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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes; but it is not a horse for hard work."
2.  "Ah! You have heard what I said? So much the better, Duke, somuch the better," said the king, advancing toward the door. "Ah!It is you, Treville. Where are your Musketeers? I told you theday before yesterday to bring them with you; why have you notdone so?"
3.  But at the moment Mousqueton came to announce that the horseswere ready, and they were arising from table, the strangerproposed to Porthos to drink the health of the cardinal. Porthosreplied that he asked no better if the stranger, in his turn,would drink the health of the king. The stranger cried that heacknowledged no other king but his Eminence. Porthos called himdrunk, and the stranger drew his sword.
4.  "Oh, today, I am no further than gratitude."
5.  "Now," said she, "listen to me."
6.  "Yes, sire."


1.  "Thus I have told your Eminence that you had but to question us,and we are ready to reply."
2.  "Here they are, monseigneur."
3.  D'Artagnan saluted M. de Treville, who held out his hand to him;D'Artagnan pressed it with a respect mixed with gratitude. Sincehis first arrival at Paris, he had had constant occasion to honorthis excellent man, whom he had always found worthy, loyal, andgreat.
4.  "PERHAPS is too much," said D'Artagnan, smiling.
5.  Richelieu
6.  A man, enveloped in a cloak, came out immediately, andexchanged some rapid words with the cardinal; after which hemounted his horse, and set off in the direction of Surgeres,which was likewise the way to Paris.


1.  Meantime D'Artagnan had thrown himself upon the othersoldier, attacking him with his sword. The conflict was notlong; the wretch had nothing to defend himself with but hisdischarged arquebus. The sword of the Guardsman slippedalong the barrel of the now-useless weapon, and passedthrough the thigh of the assassin, who fell.
2.  The court of his hotel, situated in the Rue du Vieux-Colombier,resembled a camp from by six o'clock in the morning in summer andeight o'clock in winter. From fifty to sixty Musketeers, whoappeared to replace one another in order always to present animposing number, paraded constantly, armed to the teeth and readyfor anything. On one of those immense staircases, upon whosespace modern civilization would build a whole house. Ascended anddescended the office seekers of Paris, who ran after any sort offavor--gentlemen from the provinces anxious to be enrolled, andservants in all sorts of liveries, bringing and carrying messagesbetween their masters and M. de Treville. In the antechamber,upon long circular benches, reposed the elect; that is to say,those who were called. In this apartment a continued buzzingprevailed from morning till night, while M. de Treville, in hisoffice contiguous to this antechamber, received visits, listenedto complaints, gave his orders, and like the king in his balconyat the Louvre, had only to place himself at the window to reviewboth his men and arms.
3.  "Shall I give you the change, my officer?" said the host."No, only add two bottles of champagne, and the differencewill be for the napkins."
4.  "The third, then, fell from the clouds, I suppose?""No, the third was brought to me this very morning by agroom out of livery, who would not tell me in whose servicehe was, and who said he had received orders from hismaster."
5.   At the sight of his friend, Porthos uttered a loud cry of joy;and Mousqueton, rising respectfully, yielded his place to him,and went to give an eye to the two stewpans, of which he appearedto have the particular inspection.
6.  "And I about ten pistoles," said Aramis.


1.  "But," continued Aramis, "the details escape me.""And me also," said Porthos.
2.  "How much in that little bag?"
3.  "His Eminence is not his holiness, sire."
4、  If to God your tears are shed,
5、  The mendicant continued to rip his garments; and drew fromamid his rags a hundred and fifty Spanish double pistoles,which he laid down on the table; then he opened the door,bowed, and went out before the young man, stupefied by hisletter, had ventured to address a word to him.




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      "I do not believe you," cried the soldier, and he expiredamid horrible tortures.

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      "What you know?"

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       "Madame, those men were more dangerous than any robbers couldhave been, for they are the agents of the cardinal; and as toyour husband, Monsieur Bonacieux, he is not here because he wasyesterday evening conducted to the Bastille."

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      But scarcely were they out of the room before they were madeaware of the cause of this noise. Cries of "Live the king!Live the cardinal!" resounded on every side, and the drumswere beaten in all directions.

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    {  "You have cut her to the heart."

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      "Did you ask for me, my good friend?" said M. de Treville.'Yes, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, lowering his voice, "than thehonor, perhaps the life of the queen."}

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      "I left it where I found it, monsieur. It is not natural forletters to enter people's houses in this manner. If the windowhad been open or even ajar, I should think nothing of it; but,no--all was hermetically sealed. Beware, monsieur; there iscertainly some magic underneath."

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      "To the sloop," said Felton, "and row quickly."

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       The king looked at the cardinal.

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    {  "Monsieur Porthos," said she, "I can assure you that you haveseverely punished me; and if in the time to come you should findyourself in a similar situation, you have but to apply to me.""Fie, madame, fie!" said Porthos, as if disgusted. "Let us nottalk about money, if you please; it is humiliating.""Then you no longer love me!" said the procurator's wife, slowlyand sadly.

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      "Upon the Gospel," said D'Artagnan, throwing himself down bythe dying man, "I swear to you that the wine was poisonedand that I was going to drink of it as you did."