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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Billy had appeared in answer to a ring.
2.  "Yes, his head was knocked in with his own poker."
3.  "My God!" cried our client, "what a blind beetle I have been!""Now you see the point about the handwriting. Suppose that someoneturned up in your place who wrote a completely different hand fromthat in which you had applied for the vacancy, of course the gamewould have been up. But in the interval the rogue had learned toimitate you, and his position was therefore secure, as I presumethat nobody in the office had ever set eyes upon you."
4.  "Syracusan- of the best period," he explained, bolding it up."They degenerated greatly towards the end. At their best I hold themsupreme, though some prefer the Alexandrian school. You will find achair here, Mr. Holmes. Pray allow me to clear these bones. And you,sir- ah, yes, Dr. Watson- if you would have the goodness to put thejapanese vase to one side. You see round me my little interests inlife. My doctor lectures me about never going out, but why should I goout when I have so much to hold me here? I can assure you that theadequate cataloguing of one of those cabinets would take me three goodmonths."
5.  "I have no doubt Jackson would take my practice."
6.  "I have had several opponents to whom that flattering term hasbeen applied," said Holmes with a smile. "Don't you smoke? Then youwill excuse me if I light my pipe. If your man is more dangerousthan the late Professor Moriarty, or than the living Colonel SebastianMoran, then he is indeed worth meeting. May I ask his name?""Have you ever heard of Baron Gruner?"


2.  "That also I have been able to discover. Miss Marie Devine was themaid of Lady Frances Carfax. Why she should have paid her this checkwe have not yet determined. I have no doubt, however, that yourresearches will soon clear the matter up."
3.  "I had only one confidant- my brother Mycroft. I owe you manyapologies, my dear Watson, but it was all-important that it shouldbe thought I was dead, and it is quite certain that you would not havewritten so convincing an account of my unhappy end had you notyourself thought that it was true. Several times during the last threeyears I have taken up my pen to write to you, but always I feared lestyour affectionate regard for me should tempt you to someindiscretion which would betray my secret. For that reason I turnedaway from you this evening when you upset my books, for I was indanger at the time, and any show of surprise and emotion upon yourpart might have drawn attention to my identity and led to the mostdeplorable and irreparable results. As to Mycroft, I had to confide inhim in order to obtain the money which I needed. The course ofevents in London did not run so well as I had hoped, for the trialof the Moriarty gang left two of its most dangerous members, my ownmost vindictive enemies, at liberty. I travelled for two years inTibet, therefore, and amused myself by visiting Lhassa, and spendingsome days with the head lama. You may have read of the remarkableexplorations of a Norwegian named Sigerson, but I am sure that itnever occurred to you that you were receiving news of your friend. Ithen passed through Persia, looked in at Mecca, and paid a short butinteresting visit to the Khalifa at Khartoum the results of which Ihave communicated to the Foreign Office. Returning to France, Ispent some months in a research into the coal-tar derivatives, which Iconducted in a laboratory at Montpellier, in the south of France.Having concluded this to my satisfaction and learning that only one ofmy enemies was now left in London I was about to return when mymovements were hastened by the news of this very remarkable ParkLane Mystery, which not only appealed to me by its own merits, butwhich seemed to offer some most peculiar personal opportunities. Icame over at once to London, called in my own person at BakerStreet, threw Mrs. Hudson into violent hysterics, and found thatMycroft had preserved my rooms and my papers exactly as they hadalways been. So it was, my dear Watson, that at two o'clock to-day Ifound myself in my old armchair in my own old room, and only wishingthat I could have seen my old friend Watson in the other chair whichhe has so often adorned."
4.  "You have heard of Neil Gibson, the Gold King?" he said."You mean the American Senator?"
5.  Holmes smiled.
6.  "I can assure you, Mr. Holmes," said Lestrade, "that everycarriage has been carefully examined. I saw to it myself."It was one of my friend's most obvious weaknesses that he wasimpatient with less alert intelligences than his own.


1.  "It's a police matter, Mr. Holmes" she cried. "I'll have no moreof it. He shall pack out of there with his baggage. I would havegone straight up and told him so, only I thought it was but fair toyou to take your opinion first. But I'm at the end of my patience, andwhen it comes to knocking my old man about-"
2.  "What was it, then?"
3.  It is a matter of history, however, that a little time was stillto elapse before the Tiger of San Pedro should meet with hisdeserts. Wily and bold, he and his companion threw their pursuer offtheir track by entering a lodging-house in Edmonton Street and leavingby the back-gate into Curzon Square. From that day they were seen nomore in England. Some six months afterwards the Marquess of Montalvaand Signor Rulli, his secretary, were both murdered in their roomsat the Hotel Escurial at Madrid. The crime was ascribed to Nihilism,and the murderers were never arrested. Inspector Baynes visited usat Baker Street with a printed description of the dark face of thesecretary, and of the masterful features, the magnetic black eyes, andthe tufted brows of his master. We could not doubt that justice, ifbelated, had come at last.
4.  "One tallow stain, or even two, might come by chance; but whenI see no less than five, I think that there can be little doubtthat the individual must be brought into frequent contact withburning tallow--walks upstairs at night probably with his hat inone hand and a guttering candle in the other. Anyhow, he nevergot tallow-stains from a gas-jet. Are you satisfied?"
5.   "'Certainly,' I answered. 'But perhaps you would have the goodnessto let me have the name of the steamer and of the line by which hesailed, together with the date. I have no doubt that I should beable to get a letter through to him.'
6.  "Why, then- alas!- it must be you and not the stone."


1.  "No; his needs were very simple and his salary ample. He had saved afew hundreds, and we were to marry at the New Year."
2.  "Well, Mr. Holmes, that was the state of affairs when I first sawyou two days ago. I had no more idea of the truth than you. You willask me what was James's motive in doing such a deed. I answer thatthere was a great deal which was unreasoning and fanatical in thehatred which he bore my heir. In his view he should himself havebeen heir of all my estates, and he deeply resented those sociallaws which made it impossible. At the same time, he had a definitemotive also. He was eager that I should break the entail, and he wasof opinion that it lay in my power to do so. He intended to make abargain with me- to restore Arthur if I would break the entail, and somake it possible for the estate to be left to him by will. He knewwell that I should never willingly invoke the aid of the policeagainst him. I say that he would have proposed such a bargain to me,but he did not actually do so, for events moved too quickly for,him, and he had not time to put his plans into practice."What brought all his wicked scheme to wreck was your discovery ofthis man Heidegger's dead body. James was seized with horror at thenews. It came to us yesterday, as we sat together in this study. Dr.Huxtable had sent a telegram. James was so overwhelmed with griefand agitation that my suspicions, which had never been entirely absentrose instantly to a certainty, and I taxed him with the deed. Hemade a complete voluntary confession. Then he implored me to keephis secret for three days longer, so as to give his wretchedaccomplice a chance of saving his guilty life. I yielded- as I havealways yielded- to his prayers, and instantly James hurried off to theFighting Cock to warn Hayes and give him the means of flight. Icould not go there by daylight without provoking comment, but assoon as night fell I hurried off to see my dear Arthur. I found himsafe and well, but horrified beyond expression by the dreadful deed hehad witnessed. In deference to my promise, and much against my will, Iconsented to leave him there for three days, under the charge ofMrs. Hayes, since it was evident that it was impossible to informthe police where he was without telling them also who was themurderer, and I could not see how that murderer could be punishedwithout ruin to my unfortunate James. You asked for frankness, Mr.Holmes, and I have taken you at your word, for I have now told youeverything without an attempt at circumlocution or concealment. Do youin turn be as frank with me."
3.  "Through the skylight. We shall soon see how he managed it." Heswung himself up onto the roof. "Ah, yes," he cried, "here's the endof a long light ladder against the eaves. That is how he did it.""But it is impossible," said Miss Hunter; "the ladder was notthere when the Rucastles went away.
4、  "'She looked at me with so strange an expression that I began tosuspect that her brain was affected.
5、  "I should think you had better see the young lady herself.""My dear Watson, if her poor old broken father cannot move her,how shall I, a stranger, prevail? And yet there is something in thesuggestion if all else fails. But I think we must begin from adifferent angle. I rather fancy that Shinwell Johnson might be ahelp."




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      "Holmes, you are a wizard. I did not say so, but he hadgray-tinted sun-glasses."

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      "Ah!" She drew in her breath sharply as one whose doubts areresolved.

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       "I take him. I no ask leave. She needs doctor."

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      "I understand the position," said Holmes.

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    {  "What time was it?"

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      "It was the question which I was about to put to you, Professor.""To me, sir!"}

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      "Then we come to the all-important point. This pistol that was foundin your room. Had you ever seen it before?"

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      "Only Sir James Walter and you had those keys?"

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       "'"Gone! Gone where?"

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    {  "We are moving in exalted circles," said he.

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