimself. He knew he would get that, and much more of the samesort, probably.

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       At this there was a slight halt in the natural reply. Thoughtsare a strangely permeating factor. At her suggestion of going tothe theatre, the unspoken shade of disapproval to the doing ofthose things which involved the expenditure of money--shades offeeling which arose in the mind of Hanson and then in Minnie--slightly affected the atmosphere of the table. Minnie answered"yes," but Carrie could feel that going to the theatre was poorlyadvocated here. The subject was put off for a little while untilHanson, through with his meal, took his paper and went into thefront room.

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    {  But now see wherein the parallel changes. A fortune, like a man,is an organism which draws to itself other minds and otherstrength than that inherent in the founder. Beside the youngminds drawn to it by salaries, it becomes allied with youngforces, which make for its existence even when the strength andwisdom of the founder are fading. It may be conserved by thegrowth of a community or of a state. It may be involved inproviding something for which there is a growing demand. Thisremoves it at once beyond the special care of the founder. Itneeds not so much foresight now as direction. The man wanes, theneed continues or grows, and the fortune, fallen into whose handsit may, continues. Hence, some men never recognise the turningin the tide of their abilities. It is only in chance cases,where a fortune or a state of success is wrested from them, thatthe lack of ability to do as they did formerly becomes apparent.Hurstwood, set down under new conditions, was in a position tosee that he was no longer young. If he did not, it was duewholly to the fact that his state was so well balanced that anabsolute change for the worse did not show.

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      "That's So-and-so over there," was a common remark of thesegentlemen among themselves, particularly among those who had notyet reached, but hoped to do so, the dazzling height which moneyto dine here lavishly represented.