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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Now," continued Faria, addressing Dantes with an almostpaternal expression, "now, my dear fellow, you know as muchas I do myself. If we ever escape together, half thistreasure is yours; if I die here, and you escape alone, thewhole belongs to you."
2.  The journey was performed with that marvellous rapiditywhich the unlimited power of the count ever commanded. Townsfled from them like shadows on their path, and trees shakenby the first winds of autumn seemed like giants madlyrushing on to meet them, and retreating as rapidly when oncereached. The following morning they arrived at Chalons,where the count's steamboat waited for them. Without theloss of an instant, the carriage was placed on board and thetwo travellers embarked without delay. The boat was builtfor speed; her two paddle-wheels were like two wings withwhich she skimmed the water like a bird. Morrel was notinsensible to that sensation of delight which is generallyexperienced in passing rapidly through the air, and the windwhich occasionally raised the hair from his forehead seemedon the point of dispelling momentarily the clouds collectedthere.
3.  "Yes, sir; and, as he said, it was an ancient name. He was,too, very learned, and rational enough on all points whichdid not relate to his treasure; but on that, indeed, he wasintractable."
4.  "Ah," murmured Caderousse, "what a strange priest you are;you drive the dying to despair, instead of consoling them."
5.  Caderousse quickly performed the stranger's bidding; andafter pouring some into a glass, and slowly swallowing itscontents, the abbe, resuming his usual placidity of manner,said, as he placed his empty glass on the table, -- "Wheredid we leave off?"
6.  "I went, of course, to the chief banker of the town to makeinquiries. At the first word, before I had even mentionedyour father's name" --


1.  "That tells me their name, and nothing else."
2.  "Ah, I know," said she, lowering her voice and going closeto the old man. "They have been speaking of my marriage, --have they not?"
3.  "To the beautiful Greek."
4.  A quarter of an hour afterwards the postilion, having beenput in the right road, passed with a crack of his whipthrough the gateway of the Barriere Saint-Martin. "Ah," saidLouise, breathing freely, "here we are out of Paris."
5.  "Dearest," exclaimed Valentine, with her adorable smile,"awake, and look at me!" Morrel uttered a loud exclamation,and frantic, doubtful, dazzled, as though by a celestialvision, he fell upon his knees.
6.  "Yes, my lord," answered the man.


1.  By a rapid movement, which the gendarme's practiced eye hadperceived, Dantes sprang forward to precipitate himself intothe sea; but four vigorous arms seized him as his feetquitted the bottom of the boat. He fell back cursing withrage.
2.  "I had it."
3.  "I am going to have the honor of taking my leave of you,mademoiselle, solemnly assuring you that I wish your lifemay be so calm, so happy, and so fully occupied, that theremay be no place for me even in your memory."
4.  "Yes, I once had business to transact with it to the amountof 200,000 francs; but since then I have not heard itmentioned."
5.   "They sought even more thoroughly than the august heirs haddone, but it was fruitless. There were two palaces and avineyard behind the Palatine Hill; but in these days landedproperty had not much value, and the two palaces and thevineyard remained to the family since they were beneath therapacity of the pope and his son. Months and years rolledon. Alexander VI. died, poisoned, -- you know by whatmistake. Caesar, poisoned at the same time, escaped byshedding his skin like a snake; but the new skin was spottedby the poison till it looked like a tiger's. Then, compelledto quit Rome, he went and got himself obscurely killed in anight skirmish, scarcely noticed in history. After thepope's death and his son's exile, it was supposed that theSpada family would resume the splendid position they hadheld before the cardinal's time; but this was not the case.The Spadas remained in doubtful ease, a mystery hung overthis dark affair, and the public rumor was, that Caesar, abetter politician than his father, had carried off from thepope the fortune of the two cardinals. I say the two,because Cardinal Rospigliosi, who had not taken anyprecaution, was completely despoiled.
6.  "Then why are you still vexed and grieved?" The old man'seyes beamed with an expression of gentle affection. "Yes, Iunderstand," said Valentine; "it is because you love me."The old man assented. "And you are afraid I shall beunhappy?"


1.  "All," said the major, hastily swallowing his biscuit,"positively all."
2.  "Stay," said Debray; "I recognize this Hobbema."
3.  `O Mathilde! idole de mon ame!'
4、  "There was a third person with them whom I knew perfectlywell, and who had, in all probability made theiracquaintance; he was a tailor named Caderousse, but he wasvery drunk. Stay! -- stay! -- How strange that it should nothave occurred to me before! Now I remember quite well, thaton the table round which they were sitting were pens, ink,and paper. Oh, the heartless, treacherous scoundrels!"exclaimed Dantes, pressing his hand to his throbbing brows.
5、  "Did Barrois make your lemonade?"




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      "Have you known what it is to have your father starve todeath in your absence?" cried Monte Cristo, thrusting hishands into his hair; "have you seen the woman you lovedgiving her hand to your rival, while you were perishing atthe bottom of a dungeon?"

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      "And grandpapa?" inquired the young girl, trembling withapprehension. M. de Villefort only replied by offering hisarm to his daughter. It was just in time, for Valentine'shead swam, and she staggered; Madame de Villefort instantlyhastened to her assistance, and aided her husband indragging her to the carriage, saying -- "What a singularevent! Who could have thought it? Ah, yes, it is indeedstrange!" And the wretched family departed, leaving a cloudof sadness hanging over the rest of the evening. At the footof the stairs, Valentine found Barrois awaiting her.

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       "Two years."

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      "I did guess it," replied the major with the greatestpossible coolness. "Then he is here?"

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    {  "The last?"

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      "At the prefect's last night. Paris, you can understand, isastonished at the sight of such unusual splendor, and thepolice have made inquiries."}

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      "What do you mean?"

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      "Explain yourself."

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       "Oh," replied Morcerf, reddening slightly, "I have left theservice, monsieur. Made a peer at the Restoration, I servedthrough the first campaign under the orders of MarshalBourmont. I could, therefore, expect a higher rank, and whoknows what might have happened had the elder branch remainedon the throne? But the Revolution of July was, it seems,sufficiently glorious to allow itself to be ungrateful, andit was so for all services that did not date from theimperial period. I tendered my resignation, for when youhave gained your epaulets on the battle-field, you do notknow how to manoeuvre on the slippery grounds of the salons.I have hung up my sword, and cast myself into politics. Ihave devoted myself to industry; I study the useful arts.During the twenty years I served, I often wished to do so,but I had not the time."

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    {  "But all this may come later, when we shall be better knownto each other. For the present, I will confine myself (ifperfectly agreeable to you) to introducing you to theBaroness Danglars -- excuse my impatience, my dear count,but a client like you is almost like a member of thefamily." Monte Cristo bowed, in sign that he accepted theproffered honor; Danglars rang and was answered by a servantin a showy livery. "Is the baroness at home?" inquiredDanglars.

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      "Well, I am sure it is quite transformed since last week. IfI remember rightly, it had another entrance, and thecourt-yard was paved and empty; while to-day we have asplendid lawn, bordered by trees which appear to be ahundred years old."