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银河国际网上平台网址【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "I don't know," said Carrie vaguely--a flash vision of thepossibility of her not securing employment rising in her mind.   There was something in the way he said this which aroused her inan instant.

    In the central portion was the vast wholesale and shoppingdistrict, to which the uninformed seeker for work usuallydrifted. It was a characteristic of Chicago then, and one notgenerally shared by other cities, that individual firms of anypretension occupied individual buildings. The presence of ampleground made this possible. It gave an imposing appearance tomost of the wholesale houses, whose offices were upon the groundfloor and in plain view of the street. The large plates ofwindow glass, now so common, were then rapidly coming into use,and gave to the ground floor offices a distinguished andprosperous look. The casual wanderer could see as he passed apolished array of office fixtures, much frosted glass, clerkshard at work, and genteel businessmen in "nobby" suits and cleanlinen lounging about or sitting in groups. Polished brass ornickel signs at the square stone entrances announced the firm andthe nature of the business in rather neat and reserved terms.The entire metropolitan centre possessed a high and mighty aircalculated to overawe and abash the common applicant, and to makethe gulf between poverty and success seem both wide and deep.

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   "That fellow at the door there didn't want to let me in, until Ipaid him. I knew it was you, all right. Say, you've got a greatshow. You do your part fine. I knew you would. I just happenedto be passing to night and thought I'd drop in for a few minutes.I saw your name on the programme, but I didn't remember it untilyou came on the stage. Then it struck me all at once. Say, youcould have knocked me down with a feather. That's the same nameyou used out there in Chicago, isn't it?"

    "Not very."

    "Could you get me a part if I paid?"

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   On her spiritual side, also, she was rich in feeling, as such anature well might be. Sorrow in her was aroused by many aspectacle--an uncritical upwelling of grief for the weak and thehelpless. She was constantly pained by the sight of the white-faced, ragged men who slopped desperately by her in a sort ofwretched mental stupor. The poorly clad girls who went blowingby her window evenings, hurrying home from some of the shops ofthe West Side, she pitied from the depths of her heart. Shewould stand and bite her lips as they passed, shaking her littlehead and wondering. They had so little, she thought. It was sosad to be ragged and poor. The hang of faded clothes pained hereyes.<  "Well, I don't know," said Carrie, smiling.

    "Our lease expires when?" asked Hurstwood, thinking. "NextFebruary, isn't it?"

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   "Then why don't you say so, and let the girl put away the things,instead of keeping her waiting all morning?"

    "I think I can do this."

<  "'Under the Gaslight.'"   The next act, however, settled what was to be done. Carrie wasthe chief feature of the play. The audience, the more it studiedher, the more it indicated its delight. Every other featurepaled beside the quaint, teasing, delightful atmosphere whichCarrie contributed while on the stage. Manager and companyrealised she had made a hit.

    Then came a week in which the first fruits of success wereoffered to her lips--bowl after bowl. It did not matter that hersplendid salary had not begun. The world seemed satisfied withthe promise. She began to get letters and cards. A Mr. Withers--whom she did not know from Adam--having learned by some hook orcrook where she resided, bowed himself politely in.


<  Suddenly, he found that the money was still in his hands. Therewere twenty dollars in all, as she had said. Now he walked back,leaving the lights ablaze, and feeling as if the flat were empty.   "Good-bye, Minnie," it read. "I'm not going home. I'm going tostay in Chicago a little while and look for work. Don't worry.I'll be all right."

    "As mother felt in her pocket for some change, her fingerstouched a cold and trembling hand which had clutched her purse."





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