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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "From East London. What do you deduce from that?"
2.  He looked at our cards. "Pray sit down, gentlemen. What can I do foryou?"
4.  "I was sure that you would see it in that light," he purred."At the same time," Holmes continued, "Lady Eva is not a wealthywoman. I assure you that two thousand pounds would be a drain upon herresources, and that the sum you name is utterly beyond her power. Ibeg, therefore, that you will moderate your demands, and that you willreturn the letters at the price I indicate, which is, I assure you,the highest that you can get."
5.  "There was something shocking about the man, Mr. Holmes. It wasn'tmerely that ghastly face glimmering as white as cheese in thedarkness. It was more subtle than that- something slinking,something furtive, something guilty- something very unlike thefrank, manly lad that I had known. It left a feeling of horror in mymind.
6.  "I'll do better. I'll take you round to him myself."


1.  My friend rubbed his thin hands together with an appearance ofavidity which was a surprise to me, who knew his frugal tastes."I fancy that I see your Grace's check-book upon the table," saidhe. "I should be glad if you would make me out a check for sixthousand pounds. It would be as well, perhaps, for you to cross it.The Capital and Counties Bank, Oxford Street branch are my agents."His Grace sat very stern and upright in his chair and looked stonilyat my friend.
2.  "By the way, Lestrade, who made this remarkable discovery?""It was the housekeeper, Mrs. Lexington, who drew the nightconstable's attention to it."
3.  He had sprung to his feet, and I stepped back, bracing myself for anattack, for the man was beside himself with rage. He may havesuspected me from the first; certainly this cross-examination hadshown him the truth; but it was clear that I could not hope to deceivehim. He dived his hand into a side-drawer and rummaged furiously. Thensomething struck upon his ear, for he stood listening intently."Ah!" he cried. "Ah!" and dashed into the room behind him.Two steps took me to the open door, and my mind will ever carry aclear picture of the scene within. The window leading out to thegarden was wide open. Beside it, looking like some terrible ghost, hishead girt with bloody bandages, his face drawn and white, stoodSherlock Holmes. The next instant he was through the gap, and I heardthe crash of his body among the laurel bushes outside. With a howl ofrage the master of the house rushed after him to the open window.And then! It was done in an instant, and yet I clearly saw it. Anarm- a woman's arm- shot out from among the leaves. At the sameinstant the Baron uttered a horrible cry- a yell which will alwaysring in my memory. He clapped his two hands to his face and rushedround the room, beating his head horribly against the walls. Then hefell upon the carpet, rolling and writhing, while scream afterscream resounded through the house.
4.  "Your Grace can hardly have heard of any small reputation which Ipossess, or you would not imagine that it is so easy to escape me. Mr.Reuben Hayes was arrested at Chesterfield, on my information, ateleven o'clock last night. I had a telegram from the head of the localpolice before I left the school this morning."
5.  "Is she gone, Watson? Is there a spark left? Surely we are not toolate!"
6.  "Absolutely."


1.  "I will tell you the meaning of it," cried the lady, sweeping intothe room with a proud, set face. "You have forced me, against my ownjudgment, to tell you, and now we must both make the best of it. Myhusband died at Atlanta. My child survived."
2.  "Tell us, then, how Cadogan West met his end before you laid himupon the roof of a railway carriage."
3.  "Poor fellow! Poor fellow! What can I do? How can I help?""Were you with him? Can you tell us what has happened?""No, no, I was late this morning. I was not on the beach at all. Ihave come straight from The Gables. What can I do?"
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.   "No, you may not," said he with decision.
6.  "'You're only wasting your time, sir, and every minute now is ofimportance,' cried the commissionaire; 'take my word for it that myold woman has nothing to do with it and come down to the other endof the street. Well, if you won't, I will.' And with that he rashedoff in the other direction.


1.  "Voyage of the Gloria Scott," he read. "That was a bad business. Ihave some recollection that you made a record of it, Watson, thoughI was unable to congratulate you upon the result. Victor Lynch, theforger. Venomous lizard or gila. Remarkable case, that! Vittoria,the circus belle. Vanderbilt and the Yeggman. Vipers. Vigor, theHammersmith wonder. Hullo! Hullo! Good old index. You can't beat it.Listen to this, Watson. Vampirism in Hungary. And again, Vampires inTransylvania." He turned over the pages with eagerness, but after ashort intent perusal he threw down the great book with a snarl ofdisappointment.
2.  "He was bare-headed, but he had a black cloak thrown over hisshoulder, so that he could conceal his face in an instant if therewere any alarm. He walked on tiptoe under the shadow of the wall,and when he reached the window he worked a long-bladed knife throughthe sash and pushed back the catch. Then he flung open the window, andputting his knife through the crack in the shutters, he thrust the barup and swung them open.
3.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
4、  "But the writing is not his own."
5、  He was certainly a remarkably handsome man. His Europeanreputation for beauty was fully deserved. In figure he was not morethan of middle size, but was built upon graceful and active lines. Hisface was swarthy, almost Oriental, with large, dark, languorous eyeswhich might easily hold an irresistible fascination for women. Hishair and moustache were raven black, the latter short, pointed, andcarefully waxed. His features were regular and pleasing, save only hisstraight, thin-lipped mouth. If ever I saw a murderer's mouth it wasthere- a cruel, hard gash in the face, compressed, inexorable, andterrible. He was ill-advised to train his moustache away from it,for it was Nature's danger-signal, set as a warning to his victims.His voice was engaging and his manners perfect. In age I should haveput him at little over thirty, though his record afterwards showedthat he was forty-two.




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      "I had intended to bury myself in central Africa. My work there isbut half finished."

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      "What do you say, dear?" said my wife, looking across at me. "Willyou go?"

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       "Exactly. Neligan was my father."

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      "Yes, yes, I am a little absent-minded in such matters. But have youyour revolver on you?"

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    {  "Well, if you will be so good, Watson."

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      I was forced to shake my head. To accept such praise was to lowerone's own standards.}

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      "Disease?" said I.

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      "Jacobs, bring down my despatch-box. This is a farcical waste oftime, but still, if nothing else will satisfy you, it shall be done.Thank you, Jacobs, put it here. I have always had the key on mywatch-chain. Here are the papers, you see. Letter from Lord Merrow,report from Sir Charles Hardy, memorandum from Belgrade, note on theRusso-German grain taxes, letter from Madrid, note from LordFlowers- Good heavens! what is this? Lord Bellinger! Lord Bellinger!"The Premier snatched the blue envelope from his hand.

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       "Can I speak confidentially?"

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    {  "I accuse you," said he. "And now, your Grace, I'll trouble youfor that check."

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      "Danger of what, Holmes?"