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appʽȡַ:a g 9 559 v i p<`Ah!' returned Miss Pross, shaking her head. `But I don't say he don't refer to it within himself.'`And mind you!' said Mr. Cruncher. `No games tomorrow! If I, as a honest tradesman, succeed in providing a jinte of meat or two, none of your not touching of it, and sticking to bread. If I, as a honest tradesman, am able to provide a little beer, none of your declaring on water. When you go to Rome, do as Rome does. Rome will be a ugly customer to you, if you don't. `I'm your Rome, you know.'

`It's plain enough, I should think, why he may be. It's a dreadful remembrance. Besides that, his loss of himself grew out of it. Not knowing how he lost himself, or how he re-covered himself, he may never feel certain of not losing himself again. That alone wouldn't make the subject pleasant, I should think.'


As he held out his hand for the shoe that had been taken from him, Mr. Lorry said, still looking steadfastly in his face:

A bottle of good claret after dinner does a digger in the red coals no harm, otherwise than as it has a tendency to throw him out of work. Mr. Lorry had been idle a lo and had just poured out his last glassful of wine complete an appearance of satisfaction as is ever to be found in an elderly gentleman of a fresh complexion who has got to the end of a bottle, when a rattling of wheels came up the narrow street, and rumbled into the inn-yard.

`Give me your hand. She will be home directly, and it is better she should not see us together to-night. Go! God bless you!'It was dark when Charles Darnay left him, and it was an hour later and darker when Lucie came home; she hurried into the room alone--for Miss Pross had gone straight upstairs--and was surprised to find his reading-chair empty.

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`What is that?' he calmly asked, looking with attention at the horizontal lines of black and stone colour'.<`Jerry! Jerry!' Mr. Lorry was already calling at the door when he got there.

Notwithstanding an unusual flow of company, the master of the wine-shop was not visible. He was not missed; for, nobody who crossed the threshold looked for him, nobody asked for him, nobody wondered to see only Madame Defarge in her seat, presiding over the distribution of wine, with a bowl of battered small coins before her, as much defaced and beaten out of their original impress as the small coinage of humanity from whose ragged pockets they had come.

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`Yes, sir!'

`Why! Because he has lived so long, locked up, that he would be frightened--rave--tear himself to pieces--die--come to I know not what harm-if his door was left open.'

`How say you, Jacques?' demanded Number One. `To be registered?'


`Both were so wrapped up, and the night was so dark, and we were all so reserved, that I cannot undertake to say even that.'





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appʽȡ19092019 ·ձ :¾ղ `Well then, I'll tell you,' said Stryver, coming slowly into a sitting posture. `Sydney, I rather despair of making myself intelligible to you, because you are such an insensible dog.'`And you,' returned Sydney, busy concocting the punch, `are such a sensitive and poetical spirit.' ϸ

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