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ȫƹַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"I am at your service, madame," replied Lucien coldly.It was about six o'clock in the evening; an opal-coloredlight, through which an autumnal sun shed its golden rays,descended on the blue ocean. The heat of the day hadgradually decreased, and a light breeze arose, seeming likethe respiration of nature on awakening from the burningsiesta of the south. A delicious zephyr played along thecoasts of the Mediterranean, and wafted from shore to shorethe sweet perfume of plants, mingled with the fresh smell ofthe sea.

"That is altogether a different and more serious matter,"responded the abbe. "The ways of justice are frequently toodark and mysterious to be easily penetrated. All we havehitherto done in the matter has been child's play. If youwish me to enter upon the more difficult part of thebusiness, you must assist me by the most minute informationon every point."


As for Monte Cristo, after this ebullition he closed hiseyes as if dazzled by internal light. In a moment herestrained himself so powerfully that the tempestuousheaving of his breast subsided, as turbulent and foamingwaves yield to the sun's genial influence when the cloud haspassed. This silence, self-control, and struggle lastedabout twenty seconds, then the count raised his pallid face."See," said he, "my dear friend, how God punishes the mostthoughtless and unfeeling men for their indifference, bypresenting dreadful scenes to their view. I, who was lookingon, an eager and curious spectator, -- I, who was watchingthe working of this mournful tragedy, -- I, who like awicked angel was laughing at the evil men committedprotected by secrecy (a secret is easily kept by the richand powerful), I am in my turn bitten by the serpent whosetortuous course I was watching, and bitten to the heart!"

"Oh, I am sure of it; we talked of you an hour after youleft us the other day. But to return to what we were saying.If my mother could know of this attention on your part --and I will venture to tell her -- I am sure that she will bemost grateful to you; it is true that my father will beequally angry." The count laughed. "Well," said he toMorcerf, "but I think your father will not be the only angryone; M. and Madame Danglars will think me a veryill-mannered person. They know that I am intimate with you-- that you are, in fact; one of the oldest of my Parisianacquaintances -- and they will not find you at my house;they will certainly ask me why I did not invite you. Be sureto provide yourself with some previous engagement whichshall have a semblance of probability, and communicate thefact to me by a line in writing. You know that with bankersnothing but a written document will be valid."

"Your age?" repeated the president.

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"I will profit by them to tell you something about myguest."<"Here is my passport; examine the visa -- Geneva, Milan,Venice, Trieste, Delvino, Yanina. Will you believe thegovernment of a republic, a kingdom, and an empire?" Albertcast his eyes on the passport, then raised them inastonishment to Beauchamp. "You have been to Yanina?" saidhe.


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"Then," murmured Louis, "he was well informed. And how manymen had he with him?"

"Permit me to remind you that you are not in the Chamber, mydear Viscount."

<"Oh dear, yes, sir; the abbe's dungeon was forty or fiftyfeet distant from that of one of Bonaparte's emissaries, --one of those who had contributed the most to the return ofthe usurper in 1815, -- a very resolute and very dangerousman."Chapter 8The Chateau D'If.

"On the ground-floor, dining-room, two drawing-rooms,billiard-room, staircase in the hall, and a little backstaircase."


<"I will hasten," replied Franz.The owner did not wait for a second invitation. He seized arope which Dantes flung to him, and with an activity thatwould have done credit to a sailor, climbed up the side ofthe ship, while the young man, going to his task, left theconversation to Danglars, who now came towards the owner. Hewas a man of twenty-five or twenty-six years of age, ofunprepossessing countenance, obsequious to his superiors,insolent to his subordinates; and this, in addition to hisposition as responsible agent on board, which is alwaysobnoxious to the sailors, made him as much disliked by thecrew as Edmond Dantes was beloved by them.

"On the contrary," returned Gaetano, "the chief, who wastold you were a young Frenchman, invites you to sup withhim."





ȫƹӭع "And he acknowledges fifteen or twenty millions," saidAndrea with a look sparkling with joy. ϸ

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ȫƹ2͹״Ⱦȷﲡ ۼȷ11 "But has he any enemies?" ϸ

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