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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Can you tell me how to go about getting on the stage?"
2.  "Cash?" he said.
3.  "Yes," said Carrie, "he was out here Sunday evening."
4.  In the second year, the business which Hurstwood managed didincrease somewhat. He got out of it regularly the 0 per monthwhich he had anticipated. Unfortunately, by this time Carrie hadreached certain conclusions, and he had scraped up a fewacquaintances.
5.  Young Hurstwood, Jr., was in his twentieth year, and was alreadyconnected in a promising capacity with a large real estate firm.He contributed nothing for the domestic expenses of the family,but was thought to be saving his money to invest in real estate.He had some ability, considerable vanity, and a love of pleasurethat had not, as yet, infringed upon his duties, whatever theywere. He came in and went out, pursuing his own plans andfancies, addressing a few words to his mother occasionally,relating some little incident to his father, but for the mostpart confining himself to those generalities with which mostconversation concerns itself. He was not laying bare his desiresfor any one to see. He did not find any one in the house whoparticularly cared to see.
6.  "I didn't know there was such a market," said Carrie.


1.  She encountered a very similar experience in the office of Mr.Jenks, only he varied it by saying at the close: "If you couldplay at some local house, or had a programme with your name onit, I might do something."
2.  The rain, which threatened at twelve and began at one, servedequally well to cause her to retrace her steps and remain withindoors as it did to reduce Hurstwood's spirits and give him awretched day.
3.  Carrie stepped along easily enough after they got out of the carat Thirty-fourth Street, but soon fixed her eyes upon the lovelycompany which swarmed by and with them as they proceeded. Shenoticed suddenly that Mrs. Vance's manner had rather stiffenedunder the gaze of handsome men and elegantly dressed ladies,whose glances were not modified by any rules of propriety. Tostare seemed the proper and natural thing. Carrie found herselfstared at and ogled. Men in flawless top-coats, high hats, andsilver-headed walking sticks elbowed near and looked too ofteninto conscious eyes. Ladies rustled by in dresses of stiffcloth, shedding affected smiles and perfume. Carrie noticedamong them the sprinkling of goodness and the heavy percentage ofvice. The rouged and powdered cheeks and lips, the scented hair,the large, misty, and languorous eye, were common enough. With astart she awoke to find that she was in fashion's crowd, onparade in a show place--and such a show place! Jewellers' windowsgleamed along the path with remarkable frequency. Florist shops,furriers, haberdashers, confectioners--all followed in rapidsuccession. The street was full of coaches. Pompous doormen inimmense coats, shiny brass belts and buttons, waited in front ofexpensive salesrooms. Coachmen in tan boots, white tights, andblue jackets waited obsequiously for the mistresses of carriageswho were shopping inside. The whole street bore the flavour ofriches and show, and Carrie felt that she was not of it. Shecould not, for the life of her, assume the attitude and smartnessof Mrs. Vance, who, in her beauty, was all assurance. She couldonly imagine that it must be evident to many that she was theless handsomely dressed of the two. It cut her to the quick, andshe resolved that she would not come here again until she lookedbetter. At the same time she longed to feel the delight ofparading here as an equal. Ah, then she would be happy!
4.  For the first time he was troubled. Here was a moralcomplication of which he could not possibly get the ends.Hurstwood would laugh at him for being a fickle boy. He wouldlaugh with Hurstwood. Carrie would never hear, his presentcompanion at table would never know, and yet he could not helpfeeling that he was getting the worst of it--there was some faintstigma attached, and he was not guilty. He broke up the dinnerby becoming dull, and saw his companion on her car. Then he wenthome.
5.  Across the lobby, however, another individual was surveying him.He was of a commonplace Irish type, small of stature, cheaplydressed, and with a head that seemed a smaller edition of somehuge ward politician's. This individual had been evidentlytalking with the clerk, but now he surveyed the ex-managerkeenly.
6.  "What a queer town this is," said Carrie, who marvelled at itsolely because it was not like Chicago.


1.  Hurstwood realised that he was seeing something extraordinarilygood. It was heightened for him by the applause of the audienceas the curtain descended and the fact that it was Carrie. Hethought now that she was beautiful. She had done something whichwas above his sphere. He felt a keen delight in realising thatshe was his.
2.  To say the truth, Carrie did unconsciously move about with an airpleasing and somewhat distinctive. It was due wholly to hernatural manner and total lack of self-consciousness.
3.  Thus, ever, the voice of success.Still, she could not keep her secret. She tried to be calm andindifferent, but it was a palpable sham.
4.  "Three and a half," he answered.
5.   "Don't know! Ah, Carrie, what makes you say that? Don't tormentme. Be serious."
6.  "I am very glad to meet you," he said to Mrs. Vance when Carrieintroduced him, showing much of the old grace which hadcaptivated Carrie."Did you think your wife had run away?" said Mr. Vance, extendinghis hand upon introduction.


1.  "See if you can get some nice asparagus," she added. "I'll cookit for dinner."
2.  Coming back, he resumed his place and began again.
3.  "Yes," said Hurstwood calmly. He knew the type so thoroughlythat some of his old familiar indifference to it returned. Suchmen as these were of the lowest stratum welcomed at the resort.He stepped out and closed the door.
4、  "All right," he answered, smiling, although he noted mentallythat it would be more agreeable to his finances if she didn't.Nothing was said about it the next day, but the following morninghe asked:
5、  "It would suit me all right," said Carrie, who, nevertheless,felt badly to think it had come to this. Talk of a smaller flatsounded like poverty.




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      Hurstwood put his hands, red from cold, down in his pockets.Tears came into his eyes.

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      "All right," said the man.

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       She acknowledged that she had not.

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      "I believe I will," she said, and then added: "I'll have to seefirst, though."With the idea thus grounded, rent day approaching, and clothescalling for instant purchase, she soon found excuse inHurstwood's lassitude. He said less and drooped more than ever.

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    {  "That's too bad," he said, realising that he had been a littlebeforehand in his offer and that Carrie was about to go away."Come in later. I may know of something."

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      Carrie listened quite solemnly. There was no great passion inher, but the drift of things and this man's proximity created asemblance of affection. She felt rather sorry for him--a sorrowborn of what had only recently been a great admiration. Truelove she had never felt for him. She would have known as much ifshe could have analysed her feelings, but this thing which shenow felt aroused by his great feeling broke down the barriersbetween them.}

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      "Well, she's got more gumption than any one I've seen here sofar--seems to take an interest in what she's doing."

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      "I've got some money there in my purse."

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       In that latter place the manager produced a paper.

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    {  She distinguished very carefully between the young boys of theschool, many of whom were attracted by her beauty.

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      After breakfast, he immediately got his other clothes.