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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And that name of a town or village is written in her hand!" criedAthos.
2.  "So," said the cardinal, in a tone that contrasted strongly with theseverity of his words, "you have constituted yourselves judges, withoutremembering that they who punish without license to punish areassassins?"
3.  "And she is not to be despised, in my opinion."
4.  "No; but you can place me in one of the provinces with somelady of your acquaintance--in your own country, forinstance."
5.  "I am sorry for that," said D'Artagnan; "for as I am in greathaste likewise, I wish to beg you to render me a service.""What?"
6.  "And who?" asked M. de Treville.


1.  Nevertheless, whether the passengers were really touched by theurbanity of Planchet or whether this time nobody was posted onthe young man's road, our two travelers arrived at Chantillywithout any accident, and alighted at the tavern of Great St.Martin, the same at which they had stopped on their firstjourney.
2.  The two men in black, who guessed D'Artagnan's meaning, darted athim a glance which might have been thought threatening; butD'Artagnan took no heed of it.
3.  To come in the capacity of a cousin, and seat himself everyday at a good table; to smooth the yellow, wrinkled brow ofthe old procurator; to pluck the clerks a little by teachingthem BASSETTE, PASSE-DIX, and LANSQUENET, in their utmostnicety, and winning from them, by way of fee for the lessonhe would give them in an hour, their savings of a month--allthis was enormously delightful to Porthos.
4.  "That's impossible," said the gentleman; "I have traveled sixtyleagues in forty hours, and by tomorrow at midday I must be inLondon."
5.  "Madame Coquenard, I gave you the preference. I had but to writeto the Duchesse--but I won't repeat her name, for I am incapableof compromising a woman; but this I know, that I had but to writeto her and she would have sent me fifteen hundred."The procurator's wife shed a tear.
6.  It was, then, Richelieu's object, not only to get rid of anenemy of France, but to avenge himself on a rival; but thisvengeance must be grand and striking and worthy in every wayof a man who held in his hand, as his weapon for combat, theforces of a kingdom.


1.  "Afraid of being heard! Why, there is nothing improper in ourconversation, my dear Planchet, and no one could find fault withit."
2.  "You have asked for me?" said the Musketeer.
3.  The young man pressed her to his heart.
4.  "How could I know what I was the bearer of?"
5.   "Listen, Felton," resumed Milady, "for by the side of base andcontemptible men there are often found great and generousnatures. I had an affianced husband, a man whom I loved, and wholoved me--a heart like yours, Felton, a man like you. I went tohim and told him all; he knew me, that man did, and did not doubtan instant. He was a nobleman, a man equal to Buckingham inevery respect. He said nothing; he only girded on his sword,wrapped himself in his cloak, and went straight to BuckinghamPalace.
6.  "I have his letters," said she.


1.  Three times Athos knocked without receiving an answer. At the thirdknock, however, steps were heard inside. The door at length was opened,and a man appeared, of high stature, pale complexion, and black hair andbeard.
2.  Felton took advantage of this moment, and plunged the knife into hisside up to the handle.
3.  "How much did the Jew say he would give for the sapphire ifbe purchased it?" said Athos.
4、  "You jest!" said she, in a hollow voice.
5、  "Be silent, madame," cried Felton, "and do not speak to me thus;I came to entreat you to promise me upon your honor, to swear tome by what you hold most sacred, that you will make no attemptupon your life."




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      "And we are going to be recompensed for our diligence?" continuedthe mercer, with a trifling alteration in his voice--so trifling,indeed, that D'Artagnan did not perceive it any more than he hadthe momentary shade which, an instant before, had darkened thecountenance of the worthy man.

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      This greatness of spirit in a man who was quite destitutestruck even Porthos; and this French generosity, repeated byLord de Winter and his friend, was highly applauded, exceptby MM. Grimaud, Bazin, Mousqueton and Planchet.

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       The superior of the convent of Bethune will place in the hands of theperson who shall present this note to her the novice who entered theconvent upon my recommendation and under my patronage.ANNE

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      "Oh, no, monsieur; but out of the regard I have for you, Ihave taken the resolution to tell you so."

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    {  All at once the captain stopped, as if struck by a suddensuspicion. This great hatred which the young traveler manifestedso loudly for this man, who--a rather improbable thing--hadstolen his father's letter from him--was there not some perfidyconcealed under this hatred? Might not this young man be sent byhis Eminence? Might he not have come for the purpose of laying asnare for him? This pretended D'Artagnan--was he not an emissaryof the cardinal, whom the cardinal sought to introduce intoTreville's house, to place near him, to win his confidence, andafterward to ruin him as had been done in a thousand otherinstances? He fixed his eyes upon D'Artagnan even more earnestlythan before. He was moderately reassured however, by the aspectof that countenance, full of astute intelligence and affectedhumility. "I know he is a Gascon," reflected he, "but he may beone for the cardinal was well as for me. Let us try him.""My friend," said he, slowly, "I wish, as the son of an ancientfriend--for I consider this story of the lost letter perfectlytrue--I wish, I say, in order to repair the coldness you may haveremarked in my reception of you, to discover to you the secretsof our policy. The king and the cardinal are the best offriends; their apparent bickerings are only feints to deceivefools. I am not willing that a compatriot, a handsome cavalier,a brave youth, quite fit to make his way, should become the dupeof all these artifices and fall into the snare after the exampleof so many others who have been ruined by it. Be assured that Iam devoted to both these all-powerful masters, and that myearnest endeavors have no other aim than the service of the king,and also the cardinal--one of the most illustrious geniuses thatFrance has ever produced.

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      "But I must write."}

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      He then returned to the captain, said a few words to him, and asif from that moment the vessel was under his command, he ordereda maneuver which the crew executed immediately. Then the vesselresumed its course, still escorted by the little cutter, whichsailed side by side with it, menacing it with the mouths of itssix cannon. The boat followed in the wake of the ship, a specknear the enormous mass.

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      "No, to the cardinal."

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       "What could they take from me? I have not a penny about me.""You forget that beautiful handkerchief with the coat of arms.""Which?"

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    {  It was, then, into the midst of this tumult and disorder that ouryoung man advanced with a beating heat, ranging his long rapierup his lanky leg, and keeping one hand on the edge of his cap,with that half-smile of the embarrassed a provincial who wishesto put on a good face. When he had passed one group he began tobreathe more freely; but he could not help observing that theyturned round to look at him, and for the first time in his lifeD'Artagnan, who had till that day entertained a very good opinionof himself, felt ridiculous.

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      Without a blush, men made their way in the world by the means ofwomen blushing. Such as were only beautiful gave their beauty,whence, without doubt, comes the proverb, "The most beautifulgirl in the world can only give what she has." Such as were richgave in addition a part of their money; and a vast number ofheroes of that gallant period may be cited who would neither havewon their spurs in the first place, nor their battles afterward,without the purse, more or less furnished, which their mistressfastened to the saddle bow.