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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'In order to reach the billiard-room I had to descend a flight ofstairs and then to cross the head of a passage which led to thelibrary and the gun-room. You can imagine my surprise when, as Ilooked down this corridor, I saw a glimmer of light coming from theopen door of the library. I had myself extinguished the lamp andclosed the door before coming to bed. Naturally my first thought wasof burglars. The corridors at Hurlstone have their walls largelydecorated with trophies of old weapons. From one of these I picked abattle-axe, and then, leaving my candle behind me, I crept on tiptoedown the passage and peeped in at the open door.
2.  "I mean to find her," said Sherlock Holmes. "I'm going throughthis house till I do find her."
3.  "'"But none was recovered,
4.  "'My name, dear lad, is not Trevor. I was James Armitage in myyounger days, and you can understand now the shock that it was to me afew weeks ago when your college friend addressed me in words whichseemed to imply that he had surprised my secret. As Armitage it wasthat I entered a London banking-house, and as Armitage I was convictedof breaking my country's laws, and was sentenced to transportation. Donot think very harshly of me, laddie. It was a debt of honour, socalled, which I had to pay, and I used money which was not my own todo it, in the certainty that I could replace it before there couldbe any possibility of its being missed. But the most dreadful ill luckpursued me. The money which I had reckoned upon never came to hand,and a premature examination of accounts exposed my deficit. The casemight have been dealt leniently with, but the laws were more harshlyadministered thirty years ago than now, and on my twenty thirdbirthday I found myself chained as a felon with thirty-seven otherconvicts in the 'tween-decks of the bark Gloria Scott, bound forAustralia.
5.  "By train from Waterloo."


1.  "What, the man who draws them?"
2.  "Excellent!" said Hopkins.
3.  "Yes, there is one rough fellow near the door."
4.  "What is the meaning of it Watson?, said Holmes solemnly as helaid down the paper. "What object is served by this circle of miseryand violence and fear? It must tend to some end, or else ouruniverse is ruled by chance, which is unthinkable. But what end? Thereis the great standing perennial problem to which human reason is asfar from an answer as ever."
5.  "Where was the night constable?"


1.  "But what is at the root of it?"
2.  "Well, it must be the creature who lives in the only comfortableroom in the place and has her photograph above his fireplace. Uponmy word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that lividface at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds.""You have a theory?"
3.  "I have seen them. So has the doctor."
4.  I thought of Holmes tossing upon his bed of sickness and countingthe minutes, perhaps, until I could bring help to him. It was not atime to stand upon ceremony. His life depended upon my promptness.Before the apologetic butler had delivered his message I had pushedpast him and was in the room.
5.   "It's merely taking your money, for I know that I am right.But I'll have a sovereign on with you, just to teach you not to beobstinate."
6.  "That may be so, but you will admit, Mr. Holmes, that most men wouldshy off a bit when they are asked point-blank what their relationswith a woman may be- if there is really some serious feeling in thecase. I guess most men have a little private reserve of their own insome corner of their souls where they don't welcome intruders. And youburst suddenly into it. But the object excuses you, since it was totry and save her. Well, the stakes are down and the reserve open,and you can explore where you will. What is it you want?""The truth."


1.  "I have looked into this case with some care, and I am not convincedthat you are on the right lines. I don't want you to commit yourselftoo far unless you are sure."
2.  "No; there are very few."
3.  "I had always heard, sir, that you were a very intelligent man,"said he. "I could take you round now if you have the time.""Unfortunately, I have not. But these specimens are so well labelledand classified that they hardly need your personal explanation. If Ishould be able to look in to-morrow, I presume that there would beno objection to my glancing over them?"
4、  Holmes and I followed them down the lane, and my friend plucked atmy sleeve as we came out.
5、  "What becomes, then, of these nocturnal whistles, and what of thevery peculiar words of the dying woman?"




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      Our client seemed horrified at the suggestion.

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      "My dear Holmes, what do you mean?"

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       "Let us try to reconstruct the situation," said he as we droveswiftly past the Houses of Parliament and over Westminster Bridge."These villains have coaxed this unhappy lady to London, after firstalienating her from her faithful maid. If she has written anyletters they have been intercepted. Through some confederate they haveengaged a furnished house. Once inside it, they have made her aprisoner, and they have become possessed of the valuable jewellerywhich has been their object from the first. Already they have begun tosell part of it, which seems safe enough to them, since they have noreason to think that anyone is interested in the lady's fate. When sheis released she will, of course, denounce them. Therefore, she mustnot be released. But they cannot keep her under lock and keyforever. So murder is their only solution."

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      "The whole world will know the facts presently, so there can be noharm if I discuss them here," said I. "I should have preferredprivacy, but if your father will not allow it he must share thedeliberations." Then I spoke of the note which had been found in thedead man's pocket. "It is sure to be produced at the inquest. May Iask you to throw any light upon it that you can?"

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    {  "Exactly! Exactly!" said Holmes. "The secretary came back, andtold his employer of the woman he had met. Then, in his last breath,he tried to send a message that it was she- the she whom he had justdiscussed with him."

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      "Only that there is an important witness whom you have not seen.""Can you produce him?"}

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      "This matter, from what you say, seems to have been a shock to heralso."

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      Mr. Holmes smiled amiably.

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       "'How has all gone with you, Musgrave?' I asked after we hadcordially shaken hands.

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    {  "Never," said our client.

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      "You can hurry to the police-station at Fulworth. Report thematter at once."